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Parvo in Pugs

Parvo disease in poodles is very dangerous. Because it has a high risk of infection. For small foxes, the mortality rate is up to 80%.

Parvo in dogs is highly contagious

Parvo in dogs is very dangerous

What is parvo in dogs?

Parvo disease in dogs is an acute infectious disease. This disease is caused by the Canine Parvovirus. The disease is contagious and spreads very quickly. Just contact with a sick dog or indirectly through an intermediate object that has been in contact with a sick dog that the dog will be infected. Small dogs, dogs that are not fully vaccinated, are more susceptible to the Parvo virus. With early intervention, it is possible to save lives and return to normal life.

What are the symptoms of parvo in dogs?

Within 3 to 10 days the symptoms will appear. The frequency and number of symptoms are increasing day by day. Initially, it will be anorexia, anorexia, fatigue, …

Later, the symptoms become more severe and obvious. Specifically, such as high fever or body temperature ha. Abdominal pain and bloating are inevitable. In severe cases, diarrhea will occur, bloody diarrhea. Liquid, fishy stools.

If vomiting, diarrhea persists, the dog will fall into a state of severe dehydration. The intestines and stomach will be severely damaged. After 48 to 72 hours, it will die.

How to prevent parvo disease in poodles

There are many ways to prevent pravo in dogs. If you combine them at the same time, the effect will be higher.

  • Fully vaccinated and on time as prescribed.
  • Increase your dog’s resistance with exercise and diet.
  • Do not allow dogs to come into contact with sick dogs.
  • When going out, don’t hold and pet the dog right away, but have to change clothes and clean hands and feet first.
  • Do not let dogs play in humid places, arbitrarily eat raw, rare, strange food.

Bulldogs, or any dog, are at high risk for parvo. Once the infection is not subjective, self-treat at home. The only way to save her from death is to take her immediately to the nearest veterinary clinic.

Charlie Rosales
Charlie Rosales
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