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Peaceful like gardening

Gardening brings a lot of joy

Nurturing work garden As a hobby will bring many benefits in life. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, many people look to gardening as a tool to connect families, earn extra income, create nutritious meals without going out. Not only that, gardening is considered a therapy with healing effects, improving health, and living a long life.

What is gardening?

Garden care
Garden care

It is not difficult to understand the concept of gardening. Product clean vegetables and delicious agricultural products Every day we eat is the fruit of the gardener’s cultivation. Gardening is the work of taking care of the garden, planting and harvesting. Gardening can be both a job and a unique hobby that can be done at home.

Gardening is for nature to nourish the human soul

Taking care of the garden helps to live a long life
Taking care of the garden helps to live a long life

Researchers affirm that gardening is a hobby, a job that helps people live for hundreds of years. Because there is nothing more peaceful and enjoyable than being in harmony with nature, gardening can be understood as a job of listening and understanding nature from which to understand oneself. Japan, Greece, Italy… are some of the places where people live long and they all have in common that they all love gardening.

The reason we can live a long life is because gardening can improve our mood, light and fresh air can help us relieve stress and keep our mind fresh.

Not only that, gardening also promotes health through exercise and a clean diet, if you don’t believe it, let the numbers speak for us: Australian researchers point out that gardeners over 60 36% less likely to be insane than those who don’t, Okinawa has the highest percentage of people living in the world at 50/10,000 and they all garden.

“Gardening gives you a reason to wake up every day”

A Japanese man who loves gardening said so. Perhaps in the future, when we can’t be in the hustle and bustle of life anymore, we humans will look to nature, find the most primitive things. At that time, gardening is a hobby that needs to be nurtured to make life more meaningful, improve both mentally and physically.

More reasons for us to garden is that we will make nutritious vegetables and fruits in every meal, improve health and give the best for our family. There is nothing that brings us better achievements than labor. When we are young we need to work to make ends meet, but in old age we also need work to improve our spirit and health.

Gardening and the Covid-19 pandemic

We are going through an unprecedented pandemic crisis, affecting people’s daily lives and work. Especially in the days of social distancing, we can only stay at home and do nothing. Many people have come to take care of their garden, creating clean food while connecting family members, and promoting health promotion and disease prevention.

In Russia and Singapore, people also take advantage of the terrace to create their own organic vegetable garden. For them, the epidemic is not a time to rest but to work in another form. Many parents do gardening with their children to avoid spending too much time on electronics and social media.

Mr. Dinh's garden
Mr. Dinh’s garden

Not only in foreign countries but also in Vietnam. Typically, Mr. Truong Bac Dinh in Hai Chau has renovated his regular yard to create an organic vegetable garden that is both quality and aesthetic. The pandemic is a challenge but also an opportunity for us to slow down and find joy in the little things in life.

Plan your gardening

How to choose the right location?

Gardening is convenient in that it is possible to choose a location that suits the conditions or preferences. Can be done on the balcony, yard but must be suitable for your home conditions. If you live in an apartment, the balcony is the ideal location, while the private house is the yard.

Preparing instruments

equiment to doing garden
Preparing instruments

Gardening is of course indispensable equiment to doing garden necessary because they will support us a lot in our work. Having tools will make gardening easy and comfortable, sometimes preventing inadequacies from happening. Garden tools include:


Gloves will be a hero to protect your hands when gardening, helping to avoid collisions with sharp objects, avoiding diseases of limbs. On the market, there are many types of gloves to suit each person’s needs: rubber gloves, cotton gloves, leather gloves, etc.

Tools for tillage: hoe, shovel, trident, rake, trowel

This is an effective aid to make the soil more porous, easy to move the soil, each tool does a different job. Hoes will plow the soil, shovels and tridents will help loosen the soil, rake will help level and clean the soil. The role of the fly will be to loosen the soil, weed, and dig holes.

Scissors, saws

Gardeners cannot help but prepare scissors for pruning trees and large scissors for mass pruning of larger and longer branches. Or with larger trees, preparation for sawing is essential.

There are also many other necessary gardening tools such as pesticide sprayers, pumps, water pipes, etc.

Choose seedlings and seeds

Seedlings: Choose good trees, good tolerance, stable yield, suitable to economic conditions. Before choosing a seedling, you should consult the market and understand the variety (in what soil to plant, how to take care of it…).

Seeds: Choose quality, guaranteed and reputable seeds to cultivate. Seeds are not damaged or scratched. Can be purchased at the store, pay attention to the expiration date on the package, have a clear origin and do not contain preservatives.

Take care of the garden

Take care of the garden
Take care of the garden

When gardening, it is impossible to take care of it, if the seed is good, but it is not taken care of daily, it will not grow well. Each type of plant and flower needs to study care techniques. Each type has its own way of care. Orchids are taken care of differently, but clean vegetables are not the same as any other. Which plants need a lot of watering, which trees are drought tolerant, must be studied carefully. It is impossible to forget the stage of health monitoring and pest and disease prevention.

Garden decoration

As mentioned above, gardening must also have an aesthetic sense, arranging a beautiful and reasonable vegetable garden will make the mood comfortable and the care and harvesting is also very easy. Climbing plants are used as trusses, plants planted in the ground are selected well and placed in reasonable places to beautify the house. Classify each type of plant and vegetable with similar characteristics and put them together.


Completing the above can come to the harvesting stage, the harvesting needs to be meticulous and gentle, monitoring the ripe fruit or not and picking it to avoid bruising and damage.

And finally enjoy. Using food that you create yourself is an incomparable happiness. Whether you are young or old, work and turn work into a hobby, look to gardening as a therapy to heal the human soul.

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