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Raising horses to get rich, successful farmers

horse farming
Raising horses to get rich successfully

The horse is not too strange to us, associated with childhood by the image of Saint Giong riding a horse to heaven. Today people horse breeding used as a means of transportation, for sports and entertainment, and even raised commercial horses for sale. Here, let’s learn about horse farming in our country.

Horse – a symbol of unstoppable strength

Horse is a symbol of strength

Horses have appeared for a long time and have an important meaning in human life. Horses have long represented patience, endurance and strength, the spiritual strength of people. His father had a saying that “successful code” means a prosperous business, so the horse is also a symbol of smooth work and good luck in business.

Raising horses is also a way to get rich

Raising horses can both sell meat, participate in recreational sports, as a means of transportation, with so many uses, so many people have raised horses with the desire to stabilize the economy, aiming to get rich. A large commercial horse can sell for 20 million or more, white horse can sell for more than 50 million.

Horse farming appears in many ethnic groups, raising white horses the most, is considered a way to get rich for farmers without raising traditional livestock. Raised a lot because white horse has many health benefits, has medicinal value, is used for cooking, white horse’s feet are purchased by many hotels and restaurants for more than 300 thousand/kg.

In many places, there is also a hobby of horse racing, so racing horse farming is also quite profitable and many people pursue it. However, in recent years, horse racing has encountered many difficulties because now few people have that hobby anymore, horse racing is no longer a fashionable hobby. So now farmers often raise meat horses to sell, or raise white horses to cook high, sell meat to make a profit.

Elaborately raising horses to get rich

Raising horses needs passion, intense love. Just that is not enough, to raise a good horse also needs the right techniques and methods. Follow agrisearch.net to find out now.

Choose varieties

Horse breeds must be selected carefully and meticulously. Breeding meat horses, choose bright eyes, fat faces, thick, healthy manes. If raising horses for entertainment for racing, choose those that run fast, have a tall, slim body, are toned, have a large chest, and are not colorful and smooth. Must choose healthy parents, have good fertility, work well.

If you choose a horse to serve horse racing, you must also make a birth certificate for it, avoid having the same name because if it is the same, you have to redo the birth certificate.

Horse breeding techniques

There are two popular ways of raising horses: grazing horses and semi-grazing horses. Depending on the conditions to choose the most reasonable farming method.

Build a stable for horses

how to make a barn

Roof: Horse stables must have 2 roofs to create coolness and avoid wind and rain. Made from cement or can be roofed with brushes.

Materials for making cages: Can make use of wood, bamboo or cork or lining the cage with bricks. Horse stables must be designed with windows to create ventilation. The window is from 1.5 to 1.8m from the background. There must be a certain slope (about 1-2%) compared to the drainage ditch.

Each cage needs to arrange 2 to 3 more tanks for easy management and care. The feeding and drinking troughs are about 1m high. Breeding horses need to arrange more small pens to avoid the foals running out.

It is necessary to arrange a cooling and cooling system for horses on hot days. Build a horse yard next to the stables so that the horses can regularly exercise.

Caring for horses

Food and drink
How do horses eat?
Feed the horse

Horses are easy to keep because they are usually omnivores. You can eat vegetables, tubers, fruits, grass, rice, rice bran, corn…but must ensure hygiene. If you eat stale food or dirty water, you will easily die, so you need to pay attention. Normally, horses that are released in the yard can get food, when they return to the stables, they still have to add roughage and refined food for them.

Feed the horse twice in the morning and in the evening, in the winter when fresh food is limited, you can feed the horse with dry straw. Although horses have an omnivorous habit, there are still some foods that horses cannot eat and can even be poisoned to death, which are:

  • Golden Flower
  • flax plant
  • Mao Earth Emperor
  • Yew, dog tongue grass
  • Top fruit
  • Chilli plant
  • Oak
  • Oleander
  • hawk fern
  • Potato tree
  • Privet
  • Whole bean tree
  • Sorghum plant
  • your plants
  • Laburnum
  • Hemlock
  • Tree of Thieves
  • Laurel

For breeding horses, after giving birth, we give the mother horse warm water mixed with salt or warm water mixed with bran. 1 week after giving birth, provide rice porridge for resuscitation. Give preference to foods that are easy to digest. In order for the mother horse to have more milk for lactation, before farrowing should be fed foods with high nutritional content.

The ponies start to learn to eat synthetic bran, young grass when they are 3 months old. The next 3 months can give roughage and concentrate with the dosage of 15-20% forage, 1kg of concentrate.

Care when raising horses

Horse care is quite complicated. Horses are very clean, just need to sweat a lot, the horse will get tired easily. Eating stale food can cause stomach upset. Therefore, the horse must be bathed regularly. In the summer, you should bathe regularly, in the winter just brush the horse’s coat.

Horses are animals with instinct, if they regularly take care of them, they will be more intimate and affectionate with people. Especially when raising racehorses, with good treatment, attach more affection to them. Horses like to stroke their hair quickly, to get closer to the horse, they should regularly brush their hair.

In the process of raising horses, it is necessary to cut the mane and tail of the horse to avoid getting dirty.


To prevent diseases for horses, it is necessary to regularly clean the barn by whitewashing 2 times / year, spraying disinfectant 2% crizin 3 times a year. If done well, the horse will live healthy and bring good productivity.

Common diseases in horses are: abscesses, blood parasites, gastrointestinal parasites. Therefore, it is necessary to have knowledge and skills to best care for horses. When having an abscess, it is necessary to wash the horse clean. If you have blood sugar parasites, use Azidin 7% once a year. If you have gastrointestinal parasites, inject Levamixon 7% or Hemectin.

raise horses to get rich
Master the technique for successful farming

I have just learned about horse raising and horse raising techniques, hoping to provide some knowledge for people to better understand horse breeding. Raising horses is not easy nor difficult, it takes passion, patience, technique, and the right direction to succeed.

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