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Race to buy land for gardening


The trend of “hunting land” as a resort farm is a “blooming” trend in recent times. Temporarily putting aside the worries of a busy life, many people want to “leave the street” to find a peaceful place. However, many investors have had to “take the bitter fruit” when buying a house on paper.

Trouble buying land based on emotions

Quickly believing in the introduction of “molasses” of the broker, many people were “disillusioned” when buying land for gardening. Transactions of land for hundreds and billions of dong through handwritten paper or a few sentences of agreement. After handing over the money, the seller overturns the contract. Difficulties in converting from agricultural land to residential or “headache” to build a house in a faraway land… 1001 “bad tears, bad laughs” stories about buying land for homestay make many insiders bitter.

Trouble buying land for gardening
Trouble buying land for gardening

For a long time, Mr. Thanh Hai (HCMC) has dreamed of a happy life in the countryside. He wants to “escape” from the vortex of “rice, shirt, rice, money” in a lavish city to enjoy relaxing moments. After saving some money, he decided to buy a land of 5000m2 in Lam Dong.

Since being introduced, Mr. Hai has been very interested in this land. Although the land has no clear legal documents, he is still determined to buy it. He “clicked his tongue” thinking that “everything has a solution”. Then, he made a deposit for the land owner of 100 million VND and found the door to “run” the red book. But unexpectedly, after the money was delivered, the landowner revealed a greedy face.

“They said that the land was located in a prime location and there were a few other people asking to buy it, so they asked me for an additional 50 million dong. I threatened to file a petition with the local government to separate right from wrong. Knowing that I was in a weak position, the owner of the land asked me not to submit an application and only needed another 20 million dong. And then… I agree” – Mr. Hai shared sadly.

“Swallow bitterly” with the wrong decision

I thought that Hai’s land purchase and sale was “cool” but did not expect “bad luck” to still cling. The land he bought is used to grow perennial crops. Therefore, he could build temporary houses without being allowed to build permanent structures.

Up to now, Mr. Hai has owned the land for more than 3 years. Due to the geographical distance, he had to pay for people to look after, raise livestock and plant trees. The harvested “clean” food will be preliminarily processed and sent to the city. He confided that he did not know how long he would keep the land. It’s too expensive to hire people, but it’s very wasteful if left unattended.

Difficult to find builders

Luckily than Mr. Hai, Ms. Tra My (HCMC) is very “cool” when she finds a suitable piece of land in Da Lat. After taking care of the legal procedures, she proceeded to hire a construction contractor.

“In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many builders and masons available. They usually contract the work and charge according to the area. Therefore, workers take advantage of color loss from early morning until the sun goes out. In Da Lat, it was very difficult for me to find a team of construction workers. They do “superficial” in the right way of “stealing umbrellas in the morning, taking umbrellas in at night”. Only working “full peak” for about 6-7 hours a day, not to mention the time to rest.

Every day, I have to take care of snacks and energy drinks to foster the team. I am very comfortable with this account and just hope the project is completed quickly. However, the couple “more and more encroached by water”, they can take a break for a few days without notice.

Recently, work has been continuously delayed, causing expected costs to arise. Through this time, I also learned a lesson for myself. When hiring a house builder, there must be a clear commitment. How long is the delivery time? How’s the progress? The end of a phase requires thorough acceptance. If the quality is up to the standard, the money will be advanced for the next stage” – Ms. My said while regretfully when the project was “capitalized”.

Difficulties in the construction process
Difficulties in the construction process

“Clearly gullible” land transactions

In another case, Ms. Thu Ha regretfully was scammed by “land storks” just because she was “credulous”. Ha is a lover of nature, likes the dreamy mountains, rivers and lakes and the cool climate. With enthusiastic advice from a broker, she came to the land of “charming feng shui” in the Central Highlands. Her idea is to turn this 1.8ha land into a beautiful resort.

With the amount of 600 million VND to own a spacious land, Ms. Ha thinks she has bought “a bargain”. However, all transactions are handwritten because the broker says the whole area is about to be issued. Chi happily bought the land to carry out his plan. Until the actual measurement, she “falls back” when she knows that the land is only 1.5ha wide. At this time, both the “stork” and the land owner “have to be empty-handed” to not accept responsibility.

Carefully consider before handing over money to buy land to build a model house
Carefully consider before handing over money to buy land to build a model house

Find the right place “choose the face to send gold”

Besides the difficult stories, some people feel happy and lucky when buying land as a homestay. Duc Nam (Hanoi) said with excitement: “My family bought a land of nearly 1000m2 in Ba Vi without any problems. The owner is a close friend of mine, so the land is sold at a relatively low price.”

“Choose the face to send gold” to own the ideal land

Mr. Nam also shared: “On weekends or Tet holidays, my family comes here to relax to enjoy the fresh air. Neighbors are very friendly, hospitable and kind. How wonderful it is!”.

Buying land for gardening today is nothing new. However, many people still easily fall prey to the “earth-triggers”. Please carefully consider factors such as: soil, climate, population … and be careful about legal procedures. Don’t let emotions rule your mind and then it’s time to regret it later…

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