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Proper planting techniques for orchids, for good green plants

Fascinated with the beauty of orchids, many families are looking for ways to grow orchids so that the plants can flower quickly and live a long time. So don’t forget to pocket these secrets not everyone knows.

  1. Meaning of orchids in Vietnam

In Vietnam, purebred orchids originated from Nam Dinh province in our country. With its luxurious beauty and long-lasting beauty, orchids are one of the most popular and sought-after plants.

So what makes orchids win so many hearts from flower players? The special feature of the orchid is that the flower stalk grows from the fake stem and corresponds to each stalk, there will be about 10 flowers, each flower has 5 very smooth and quite thick petals. Combined with the lovely beauty and soft petals, this flower helps people think of the greatness of the sacred forest, representing peace but also very nobility.

Orchid has many meanings
Orchid has many meanings

Besides, hidden in that beautiful flower is a whole layer of meaning. In Western countries, the orchid is a symbol of elegance, nobility, luxury and luxury. Because the name of this flower is named after a famous French physician. Stemming from that meaning, in the West, people all give each other beautiful pots of orchids to wish the family always good luck, fortune and prosperity in the house.

  1. The secret on how to grow orchids not everyone knows

For the convenience of growers and caretakers, the article focuses on the most common points of note in the technique of growing orchids. Therefore, if you are still wondering about how to grow cephalopods, you can also refer to this method. Perfect fit and guaranteed.

2.1 How to grow orchids

Step 1: Treat the tree before planting: Separate the seed from the old pot

Even if you already have an old plant to grow orchids or just bought a orchid, do not skip this step because it will determine the ability of the plant to avoid disease and dehydration. At this stage, you use a sharp knife to separate or separate by hand, when finished, use an iron rod about 2cm to heat and then close to the part that has just been separated until the spot is dry, then decide to paint it and wait for it to dry. Only split when the cluster has more than 5 clusters, each cluster has at least 2 stems. Note, should remove damaged branches, withered leaves and leave only the strongest branches to start a new tree.

The first step is to separate the seed from the old tree
The first step is to separate the seed from the old tree

Step 2: Planting orchids

– Arrange clumps: In turn, arrange orchids as seeds in pots according to the principle: the old clumps rotate to the center, the young clumps face the mouth of the pot. This will help the young plants that split from the old clumps to grow out over the edge of the pot.

Then proceed to plant the orchid in a new pot
Then proceed to plant the orchid in a new pot

– Covering soil: It is best to choose a potting soil that is deep soil (the type of soil that is located deep under the soil layer but still has not reached the clay layer). According to the experience of industry insiders, quality orchid soil is the type of soil that has been dried and floated when released into the water. After selecting the required soil, pour the potting soil into the pot so that it covers ⅓ of the orchid stem. Fix the orchid seedlings to avoid being shaken or damaged when in contact with the growing medium. Gently press the potting medium and then cover it with ferns, cinder chips or moss to keep the plant moist during future care.

Cover the soil near the potted orchids
Cover the soil near the potted orchids

2.2 Techniques to care for orchids in accordance with the standards of skilled people

– Sprinklers

For any plant, watering is the first factor that determines whether the plant will grow and develop normally or not. With orchids, you need to provide them with clean, uncontaminated water. In the process of watering, do not water a large amount of water, but water slowly, slowly so that the water penetrates to the bottom of the pot. Excessive watering should not damage young shoots and flower sprouts are deformed.

Water regularly to keep plants moist
Water regularly to keep plants moist

In the dry season, it is necessary to control the humidity at 40-60%, in the summer it is necessary to maintain the humidity from 70 to 90%. On hot days, low air humidity can be watered twice a day; On rainy days with high humidity, there is no need to irrigate, if it is flooded, drain the water immediately to avoid standing water that will rot the roots.

– Pruning branches

What makes the beauty of orchids luxurious comes not only from its inherent nature but also from the dedication of the grower. The orchids are more than each other not only in the scent of flowers but also in the shape of the flowers. To have a beautiful shape, it is necessary to regularly prune and shape the tree.

Besides, every day you should also spend time collecting fallen flowers, removing dead leaves to prevent pests and diseases. In case of detecting signs of disease, it must be treated and isolated immediately if many flower pots are planted.

Prune branches for even flowering
Prune branches for even flowering

– Preventing pests and diseases of orchids

Compared to other species of plants, orchids are less susceptible to diseases. But that doesn’t mean it’s resistant to all pests. If taking care of the wrong way, orchids are very susceptible to diseases such as yellow leaves, brown spots, root rot, leaf burn… Besides the usual manual measures, if pests cannot be eradicated, you can use plant protection drugs. When using this drug, it is necessary to pay attention to the dose and method of spraying. Do not spray only one spot, but spray the entire plant to avoid spreading.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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