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Rabies prevention for cats and dogs

Rabies is one of the most dangerous diseases in cats and dogs. The disease currently has no specific treatment. Most cases of infected cats and dogs die. Currently, rabies is considered one of the top enemies of pet owners.

To limit the risk of death in dogs and cats from rabies, rabies prevention for dogs and cats is the first priority. The information shared by the Agricultural Knowledge channel in the following article will help you better understand the measures rabies prevention for cats and dogs.

1. What is rabies in dogs and cats? Why is it important to prevent rabies for dogs and cats?

Rabies is a dangerous disease that occurs commonly in mammals. The causative agent of rabies is the rabies virus (rabies virus). This is an acute viral infection of the central nervous system. The disease is usually transmitted by secretions of animals infected with rabies through bites and licks. The eyes, mouth or nose of humans and animals when exposed to the saliva of a rabid animal are also at a very high risk of contracting rabies. Dogs and cats are the animals most at risk of rabies.

Why to prevent rabies for cats and dogs?

Rabies is considered one of the most dangerous diseases for cats and dogs. The disease currently has no specific treatment. Most cases of rabies result in death. There are hardly any survivors of the onset of rabies. Therefore, prevention is currently the best measure to deal with this dangerous disease.


Rabies has a very fast spread (Photo: Collectibles)

Rabies in cats and dogs can also be transmitted to humans. During the illness, dogs and cats are often aggressive, easily excitable, and can be dangerous to people and other pets. The time from illness to the appearance of recognizable symptoms in dogs and cats is usually from 10 days to 3 months. The duration of illness depends on the distance the virus travels from the bite through the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system. The rabies virus enters the nervous system of mammals.

Because of the harmful effects of the disease, rabies prevention for dogs and cats is the first priority measure. Prevention is the best way to help cats and dogs limit the possibility of rabies.

2. Effective rabies prevention measures for dogs and cats

Rabies prevention for dogs and cats is always a priority. It is necessary to protect cats and dogs from the risks of disease as well as to prevent the spread of diseases to humans and other animals. To prevent rabies in cats and dogs, you can take the following measures:

  • Vaccination against rabies for dogs and cats: Currently, vaccination is the best way to prevent diseases for dogs and cats. When the dog is 12 weeks old, the owner should conduct the first vaccination for them. Then, get a booster shot every year.

  • Raising cats and dogs as pets, you must have attention, care and supervision. Avoid letting your dog roam around. For dogs, it is recommended to regularly chain dogs, keep them indoors, do not let them loose on the street.

  • When walking your dog, supervision is required. Avoid letting cats and dogs come into contact with feral cats and dogs. At the same time, do not let your dog or cat lick or eat food spilled on the street, in public places.

  • Sanitize the place for cats and dogs regularly and disinfect them.

  • Regular bathing and hygiene for pets is also one of the measures to prevent rabies for dogs and cats. effective.

  • Food for cats and dogs needs to be hygienic. Food containers should be washed regularly to ensure they are not contaminated.

  • When detecting that your pet has erratic symptoms of rabies, such as: high fever, not eating or eating less, unusual aggression, you should take them to the nearest veterinary facility for examination and examination. . At the same time, conduct isolation of infected dogs and cats from the herd.

  • Disinfect the area around animals with suspected rabies pets, especially with saliva. In case a dog or cat dies due to suspected rabies, the body must be burned or buried.

  • If there are cases of dogs and cats infected with rabies in the area where you live, you should strengthen the management and supervision of your cats and dogs. Do not allow cats and dogs to go outside.


Cats with rabies (Photo: Collectibles)

Rabies is a very dangerous disease that spreads very quickly. The disease not only causes tragic death for pets but also affects people. Most dogs and cats infected with rabies die. Currently, rabies prevention for dogs and cats is the best way to deal with this disease. With the information about disease prevention measures shared by the agricultural doctor in the article, hopefully you will gain useful knowledge in preventing rabies for pets.

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