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Planting blue roses, the mysterious color of the human heart

Plant a blue rose
Planting a blue rose

Rose Green is a special result of genetic variation. Not in crimson, velvet pink or pure white, blue roses conquer people’s hearts by their mysterious blue color, something difficult to answer, like a mask that hides the truth behind. A blue rose for your crush is to let him or her know that they are the only thing in your heart. So how to plant blue roses? Please refer to the article below.

Planting a blue rose
Blue rose is a meaningful gift for the other party

Land for planting blue roses

The type of soil suitable for growing blue roses is a loamy soil that can be mixed with a little sandy soil. With the characteristics of dry and clean, produced under a closed process, it is recommended that you choose Tropical Premium rose soil to grow blue roses. Growing this type of soil will help eliminate pathogens, plus being rich in nutrients, there is no need to add fertilizer when planting.

Compatible temperature conditions for blue rose plants

Plants like blue roses should be planted in places that can receive a lot of light. However, the intense summer sun will burn so shade is still needed. Each species of rose plant has its own compatible temperature to grow, and the blue rose plant is no exception. Plants grow well at about 23-28 degrees Celsius, the best humidity is 75-85%. Fortunately, the humidity in our country is quite high, so it is very convenient to grow flowers.

Techniques for planting blue roses

Two great seasons to plant blue roses are Spring (February to April, flower collection in September). And the autumn crop is planted in September and October, collecting flowers from the Lunar New Year.

In order for the plant to achieve good quality, brilliant flowers, the selection of rose seeds is of paramount importance. Seeds must be of clear origin, firm seeds, fresh colors, with a slight aroma.

Plant a blue rose
Techniques for growing blue roses

Before sowing seeds to plant roses, it is necessary to plow the soil, clean up garbage as well as kill pathogens. Apply primer so that when the plant sprouts, it will absorb more nutrients. Dig trenches with a distance of 20cm between the trees.

Caring for the blue rose plant

Blue rose plants need regular watering. The use of tubes sprinkler irrigation To retain soil moisture without causing waterlogging, root rot is a good irrigation method.

Plant a blue rose
How to take care of blue roses to get a beautiful finished product

Regularly cultivate the root, press the top, prune the tree to collect flowers to be larger and more beautiful. Once a month, apply fertilizer once a month, using the organic fertilizer, bio fertilizer, green manure, composted manure ensure the safety of people and the surrounding environment.

Pest prevention for blue rose plants

When planting blue roses, pay attention to observe the situation of pests and diseases that are common in the tree. It is a disease caused by aphids, green worms, red-eyed bees, ladybugs, powdery mildew or black spots… caused.

Use pesticides to kill pests that eat plants. However, do not exceed the allowed dose to ensure health. Drugs such as supaside 40 ND, cyperin 5 EC, black spot control with daconil 500 SC… use polytrin P 440 ND or score 250 ND can be used.

Plant a blue rose
Pest prevention for blue roses

The techniques of growing blue roses we have just provided, have you grasped yet? With the desire to create a luxurious and mysterious beauty for your home, do not hesitate to start planting blue roses right away! We look forward to your results.

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