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Play unique Tet with potted Bonsai oranges

Instructions for growing Bonsai oranges to play unique Tet
Instructions on how to grow bonsai oranges to play Tet

Bonsai soup During the New Year, it will definitely be the most interesting and unique ornamental plant on the first day of the new year. By growing Bonsai oranges just for decoration, on the other hand, you can have fruit to eat after the end of the New Year. Bonsai can be planted in pots and shaped like this, so it is suitable for planting on the occasion of Tet to bring good luck and fortune.

Bonsai orange soup is considered a fruit of the tangerine family because it is easy to peel and eat like a tangerine. Succulent oranges with delicious sweet taste are very popular with users not only because of their sweet spring color, but also popular because of its ease of cultivation.

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Growing Bonsai is most suitable for everyone at the time:

    • Plant the Spring crop from February to April.
  • Fall planting is from August to October.


Bonsai potted oranges
Bonsai potted oranges

– The pot must have a moderate width, not too wide, too narrow.

– You should buy a pot about 25% larger than the root cluster of the plant you intend to plant.

– The main terracotta pots are the most optimal to use. Because they have a higher transpiration capacity than plastic pots, they help the plants not to become waterlogged.


First of all, Bonsai orange seedlings must be healthy, fat without pathogens, have strong roots, and seedlings have an average height of 40-60cm.


Bonsai can be grown on many different types of soil. However, the best soil is loose and humus-rich soil and can be lined with chemical fertilizer Monoammonium phosphate. The soil is not too acidic, not too salty.


Because it is a tree with strong growth, few pests and diseases, planting techniques are not too difficult.

How to grow Bonsai oranges
Instructions on how to grow bonsai oranges to play Tet

– When bringing seedlings to the ground, it is necessary to dig a hole 15-30 days before.

– Next, you need to prepare the soil mixed with a quantity of fertilizer.

– Next, put it on the rock of the hole, then fill it with soil into a mound 15-20 cm above the surface of the hole.
– People dredge a small hole to put the gourd and then fill it with soil and compact it.
– The next stage is to plug the cross-pole X into the tree and tie it to avoid causing the root to destroy the tree.

Depending on the good or bad soil, the density is different, but the average distance is from 3 to 5m/tree, the density is 333 trees/ha.


Taking care of Bonsai oranges
Taking care of Bonsai oranges

– If it is sunny, water it once a day until the plant recovers to grow. Next, depending on the growing conditions and weather to irrigate.

– The tree is still from 1-3 years old: Every year, it needs to be fertilized with organic fertilizer at the time: January, February, May and November. In the following years, the amount of fertilizer increases according to tree age, fruit yield and depending on the type of soil to increase or decrease the amount of fertilizer.

– How to fertilize: People dig trenches or holes 20 сm wide, 15-20 сm deep around the tree canopy, sprinkle with manure to fill the soil, water it.


How to prune Bonsai
How to prune Bonsai

When Bonsai oranges bear fruit, after each harvest, it is necessary to cut down and remove small branches, branches in the canopy, branches of pests, etc. And conduct regularly to facilitate fruit formation.

Regular pruning is also a method for stronger growth. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular and balanced pruning. Select one pruning tools sharp and start:

– Cut off branches that grow from rootstocks, overhanging branches, diseased branches, broken branches.

– The pruning to create the canopy starts from when the tree is 0.5-0.6m tall, creating a reasonable initial solid body frame,

– The branches are distributed in the form of stars on the trunk so as not to obscure each other’s light.

– Old branches after a period of fruiting also need to be cut down. Continue to raise new young branches to bear fruit in the following years.


Harvest Bonsai oranges
Instructions on how to grow bonsai oranges to play Tet

When the fruit is old and red, the Bonsai soup is slightly yellow in color typical of the variety, then harvested. Should be picked at a cool, dry time. Bonsai oranges, after being harvested, need to be sorted and then preserved.

In addition to the apricot trees, peach trees, etc., each house can grow a pot of Bonsai orange soup to add color to their house. From these simple techniques and notes, it’s easy to do, right? Let’s color your garden with Agrisearch.net in Spring!

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