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Rabbit farm – what to prepare for a billion dollar business

cute bunny
Rabbit farm – what to prepare for a billion dollar business

Currently, although rabbit farming in our country is not too new, rabbit farming has not really developed strongly. While the sacrifice value of rabbits is very large. People are still strange, or not optimal in the way of farming, and the steps to prepare for the farm

Raising rabbits for meat is a viable way to get rich that many people have chosen and succeeded. If you intend to make a model rabbit farm, Then here are the things you need to prepare for the farm.

Raising meat rabbits is a way to get rich
Rabbit farm: what to prepare

Learn about the characteristics and how to raise rabbits

how to raise rabbits
Raising rabbits

Rabbit farmers need to understand the physiological characteristics of rabbits, common diseases… In Vietnam, there are many types of rabbits such as domestic rabbits (black rabbits, gray rabbits), foreign rabbits (Newzealand rabbits, California rabbits, etc.) French rabbit, Hungarian rabbit…).

Rabbits grow very quickly. Each year, the mother rabbit gives birth to 7-8 litters, each litter of 6-7 babies. Only 2.5 to 3 months after birth, rabbits have become mothers, at that time the weight reaches about 2.5 – 3 kg / head. The price of breeding rabbits is 150,000 – 170,000 VND/kg, meat rabbits 85,000 VND/kg, the market is very favorable.

Prepare capital

Capital is not fixed, depending on the market, the countryside where you live, take advantage of what is available… Usually, many rabbit farm owners invest about 200-250 million VND to build a barn, breed animals, raise animals with animals. large area scale. Large capital is more convenient, can be upgraded, disease prevention … There are also people who invest up to 13 billion and earn billions of billions of profits every year.

Make a barn

Rabbit cages need to meet the following criteria
Rabbit Farm

On rabbit farms, rabbit cages need to ensure the following criteria: rabbits can operate comfortably, do not affect health, have enough space to prevent mice from being disturbed, firm, sustainable, easy to clean less laborious when feeding, taking care of, catching; Rabbits do not mix with the herd. The cage should be made of smooth chamfered spokes, made of two or four compartments.

The feeding trough can be made of coca cola tube, or 110 plastic pipe, cut into 8-9 inch segments, used as a mold to pour cement. How to make rabbits easy to eat and drink, not excrete feces and urine or lie in the feeder, not scratch the bottom of the food. Feeding and drinking troughs should be made of available materials and designed firmly, rabbits cannot spill.

The nest is a wooden box that can be put in and out of the cage easily. The suitable size is: length 45 cm, width 30 cm, height 25 cm, with a threshold of 12 cm high so that the mother rabbit can get in and out easily without the baby rabbit crawling out.

Buy seed

buy breeding rabbits
Buy breeding rabbits

You should buy breeding rabbits from families who know them, trust them to be rabbit breeders and rabbit farmers who have a lot of experience, good breeding management, and careful rabbit care.

Rabbits selected for breeding must be strong, with a flat back, loins, thighs, and buttocks must be full and firm. Only choose rabbits with good physical strength, flexibility, sensitivity, clear eyes, dry nose, clean ears and feet without scales; The hair is shiny and the incisors grow normally.

Rabbit farms should choose rabbits for breeding from the herd of 5 – 6 children / litter or more. It is necessary to weigh to select rabbits with good growth ability, reaching 1.4 – 1.8 kg at 3 months of age for breeding. In order to select breeding offspring, it is necessary to monitor the mother rabbit through three litters, if not successful (eg, the number of rabbits is less than 5 children / litter, or often biting) it will be discarded. Females must have 8 breasts that are evenly arranged in two rows to be able to feed 8 baby rabbits. Breed rabbits should choose from a herd of 6-7 children, with small heads, large limbs, hatching, slim body, and enlarged hips.

If you choose a male rabbit breed, look for a big head, big limbs, stout, wide chest, especially with a straight penis and two equal eggplants (testicles).

Rabbit food

Rabbit food
Rabbit food

Green food Corn leaves, kohlrabi, cabbage… are raw foods for rabbit farms, bean leaves, groundnuts, ovals, figs, jackfruit, papaya leaves, banana leaves, peanuts, guinea pigs , Dai tea, elephant grass … Feed rabbits according to the principle that rabbits eat more, eat less, eat less, so give rabbits a variety of food.

Green food for rabbits, rabbit farms need to collect from clean sources. Do not cut feed from grazing areas, poultry or standing water to avoid helminth diseases. Also do not feed rabbits food that has been moldy, sour, brown, or fermented to avoid diarrhea, abdominal distension, flatulence, etc.

Cleaning cages, vaccinating rabbits

Rabbit Farm
Rabbit Farm

Rabbit raising needs to pay close attention to the hygiene of the rabbit farm so that the rabbits grow up healthy, not sick, causing damage or loss.

Rabbits are very susceptible to diseases, the most dangerous of which is polio (intestinal bleeding). When infected with this disease, rabbits die very quickly. The best prevention method is thorough vaccination.

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