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Or should I just go back to my hometown to raise fish and grow more vegetables?

Model of growing clean vegetables
Clean vegetable garden at home

The model of growing clean vegetables born by dirty food is our current dilemma. People always want to “eat well, dress well”, eat quality food and wear the best. However, nowadays, dirty food is increasingly raging and threatens human health and spirit. That’s why clean vegetable growing model bornboth produce clean food, clean vegetables, and earn billions!

Model of growing safe and clean vegetables No. 1
After clean, safe and nutritious

Model of growing clean vegetables: safe and effective

What is the clean vegetable growing model?

It is a model where safety, cleanliness, and health are put on top. This model restricts the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, stimulants… in order to minimize the amount of toxins remaining in vegetables such as nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals and pathogenic microorganisms.

This model can be done at home, in a small area with low cost but high efficiency.

Current models of growing clean vegetables

– Model of clean vegetables aeroponics: this is a model of growing vegetables without soil, the roots will be fixed in space to help the roots absorb maximum nutrients, nutrients are sprayed directly on the roots after a while. certain amount of time thanks to the misting system. This model is considered to be superior and more developed than other models

– Hydroponic clean vegetable growing model: a model that uses an automatic solution pumping system to provide nutrients and water to plants, completely replacing growing plants with soil. This model is completely applicable to families in the city and has a terrace area. Vegetables are always provided with enough nutrients and limited exposure to pathogens.

Model of growing clean vegetables Aquaponics: is a combination of two methods that are: Aquaculture — aquaculture method, and Hydroponics — hydroponics. Water from the bottom of the aquarium is pumped back up to irrigate the vegetables, providing nutrition through fish waste. Fish get clean water by filtering the water from the vegetable soil.

Each model will have its own advantages and disadvantages, but in the end will produce the cleanest, safest product, providing the best user experience.

Vegetables suitable for the clean vegetable growing model

What kind of vegetables are suitable for growing clean vegetables?
Clean vegetables grow extremely fresh and beautiful

It is recommended to plant vegetables that have a maturity period of 1-2 months. Do not choose those that have a long maturity or are difficult to care for, are picky about the market, picky about users. Should choose vegetables such as spinach, cowpea, cucumber and vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, amaranth …

The model of growing clean vegetables: bringing unexpected economic benefits

There are many people who are willing to quit their current job to go back to their hometown and grow clean vegetables. People thought it was the craziest thing of all time. But unexpectedly after a few years, this model of growing clean vegetables brings high economic efficiency, tens of millions of profits per month.

clean vegetable growing model
clean vegetable growing model

Mr. Pham Van Dung from Yen Khanh (Ninh Binh) is a mechanical engineer of a shipbuilding company, with a desirable high level. However, he left everything to return to his hometown to make a career by growing clean vegetables. Despite many difficulties and challenges, but with determination, dare to think and dare to do, Dung finally got “sweet fruit”.

Currently, every day, Mr. Dung’s clean vegetable farm exports to the market about 20 tons of vegetables, tubers and fruits of all kinds. The average price ranges from 7-8 thousand VND/kg. The vegetable market is stable every year, and his family earns billions of dong. In addition to the high income from growing vegetables, Mr. Dung also helps local people have more income, ignoring the prejudice that it is difficult to get rich from agriculture in his homeland.


Clean vegetables take a long time to recover capital. This model must invest in careful care, fertilizer, not touch ANY drugs or chemical fertilizers, but the price is sometimes not as high as normal vegetables or no one buys them.

Note when growing clean vegetables

– Is the soil clean, contaminated with saline alum, suitable pH or not. You must always take care of the soil to be porous, keep the creatures as inherent in nature.

– Water source is not polluted

– Must buy guaranteed, quality seeds

– Source of clean feces: Organic fertilizers, bio-fertilizers… because growing clean vegetables limit the use of chemical fertilizers.

The model of growing clean vegetables not only meets the market demand, but also ensures safety and health, making people feel secure when eating. Growing clean vegetables earns billions of dollars, but perhaps the most valuable “benefit” is the health and spirit of all people.

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Emilia Chaney
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