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paradise right in the countryside

farm tourism
Farm tourism is a hobby of many young people

Farming Tourism-oriented, also known as eco-farm, is a unique and popular model today. Cultivating and raising livestock while combining tourism and convalescence are activities when farming in the direction of tourism. This model is suitable for our country when it has strengths in agriculture, suitable land and climate. Here, let’s find out what is interesting and special about the ecological farm model.

make the farm efficient
Make a beautiful tourist farm

This is not just a farm, this is a place for cultural exchange and return to the roots

Farming in the direction of tourism is a model that combines crop production and animal husbandry with entertainment, resorts, and cuisine. It even combines with the national culture, making farms right in the craft villages with the identity of the homeland to promote the culture to domestic and foreign tourists. Not only targeting tourists, making an eco-farm is also aimed at students who come to visit and research for their learning.

country farm
Farming in the countryside of Ba Vi

Coming to Ba Vi Dong Que farm located on a small hill 65km from Hanoi capital, visitors can admire the terraced rice fields, see diverse and unique primeval forests. In addition to relaxing, tourists can also visit manufacturing factories, learn about long-standing traditions and enjoy specialties here.

Tourists even have the opportunity to directly experience agricultural activities such as growing vegetables, transplanting rice, catching fish, etc. To interact with the Muong and Dao ethnic groups. It can be said that making a farm in the direction of tourism brings the best experience for visitors. Make people go home but still remember forever.

In modern society, when technology is on the throne, there are machines everywhere, which is a convenience. Even agriculture does not need human labor, all thanks to machines. Then, coming to the farms developed in such craft villages, we can learn about agricultural activities comprehensively, have the opportunity to learn about the long-standing traditions and cuisine of our country.

Making an ecological farm has opened up a romantic paradise right in the countryside

When people are tired of the hustle and bustle in the city and want to escape the fatigue of the city, people will look to the countryside and peaceful countryside to relax.

Farm tourism is an ideal place for couples and families to visit because of the poetic, beautiful, clean and diverse cuisine. After days of tiring work, going with family to visit the farms, enjoying the fresh and fresh air here is a great decision.

Farming in the direction of tourism is very diverse and rich. People can grow flowers in combination with tourism, livestock with tourism. And so the flower gardens, pet farms are lyrical places to visit, no less elegant to check-in and take pictures.

jasmine farm
Make a beautiful jasmine farm

Currently, many places have developed a model of making jasmine farms in combination with tourism, which has attracted a lot of people’s attention. The jasmine plant has many health benefits, when visiting flower farms, there is nothing better than seeing beautiful flowers and purifying the body. So jasmine farm is a favorite spot for many people.

Besides, it also combines with resorts, coffee, beauty care … When you leave, you can also pocket for yourself products from jasmine flowers such as jasmine tea, jasmine water… With so many benefits. The jasmine farm is a place that is always on the list of places worth visiting for many flower enthusiasts and tourists.

Wake up in a faraway place with fresh, cool air, eat clean foods, typical specialties of a countryside, and then go sightseeing and strolling at farms. These are things that young people should try once in their life.

The potential of ecological farming

Beautiful and dreamy farm
The potential of eco-farms

Making an ecological farm does not need to invest in villas, a system of motels and rich modern machines. What customers need most is just a quiet countryside, a cool and fresh climate, delicious specialties, an ancient and ancient space. Find out the daily activities of farmers such as farming, farming, fishing… Is what every visitor wants when coming to an ecological farm. Therefore, farming does not need to invest in expensive equipment and materials.

Making a farm in the direction of tourism to meet the needs of people to travel, visit here and there, especially young people. According to statistics in Ho Chi Minh City, every year the number of people who want to travel at an eco-farm increases by 20-30%. If there is a need to visit, there is also a need to have fun. This is an opportunity for those who want to get rich on ecological farms by creating fun activities for tourists.

Farming is not only a business to earn money, it is a model with practical meaning in life, creating opportunities for tourists to learn about farming, cultural exchange with local people. That brings interesting experiences that are not available in the city.

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