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Raising pigeons for meat, 5 times more profitable than raising chickens

Raising pigeons for meat
Raising pigeons for meat

Currently, the model Pigeon farming for meat are increasingly being applied by many people and bringing high economic efficiency. Today, dishes made from pigeons are very widely used. Because of that, the model of raising pigeons for meat is increasingly being applied by many people with high economic efficiency.

Raising pigeons
Raising pigeons for meat

In the following article, we would like to introduce to you the advantages of pigeon farming, some breeds of meat-oriented pigeons.

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Why should you choose to breed pigeons for meat?

Less work to take care of

Raising pigeons
Pigeon care

Pigeons are less susceptible to disease and consume less food. They eat twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon with the amount of food only 1/10 of their body weight. The area of ​​the pigeon house is small plus.

In addition, cleaning the cage is quite easy and does not have to be done often.

Stable output

Pigeon meat farming has more favorable output than egg farming because the demand for pigeon meat is always high. People can contact restaurants, nutritional porridge establishments or retailers to find the output market.

People only take the initial time to build a brand, then customers will come to the place to buy.

Low investment capital

If for other poultry farming models, farmers need to invest up to hundreds of millions of dong for expenses from breeders, and cages to feed, raising pigeons, all costs are equal. will be greatly reduced.

Raising pigeons
Low investment capital for raising pigeons

Each pair of parent pigeons depends on the breed, but the price usually ranges from 200,000 to 300,000 VND/pair. Because the time to breed is very fast, at first, people can buy a few pairs to try.

It is possible to use bamboo or small wire mesh for pigeon cages, so the cost to build is not high. Food when raising pigeons is mainly rice, corn, green beans and a little industrial food.

Quick capital recovery

Pigeons are about 5-6 months old when they begin to breed. Each pair of pigeons a year can give birth to 9-11 litters, each litter is about 2-3 chicks. Incubation time is from 16-18 days, male birds will nurture the chicks, after 24 days of age, they can be released.

The price of a pair of new pigeons on the market today is about 100,000 – 120,000 VND. Therefore, after only a few litters, the farmers were able to return their capital.

Meat-oriented birds

If people raise pigeons in the direction of meat, people should choose breeds with large weight or varieties that have good meat quality..

Mimas pigeons: their plumage is usually uniformly white; they have the ability to produce 16-17 chicks/pair/year, the weight of chicks of this line at 28 days old is about 590g.

The Titan lineage has a richer plumage: white, spotted, gray, brown; Production capacity will be from 12-13 chicks/pair/year, the weight of chicks at 28 days old is 700g.

Raising pigeons
Titan pigeon

Chicken pigeon: This is a highly prized breed of pigeon because of their large size. Each chicken pigeon when sold can weigh from 600-900g.

Pigeons: Although their size and weight are smaller than other types of meat pigeons, their meat has a characteristic sweet and firm taste, so it is often preferred by many customers.

Raising pigeons

The ancients used to say: “If you want to be rich, raise a sow, if you want to fail, raise a pigeon, but times have changed now. If we want to be rich, we all have to have a direction and the right way to achieve success. The market is considered a decisive factor for production. Happy successful people!

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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