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Raising clean pigs, the most sustainable livestock industry

Raising clean pigs
Raising clean pigs is the most sustainable farming model

Raising clean pigs considered as the most sustainable farming model today. What is the real reason and what techniques do you need to grasp if you want to get rich by raising clean pigs? Let’s find out through the article below.

Pig raising in Vietnam today and why should develop a clean pig farming model?

In recent years, pig farming in Vietnam has faced many difficulties and challenges. The African Swine Fever (ASF) that has occurred since February 2019 has caused a major obstacle to global livestock production, causing a lot of basis pig production has to be closed, so the number of pigs supplied decreases. According to the Department of Animal Health, from the beginning of February 2019 to September 10, 2019, African swine fever in 63 provinces caused 4,907,107 pigs to be culled (accounting for 7% of the country’s total pork weight).

Raising clean pigs
Pig farming affected by disease

However, according to Dr. Nguyen Van Trong – Deputy Director of the Department of Livestock Production, pig farming in the coming years has many opportunities to develop in the direction of applying industry and science and technology. Because the domestic demand for pork is increasing, pork always accounts for the highest proportion in the consumption structure of Vietnamese people. Not only dominating the domestic market, pork is also exported to the Chinese market. This is a market with a huge demand for pork, with high consumption prices.

Raising clean pigs
Model of clean pig raising with herbs in Nam Dinh

So, to prevent losses caused by diseases, people should raise pigs in a sustainable way. It is applying biosecurity measures to raise clean pigs, organizing a closed breeding model, using modern machinery and equipment, applying high technology…

Raising clean pigs is an inevitable trend to limit disease problems, supply meat to ensure safety for the domestic market and export. However, in order to implement clean pig farming, people need to prepare a stable investment capital as well as grasp the process of raising clean pigs correctly.

The process of raising clean pigs

Design of a pig farm

The cage must be suitable for each type of pig, ensuring ventilation in the summer, warmth in the winter, less toxic gas, less dust, and less bacteria. People need to take measures to prevent fire, prevent lightning for pig houses.

clean pigs
Qualified pigsty

The barn is located at the end of the wind direction, arranging the barn to the northwest or southwest to avoid bringing bad odors into residential areas and houses. The location of the barn requires high, cool, should not be near the road.

The location of the barn must be located in the overall planning of the locality to fix the farm and serve the sustainable and long-term development.

Pig farmers pay attention to arrange adequate feeding and drinking troughs. A useful advice for people is to mechanize, use automatic feeders and water nipples to both waste food sources, but limit pollution and prevent pathogens from spreading.

Request to choose a breed

Breeding is an important step in the process of raising clean pigs. Notes for people when choosing pigs are as follows:

Piglets must have a clear origin, from grandparents, parents are healthy, not sick.

Choose sharp, agile, gluttonous, healthy running and jumping eyes.

Choose pigs with 12 or more breasts, even number of breasts will have good characteristics from the parents.

Piglets after weaning from 45 to 55 days old gain weight from 10 to 15 kg/head. People should choose the same litter, the same herd, so that they can easily control the growth of each pig in the herd.

When choosing meat-oriented pigs, people pay attention features such as: well-proportioned body, long body, slim belly, round butt, strong legs, thin, ruddy skin.

If you choose the Yoc Sai pig breed, choose the one with standing ears, and if you choose the Landrace breed, choose the one that hangs forward.

Note: Before bringing pigs from outside to the barn, they must be vaccinated against cholera and paratyphoid for them. Newly caught pigs need to be isolated and monitored to ensure that they do not bring pathogens from outside into the barn.

Types of pig feed and how to incubate pig feed in the process of raising clean pigs

When applying the clean and closed pig farming model, people need to limit or not use industrial bran, but instead use locally available food of clear origin, do not contain antibiotics in List of banned substances issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

B1: Bring the chopped ingredients to dry in the sun for about 2-4 hours to reduce the amount of water. Check by hand picking up a handful of withered green vegetables so that they can be opened without being released.

B2: Mix according to the ratio: green vegetables of all kinds 93.5% + table salt 0.5% + tapioca 6%.

B3: Mix salt with tapioca flour, then mix it with green vegetables and put it in a silage bag, compress it tightly. After about 14 days, the pigs can be fed.

Measures to prevent disease when raising clean pigs

In order to minimize the spread of pathogens, causing damage in quantity and quality, clean pig farms need to strictly implement disease prevention measures:

People pay attention to keeping the cage clean and airy. If there is litter in the barn, it must be cleaned and changed regularly.

Periodically disinfect around the barn area, garden, entrance to the warehouse with 2% formol solution or 3% crezyl…

For the cage area, farmers are disinfected once a week, the surrounding area is twice a month.

Raising clean pigs
If the pig is healthy, the meat quality will be very good

Raw materials used to make animal feed must be tested for color, taste and moisture before mixing. Materials with mold, termites, and abnormally high moisture content should not be used.

Before and after each use, conduct cleaning, remove all residual impurities in the machine, avoid mold and rot affecting the next use.

Conduct full vaccination, on schedule for pigs. If pigs have been vaccinated, in 3 to 4 months the disease appears, pigs do not need to be vaccinated again.

Clean pig farming waste

In the model of a clean pig farm, people need to pay attention to the treatment of livestock waste.

Daily cleaning of cages and proper collection of solid waste. For liquid waste, people must install a separate treatment pipeline to ensure that they do not discharge dirt that pollutes the environment.

Raising clean pigs
Biogas cellar

Building a biogas cellar is the optimal solution that people should apply. The biogas cellar is both clean and makes use of fuel. For large-scale farms with a large amount of daily waste, the farm owners can operate in a closed model.

The closed model here is to make use of pig manure as a source of organic fertilizer for soil and plants. At the same time, the products harvested from the plants will be a source of clean food for the pigs. And to do this, people build a line to press manure pellets.

Raising clean pigs
Closed model of raising clean and hygienic pigs

It can be said that the closed model helps to optimize all costs, limit the pressure on the environment, that’s why this model is more and more popular and applied by many people.

Raising clean pigs is a direction that is suitable for current practical needs and is a model towards sustainability. Because in a situation where the disease is at risk of resurgence at any time, the market always requires a supply of clean pigs.

Deploying a clean pig breeding model helps farms to limit dependence on price volatility, disease situation, and supply enough for domestic and foreign markets. People should consider carefully to soon deploy this model. Happy successful people!

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