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Origin, characteristics, and classification of Corgi

Famous for its plump body and lovely short legs, the Corgi is one of the most popular dog breeds. This breed is popularly raised everywhere, becoming one of the most beautiful pet dogs. What features does this dwarf Corgi have? Let’s find out!

1. Origin and origin of the Corgi . breed

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed, also known as the Corgi dog, English name Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the herding dogs originating from Pembrokeshire, Wales, in the United Kingdom. According to many sources, the Welsh dog appeared about 3000 years ago. The breed is believed to have been ancestral to the arctic curled-tailed dog. There are also documents that this dog breed is ancestral to the dwarf dog Vallhunds from Sweden.

Previously, Corgi was a breed of dog used mainly for herding purposes, assisting humans in hunting. With its agile personality and “powerful” bark, the Corgi is extremely useful in assisting people with grazing. By the 16th century, Corgi began to be raised to become a family pet because of its cute and round appearance. This is also a dog breed that is loved by many British Royal families. This breed was especially popular under the British Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II once owned 30 Corgis.


Corgi dogs possess characteristic short legs (Photo: Collectibles)

Introduced to Vietnam around the 2000s, Corgi quickly became interested and hunted by Vietnamese pet owners. Currently, Corgi dogs in Vietnam have been raised popularly at a lower price than when they were introduced to our country. However, this is still considered one of the expensive pet dog breeds that make dog owners in Vietnam shy.

2. Appearance characteristics of dwarf dog Corgi

Short-legged Corgi dogs are divided into 2 types: Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. In addition to the common features of the dwarf Corgi breed, they also have different characteristics

2.1 General characteristics of the Corgi . breed

The Corgi breed is famous for its cute chubby body. Their recognizable physical features are their long backs and short legs. For this breed, the longer the body, the shorter the legs, the more beautiful, the higher the value. The appearance of the Corgi dogs is generally the same with the ears always erect with an equilateral triangle shape. The face of this dog breed is also triangular, tapering towards the jaw. The dog’s muzzle is also long and pointed. Overall, their faces are somewhat fox-like but look more harmonious and gentle. Corgi has big round eyes, a black nose, and a cute little mouth. Inside the small mouth is a set of extremely strong jaws.

The Corgi breed in general has a long back and short legs. The whole body is covered with a thick double coat. The Corgi’s coat has a long, slightly stiff outer coat to resist water and keep warm. The inner coat is shorter and softer. This coat has the effect of keeping the body warm before the harsh British weather. The short inner coat will usually fall off in the spring – summer and grow back in late autumn and early winter. Corgi dog fur has diverse colors such as orange – white, yellow – white, brown – white, sepia – black – white, tricolor, …


A Cardigan Welsh Corgi (Image: Collectibles)

2.2. Distinguishing Features of Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi usually has a fatter body, shorter legs than the Cardigan Corgi. Pembroke Corgi has an average height of about 25-30cm, weight ranges from 9-13kg. This type of Corgi has a short, truncated, tail. Usually, their tails are shorter than 5cm. Pembroke Corgi usually have common coat colors such as: orange – white, yellow – white, and some rarer coat colors are black – white, sepia – black – white and brown – white,

Pembroke dogs are gluttonous, they are very greedy, so they are prone to obesity. Pembroke puppies usually develop a full body, reaching the standard weight and size at the age of 9 months. If they eat too much without exercise, their weight can reach 20kg.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardian Corgi does not have a too round body like the Pembroke Corgi, They have a slightly larger body size than the Pembroke Corgi with a height of about 30-35cm, weight from 12-15kg. The recognizable feature of the Cardigan Corgi and Pembroke dogs is the tail. If the Pembroke’s tail is extremely short, almost nonexistent, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi’s tail is quite long and curled. Common coat colors of Cardigans are parrot green, spotted brown, black, black and light fawn, red combined with a few white spots, mink coat color.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Image: Collectibles)

3. Personality of the Corgi

The Corgi is originally a breed used to herd cattle, so this breed is used to herding. This trait is still present in modern dogs today. This personality is more evident in the Cardigan Corgi breed. Corgi dogs are also extremely loyal, friendly and love to cuddle with their owners. Corgis usually get used to their new owners quickly. This breed is also very intelligent so you can easily train them. Coming from a working dog line, Corgi dogs love to exercise, play, run and jump. When raising Corgis, don’t forget to spend time playing with them.

In addition to common characteristics, each type of Corgi also has its own personality traits. Corgi Pembroke Wales is friendly, hospitable and full of energy. They love to run around and play with their owners. If not having fun and releasing energy, this dog breed will easily become irritable and destroy furniture in the house. Meanwhile, Corgi Cardigan Wales has a slightly quieter personality. This breed is not enthusiastic, excited when meeting strangers like the Pembroke Corgi. They like quiet, high alertness. Once familiar and attached to the owner, these puppies will be extremely loyal and attached to their owners

The Corgi dog breed, also known as the Corgi dwarf dog, has characteristic short legs that always make pet dog lovers excited by their plump, cute appearance and agile personality. If you want to raise a lovely, loyal, intelligent pet dog, the Corgi is the choice not to be missed.

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