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Raising French pigeons – A new direction on the road to getting rich

French pigeons bring high economic efficiency
Raising French pigeons is now a new direction

French dove easier to raise than traditional animals such as pigs, chickens…with low cost, less effort but bring desired profit. This is a suitable breeding model for those who are cherishing the desire to get rich in their own homeland.

French dove

french pigeon
French dove

The French dove is a breed of domestic pigeon created by crossbreeding originating in France. This breed of pigeons is large, raised for meat. Birds grow fast, lay a lot, are suitable for tropical climate, have few diseases, have high resistance, adapt well to captivity but give high economic efficiency.

Things to know when raising French pigeons

– Distinguishing male and female pigeons

Males have a coarser head, more mature hunchback reflex, and a narrow gap between the two pelvises.

The female has a smaller head than the male and the distance between the 2 pelvises is wide.

French pigeon farming
French pigeon farming model

– Eating: Birds are not too picky, eat mainly rice, corn, beans… they can feed more industrial food to enhance nutrients to enhance growth or synthetic bran and brown rice to increase growth. Avoid digestive diseases. Food and water for birds must be clean, and feed them twice at breakfast and dinner.

– Habitat: The rearing density must ensure 6-8 animals/m2, regularly clean the barn. Raising birds does not need a large environment, but it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning the cage once a week and avoiding bad factors from the environment.

– Reproduction: French pigeons are raised for 6 months to start breeding, a pair of pigeons can lay up to 7-8 litters a year, each litter 2 eggs a nest. After 10-15 days, the female will give birth to the next litter. A pair of pigeons reproduce for 5 years, but will decrease after 3 years.

Raising French pigeons: try it and eat it

Pigeon is a nutritious food with medical value, so it is quite “pleasing” to consumers. Currently on the market French pigeons are priced as follows:

Is it difficult to raise pigeons?
French pigeon farming model

– 1 month old broiler bird sells for 60,000 – 75,000 VND / bird

– Birds 2 to 3 months old sold 200,000 – 250,000 VND/pair

– Birds over 6 months old sell 400,000 – 500,000 VND/pair

A 1-month-old broiler bird costs 60-75 thousand VND, but if you raise it for another 12 months to sell seed, the price can double.

Mr. Vu Van Tu in area 1, Song Lo commune, Viet Tri city (Phu Tho province) is a successful person in the French pigeon farming model. Currently, he raises more than 800 pairs of breeding birds, each month he can sell 400 pairs of young birds with prices from 120,000 to 130,000 VND/pair. Every month his farm sells nearly 400 pairs of French pigeons to traders. After deducting expenses, Tu’s family earns about 300 million VND/year!

Mr. Le Van The, hamlet 5, Thieu Trung commune (Thieu Hoa) is also a “golden” face in the village who got rich from raising pigeons. On average, each year, his family exports to the market about 7,000 pairs of breeding and commercial pigeons. After deducting expenses, his family earns over 120 million VND in profit to help stabilize the economy.

Although raising French pigeons brings high economic and huge profits, it is not easy to do so. Not only need to invest money, take care to get rich. Breeders need to have a clear orientation plan, the right technique to be able to create the best efficiency and productivity. Wished everyone success.

Emilia Chaney
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