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Race to research African swine fever vaccine

African swine fever vaccine

“Race” to research and produce a vaccine for African swine fever – an epidemic that causes headaches for experts and most pig farmers. In order to minimize the loss of pig farmers due to African swine fever, the “big guys” in the veterinary medicine and livestock industry cooperate with US agencies on research and production of African swine fever vaccines. (ASF), transfer of this virus.

African Swine Fever

African swine fever virus (African swine fever virus, abbreviated: ASFV) is the causative agent of African swine fever or African Swine Fever (ASF). The virus causes hemorrhagic fever with a high mortality rate in pigs, and continuously infects the natural host. The virus causes the death of domestic pigs. Some isolates can cause rapid animal death, within a week of infection. In all other species, the virus causes no obvious disease. ASFV is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa and exists in the wild through a cycle of infection from ticks and wild boars, wild boars and warthogs.

Race in research on African swine fever vaccine

Deputy Director of the Department of Animal Health – Mr. Nguyen Van Long revealed that NAVETCO Veterinary Medicine Joint Stock Company and DABACO Joint Stock Company are two businesses that will coordinate with US agencies to research and produce vaccines against the epidemic. describe Africa.

In addition, the Department of Animal Health Region VI has been conducting research, isolating ASF virus on cells and antisera from laboratory animals (rabbits) racing in the research and production of vaccines. . In collaboration with NAVETCO, the sub-department for virulence testing of African swine fever virus isolated from the field; Research and test inactivated vaccine, study on attenuating highly virulent ASF virus in rabbits…. And research cooperation with ChoongAng Company – Korea; Pathology Laboratory of Seoul University – Korea and University of Agriculture and Forestry in Ho Chi Minh City studied and evaluated the adaptation of highly virulent ASF virus on cells.

Only in the first 6 months of 2020, there were 831 outbreaks of ASF in 223 districts in 44 provinces and cities. Total culled pigs are 36,000 heads, total weight is about 1,800 tons. People raising pigs affected by the disease have suffered heavy losses and will seriously affect farmers as well as the economy if the epidemic is not controlled in time.

African swine fever vaccine

Image: The ears of pigs infected with African Swine Fever

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Long, African swine fever is very dangerous for pigs. Currently, there is no drug and vaccine to prevent, but the transmission route of the disease is very complicated and diverse, making it difficult to control. Small-scale pig production in households and the re-organization of herds and herds in large households or farms has increased rapidly while the application of biosecurity measures is difficult in the matter of small-scale slaughter. Retail, transportation of pigs and pig products that have not been tested can lead to the ASF virus spreading, spreading and causing outbreaks in the near future.

Source: https://nongnghiep.vn/

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