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Planting Techniques of Daffodils Ensure High Survival Rate

The lone flower (Gladiolus communins Lin) is native to Africa and the Mediterranean region. Flowers have characteristics such as: beautiful shape, diverse colors, long-lasting, compact branches, easy to transport, and are popular with consumers. The content of today’s article we will exclusively talk about Techniques of growing dandelions. If you are interested in this flower, do not rush to skip our article.

Requirements for external conditions

* Temperature: Don likes cool climate, suitable temperature 15-27oC. High temperature, poor plant growth, low flower quality, high rate of pests and diseases.

* Light: Conifer is a light-loving plant, in low light, the plant is prone to glare, small flowers, high percentage of blind flowers. The appropriate light intensity is 20,000-25,000 lux.

* Soil: The soil that is suitable for this plant is light soil with a pH of 6-7. Con is very sensitive to heavy metal salts especially high lead content.

* Water: Conifer is a moisture-loving plant but does not tolerate waterlogging. Lack of water affects flower differentiation, on the contrary, if the roots are waterlogged, the roots will be damaged, the bulbs will rot, the plants will turn yellow and die. The soil moisture is suitable for monoculture about 70-75%. Chlorine concentration in irrigation water <600mg/l.

* Air: Don is quite sensitive to air, especially fluorine. In areas where fluorine concentrations are high, mondo leaves dry tips. Therefore, when choosing a planting site, it is necessary to avoid places near industrial zones and brick kilns.

The natural conditions affect the growth of the tree
The natural conditions affect the growth of the tree

Like lone flower

Currently, in addition to production, there are a number of varieties of london native to Vietnam such as Song Sac, Red square ears, Yellow tiger tongue and some varieties originating from the Netherlands such as: Red 09, Chinon, Red. Cam, Internet, Amsterdam… In which, the Red linden 09 is the variety selected by the Research Institute of Vegetables and is very popular with growers and consumers.

Peonies are usually grown from tubers
Peonies are usually grown from tubers

– Each time fertilizing combined with plowing, weeding, watering.

– Plant stage with 2-6 leaves, need to spray some additional growth stimulants such as: Atonik 1.8SL (concentration 15ml/16 liters of water), foliar fertilizer Seaweed-Seaweed 95% (concentration 10g/ 16 liters of water), 501 buffalo head (10g/10 liters of water).

Take care

* Sprinklers

Water to ensure the most suitable soil moisture 70-75%. Avoid letting the plant get waterlogged. Usually use the trench irrigation method after planting and fertilizing.

The trench irrigation method should be applied to the monodon planting model
The trench irrigation method should be applied to the monodon planting model

* Cultivation and pruning techniques

– After planting 7-10 days, the sprouts grow out of the ground, proceed to remove the extra shoots, leaving only 1 main bud to grow healthy. Be careful not to shake the stump.

– When the plant has 2-3 leaves, proceed to the 1st bed, lightly apply a thin layer of soil to the base edge. When the tree is 40-50cm high, proceed to rooting the second phase, cultivating high to prevent the tree from falling and creating conditions for the plant to produce bulbs.

– Placing stakes as a truss: Conducted after the second round of planting to help prevent the tree from falling and the flower branches from bending. Plug stakes along the edge of the bed, the stakes are spaced from 1.5 to 2m apart, use a tension string and tie the two sides of the bed or use a pre-woven net with the size of 10x10cm cells stretched on the surface of the bed.

Main pest control

  1. Pests

– Cockroaches are often affected by some main pests such as: gray caterpillars, leafhoppers and thrips.

– Prevention:

+ Gray worm: Manually caught at 6-7 pm. Use Basudin 10G at a concentration of 2-3kg/1000m2 to treat the soil before planting. When the density is high, it is necessary to spray pesticides with FM-tox 50 EC (concentration of 15ml/16 liters of water), Trebon 10ND (concentration of 10ml/16 liters of water), spraying in the afternoon from 16-17h to effectively prevent will be high.

Plants that are not protected from disease will be very susceptible to attack
Plants that are not protected from disease will be very susceptible to attack

+ Leaf-eating cavities: Use FM-tox 50EC (concentration 15ml/16 liters of water), Fastox 50EC (concentration 15-20ml/16 liters of water).

+ Thrips: Use one of the following drugs: Marshal 200SC (concentration of 30 ml/16 liters of water), Regent 800WG (concentration of 1.6g/16 liters of water), Pegasus 500SC (concentration of 15ml/16 liters of water). ), Suprathion 40EC 10-15ml/16 liters of water.

  1. Diseases

– Swallows often suffer from some main diseases such as: white leaf disease, yellow wilt disease and brown spot. It is mainly caused by fungal diseases.

– Prevention:

+ White leaf disease: Use one of the following chemical drugs: Topsin-M70NP (concentration 20g/16 liters of water), Score 250EC (concentration 10ml/16 liters of water), Validacin 500 (concentration 40-50ml/ 16 liters of water), Anvil 5SC (concentration 15ml/16 liters of water), Antracol 75WP (50 -100g/16 liters of water).

+ Yellow wilt disease: Treat the soil before planting with the antagonistic fungus Trichoderma. Use Anvil 5SC (concentration of 15ml/16 liters of water), Benlat C (concentration of 40-50ml/16 liters of water), Aliette 800WG (concentration of 40g/16 liters of water).

+ Brown spot disease: Use Zineb 80BTN (40-45g/16 liters of water), Score 250 EC (10ml/16 liters of water).

We are very happy to share with you technical information on growing monodon. Do not forget to save this information to apply in practice.

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