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Planting Techniques of Daffodils Ensure High Survival Rate

Gladiolus (Gladiolus communis Lin) is originally from the Mediterranean region and African countries. The most prominent feature of this flower is that it is long-lasting, colorful and beautiful. However, in order to have a good harvest, it is important to understand Techniques of growing poplars is very necessary. The content of today’s article will help you understand more about the technique of growing this flower. Do not rush to miss this interesting content.

Requirements for external conditions

The most favorable environmental conditions for growing Conifers


Hoa Don likes to grow in cool climates, the most suitable temperature is from 15 to 27 degrees. If the plant grows in an environment of too high temperature, the flower quality will be poor, and it will be easily attacked by pests and diseases.


This type of flower is very light-loving, when the plant is short of light, it will easily become shiny, the flower size is small, the percentage of blind flowers is quite high. The most suitable light intensity for the growth of thistle is 20,000-25,000 lux.


The type of soil suitable for the flower to grow is a light soil with a suitable pH of 6-7. This flower is very intolerant of heavy metal salts, especially lead.


Donkey likes moisture but cannot tolerate waterlogged environments. When the plant lacks water, the flower differentiation process is affected. On the contrary, if the tree is waterlogged, the roots will be damaged, the tubers will rot and the tree will easily turn yellow and die. The most suitable humidity for the growth of the dogwood is from 70 to 75%, the chlorine concentration in the water is less than 600mg/liter.


Flowers are quite sensitive to air, especially fluorine. If the concentration of fluorine is too high, the flower plant will easily dry the tips of the leaves. Planting sites should not be near brick kilns or industrial zones.

Natural conditions affect the growth of poplar
Natural conditions affect the growth of poplar

Planting and care techniques

  1. Like Don flower

There are many different varieties of Dandelion on the market today. You can depend on the growing environment to choose the most suitable flower for you.

Flowers are usually grown from tubers
Flowers are usually grown from tubers

In each fertilizer application, people should combine weeding, tilling and watering.

When the seedling has from 2 to 6 leaves, farmers can spray more growth stimulants.

  1. Take care

* Sprinklers

When watering poplar trees, people should pay attention to keep the right humidity for the plant to grow, which is from 70 to 75%. Conifers cannot tolerate waterlogging, so the best irrigation method is to use the trench irrigation method.

The trench irrigation method should be applied to the poplar growing model
The trench irrigation method should be applied to the poplar growing model

* Cultivation and pruning techniques

After being planted from 7 to 10 days after planting, the first cotyledons will appear. During this period, people should proceed to remove the extra shoots so that only one main bud is left for the tree to grow strongly. Pay attention in the process of removing extra shoots, do not shake the stump.

When the plant begins to have 2-3 true leaves, you should proceed to the first bed. Just apply a thin layer of soil to the edge of the base of the tree. When the tree is about 40 – 50cm tall, it is time to play with the second root, to raise the root so that the tree can be stronger, creating conditions for the tree to produce tubers.

The planting of stakes to make a trellis for the poplar will take place after the second round of rooting. People should make stakes along the edge of the bed, each about 1.5m apart.

Main pest control

  1. Pests

The most common pests that attack the poplar tree are:

– Cockroaches are often affected by some main pests such as: gray caterpillars, leafhoppers and thrips.

– How to prevent?

+ Gray worm

The best way to prevent gray pests is to use your hands to catch them, the time is in the evening from 6 to 7 o’clock. To avoid grayworm attack, before planting flowers, people can also treat the soil with Basudin. If the depth is too high, farmers can use FM-tox 50 EC (concentration 15ml/16 liters of water), Trebon 10ND (10ml/16 liters of water, the appropriate time of spraying is from 5 – 6 pm.

Conifers that are not protected from disease will be very susceptible to attack
Conifers that are not protected from disease will be very susceptible to attack

+ Cavity worms eat leaves

To handle this type of leafminer, you can use FM-tox 50EC or Fastox 50EC.

+ Arrange

With thrips that destroy the thorns, the drugs that can be used to overcome it are: Marshal 200SC, Pegasus 500SC, Regent 800WG, Suprathion 40EC.

  1. Diseases

The main diseases that cause damage to Conifer trees are: yellow wilt disease, white leaf disease, brown spot disease. These diseases are caused by fungi.

– How to prevent?

+ White leaf disease

Conifers with white leaf disease can be treated with the following drugs: Topsin-M70NP, Antracol 75WP, Validacin 500, Anvil 5SC, Score 250EC.

+ Yellow wilt disease

The best way to prevent yellow wilt disease is to treat the soil with Trichoderma, Benlat C, Anvil 5SC, Aliette 800WG.

+ Brown spot disease

When Conifers suffer from brown spot disease, the disease can be eliminated using Zineb 80BTN, Score 250 EC.

The content of the last article is the information we want to share with you about the technique of growing Don flowers. Farmers can save the information to apply to the actual Donor flower growing model to bring the highest yield. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

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