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Preparation steps to build a model of growing clean vegetables with high efficiency

Currently, agricultural models for growing clean vegetables are increasingly widely developed to meet the increasingly strict demands of consumers. Many young people, households,… have chosen to start a business with the model of a clean vegetable farm and have had certain success. Choosing to build a model of growing clean vegetables for economic purposes, in order to help the model achieve high efficiency, first of all, you need to focus on the preparation steps including determining the type and size of the farm, preparing capital. , land and business strategy building.

1. Find out, determine the type and scale of clean vegetable growing model

Before proceeding to build any agricultural and livestock farming model, you also need to learn about that model. Therefore, the first step in preparing to build a model of growing clean vegetables is to learn and understand the concept of growing clean vegetables, the requirements for growing clean vegetables, soil and water standards, and caring for clean vegetables. how?

Next, you define the type of look you want to make. Currently, growing clean vegetables has many types of farms such as the model of growing clean vegetables in a greenhouse, growing clean vegetables in a net house, a model of growing hydroponic vegetables, growing clean vegetables according to Vietgap standards, .. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the characteristics of each type and your available strengths, you choose the right type to build a model of growing clean vegetables to save costs and achieve the best efficiency.

The next important step in building a clean vegetable growing model is that you need to determine the size of the farm you will implement. Based on the type you have chosen, financial conditions, growing area, … that you determine the scale you intend to build. Determining the scale and type of production is very important. This is the premise for you to prepare the next steps such as preparing the land, capital, growing vegetables, …

After determining the type and scale of production, you go to large vegetable farms for reference and learn how to grow their vegetables. In addition, you can also go to centers under the Department of Agriculture, agricultural universities to learn farming techniques. Here, you will be advised on how to grow and care for vegetables. From there, you will have a lot of experience in building your own clean vegetable growing model.


Determining the farm size is an important step in building a model of growing clean vegetables (Source: Internet)

2. Prepare capital

Capital is the first and must-have thing to build a model of growing clean vegetables. The preparation of capital for a clean vegetable farm depends on your initial conditions. When preparing the required capital, you rely on factors such as:

  • Do you already have land to plant? If not, then you have to rent, so you will need an additional capital for renting the land.

  • Scale and area of ​​land you plan to rent to build a model of growing clean vegetables

  • Does the area for growing clean vegetables already have infrastructure and water sources for irrigation? If not, there must be capital to invest in construction.

  • Investment money to buy seeds, seedlings, improve land, hire workers,…

  • Investment costs for marketing, introducing your clean vegetable products to everyone,…

  • Other costs incurred.

In addition to the budgeted capital, you also need to have additional financial reserves for the first months. According to some people who have experience in building a model of growing clean vegetables, the cost of building a net house to grow clean vegetables is about 30 million/1000m2, the basic sprinkler system costs about 5 million/1000m2. If you have little capital, you can do the above items in advance. Then slowly upgrade when you have more capital or start earning. Depending on the actual conditions of each model of growing clean vegetables, you have to calculate the cost and prepare the appropriate capital.

3. Prepare the place, the land to grow clean vegetables

If there is no available land to grow, you have to rent land. Choosing a place to grow clean vegetables, you should choose areas with an area of ​​​​500m2 or more. The vegetable growing area must have a suitable climate and convenient water source. In addition, factors such as the distance of the vegetable growing area to residential areas, to the center, convenient transportation,… also need to be considered.

After having land, you proceed to improve the land, build an irrigation system to grow clean vegetables. Building a model of growing clean vegetables, soil factors and ensuring irrigation water are very important. Therefore, you pay attention to the stage of soil preparation and watering for high yield.


Choose a place to grow clean vegetables with a convenient location (Source: Internet)

4. Build a marketing strategy

In order to grow healthy vegetables and bring your organic produce to market, vegetables must obtain a “safe vegetable” certificate from a trusted organization. This is the factor that helps consumers trust your product. From there, your product is known and widely consumed. Therefore, you need to build a business and marketing strategy from the very beginning.

You build a product distribution channel, have a strategy to bring clean vegetable products to consumers. Pay attention to the stages of harvesting, transporting and shipping goods to customers. Focus on finding outlets for products.

In building a model of growing clean vegetables, the way of preparation plays an extremely important role. That is the premise, the foundation, if the “foundation” is solid, the construction will be convenient and bring better results. Therefore, when doing business, you must pay special attention to the above preparation stages.

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– Reference information compiled by agricultural doctors –

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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