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Quail Cage Making Techniques From Experts

How to make a standard quail cage not only contributes to high breeding efficiency but also prevents some diseases in quail. At the same time, it also protects the air environment and reduces livestock odors. So where is techniques for making quail cages science and cost savings, let’s find out with us!

Breeding cages

Quail cages are divided into 3 main types:

Incubator: specialized for young quail under 10 days old

The gilt cage: This area is for growing birds aged between 11-30 days

Quail cage laying: This is the most important stage that directly determines the economic efficiency of the model,

Currently, quail cages are divided into 3 main types
Currently, quail cages are divided into 3 main types

What should you pay attention to when making cages?

Steel frame and fins with galvanized wire mesh to limit rust. Wood cages should not be built because they are prone to termites and affect the health of birds

Should choose a small mesh so that birds can easily move and prevent mice. The cages are designed in several floors to save space and increase the number of flocks.

The top of the cage is lined with soft material to prevent injury from jumping quails. The cage for the quail should have a height of 50cm to limit pests as well as create a high space.

The cage is assembled so it can be easily disassembled and moved when needed.

  • Space for raising quails

Breeding space greatly affects the productivity and efficiency of the breeding process. Each breeding model will need to meet certain standards. Industrial quail farming is different from the family quail farming model, raising quail for meat is different from raising quail for eggs. However, either way, quails must still be raised in a dry, cool and low-humidity area.

When making a quail cage, there are many factors you need to pay attention to
When making a quail cage, there are many factors you need to pay attention to

Next is the roof, which can be made from a variety of materials, but the most recommended is cold tile or corrugated iron for long-term use and effective protection from heat and rain.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to some other factors such as avoiding areas with a lot of noise, areas contaminated with dust, industrial chemicals, etc.

Making ecological cushions for quail cages

If according to the traditional breeding method, farmers will have to collect waste, wash cages daily, use Bioga… which takes a lot of time, labor and environmental treatment is not thorough.

If biological pads are used, livestock households will not have to carry out these steps because the microorganisms inoculated in the pads themselves will strongly decompose and assimilate the components present in animal waste to convert turned into harmless substances, inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms present in the floor of the quail cage.

Eco-cushion liners for quail cages help save time cleaning the cage and prevent pathogens
Eco-cushion liners for quail cages help save time cleaning the cage and prevent pathogens

Necessary tools included in how to make a quail cage

When making a cage for quail, it is necessary to pay attention to the attached items including:

Feed trough: is attached to the outside of the cage when the birds are grown and placed inside the brooder. The size of the trough is usually 5x50x2cm with a mesh cover on the face to avoid food spillage and loss.

Drinking water trough: Placed next to the feed trough and measures 5x50x4cm.

Egg trough: When quails are of laying age, they lay 1 egg per day, so it is difficult to collect eggs manually. The egg trough is placed outside the nesting cage and at the sloping foot of the bottom of the cage. The size is as long as the bottom of the cage (5×1.5x3cm). Can be lined with extra fabric to minimize egg cracking.

Things to note in how to make a standard quail cage

Quail cages need to be structured for high ventilation, clean air entering the cage continuously to change the used air out, thus meeting the oxygen demand for chemical reactions occurring in the house. body, necessary for maintaining body temperature and creating eggs.

Due to the nature of quails like that – very susceptible to “Stress”, the quail cage is quieter, with as little disturbance as possible.

Quail cages should be built in a quiet place
Quail cages should be built in a quiet place

Selecting good breeds to prevent many diseases, but if the barn is not clean, it will make quail infected with a number of poultry diseases.

Therefore, in order to cut off that dangerous relationship and create favorable conditions for the quail population to develop, the barn must be clean and hygienic.

This is also an enemy of quail, because quail is their “delicious bait”. Maybe in just one night, a flock of 200 quails will be bitten to death by hundreds. Damage discourages farmers. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to protect carefully, firmly, depending on specific conditions, made of different materials to prevent damage caused by cats and rats.

Hopefully with the content of this article, we hope you have learned how to make a standard quail cage, from which you can take successful steps in quail breeding.

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