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Process of raising dairy cows according to advanced models.

Process of raising dairy cows according to advanced models.
Process of raising dairy cows according to advanced models.

Dairy farming is currently developing strongly in our country, because it is one of the professions that bring high economic efficiency and sustainability. At the same time, these dairy cow farming process Advanced technology has also been widely applied to effectively increase the quality of products obtained.

When visiting Vinamilk’s dairy factory in Cua Lo town (Nghe An), reporters of the Ho Chi Minh City Journalists Association were introduced to the new farm by Mr. Trinh Quoc Dung – factory director. dairy cow farming process advanced.

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1. The barn

In dairy cow farming process Recently applied, Vinamilk’s cow farm here is more than 48 hectares wide, of which 30 hectares are for growing grass. Located right on the red basalt soil, the climate is quite different from that of Nghe An.

Vinamilk builds advanced cow farms
Vinamilk builds advanced cow farms

Currently, the farm has 4 rows of barns, each row is hundreds of meters long, designed and supplied by Delaval – a Swedish designer and supplier of barn equipment. More than 100 billion VND has been invested in the farm and according to the design of Delaval. The roof system of the farm is equipped with anti-heat technology by cold storage with insulation material. In the barn, there are additional cooling fans, automatic manure collection systems, automatic drinking troughs, cushioned cows’ resting umbrellas, etc.

Satisfy the requirements of dairy cow farming process In advanced, the stage of the barn is also an equally important stage. It can even be said that this is the decisive stage only after the selection of cow breeds.

The farm is 50m away from the milking area, cows will automatically enter the milking area twice a day at 5am and 5am – 6pm.

2. Select alike cow.

The process of raising dairy cows It is also important in the selection of good dairy cow breeds. The work of selecting the right varieties suitable to the ecological conditions of each region is the decisive factor to milk yield.

Choosing a breed is an important step.
Choosing a breed is an important step.

Therefore, cows are selected in dairy cow farming process The new breed will usually have a balanced appearance (length, width, depth), wide, even, soft udder, light bar head, four sturdy legs, seed suitable for ecological conditions of the rearing area, with high yield. high milk yield and long lactation. For Vinamilk’s farm, imported cows are pure dairy cows (HF cows) by air from Australia and New Zealand.

Currently, there are 1600 cows with 261 cows milking up to 3557 kg/day. The farm is also expected to increase the scale to 2000 to 3000 in the near future with dairy cow farming process more thoroughly.

3. The process of raising & taking care of dairy cows

The process of raising dairy cows are applied advanced technologies to make the management and care of cows easier and more convenient.

The process of raising dairy cows
The process of raising dairy cows

Each cow wears a permanent chip around the neck to monitor milk production, health and almost all information related to the cow’s life (except for estrus detection, which requires a different chip). . Each chip worn by the cow costs 70 euros. If the chip detects that the cow is sick, the milking machine will automatically stop milking, thereby ensuring the quality of fresh milk.

Even the towel used to wipe the cow’s udder is made from a different material than the normal towel, because wiping with a regular towel will not ensure food hygiene and safety.

LIVE dairy cow farming process old, there are elements that are not guaranteed and really invested. So cows have not enjoyed the best care.

When cows pass through the automatic toilet spray area, each animal will enter its own box and the livestock staff only need to spray high-pressure water to wash the udder, use an imported towel to wipe the udder and then attach the milking tube. milk, press the button on the machine to monitor milk production. This is the remarkable point of dairy cow farming process modern.

Cows here mainly eat fresh grass, fresh corn stalks or silage corn. Their diets are made on a computer and are separate for each type of cow, calves are different from heifers and different from pregnant cows.

4. Summary.

Thanks to these dairy cow farming process With the improvement and methodical investment, the quality of milk produced to the market is getting higher and higher. According to Vinamilk, the average milk yield in the summer is about 18 liters/head, and in the winter it is 24-28 liters/head/day, especially some cows have a record high milk production of up to 60 liters/head/head. day.

However, the implementation of these dairy cow farming process A methodical approach also requires the labor and experience of those who directly take care of the cows, instead of relying solely on technology and other methods. dairy cow farming process mechanically.

In addition to dairy cows, our country also focuses on developing and improving the process of raising beef-oriented cows, applying modern techniques in raising beef-oriented cows.

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