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Office plants should have at least 1 pot

Types of office plants

Using ornamental plants for decoration in the office is considered the most popular and modern interior trend in many businesses and companies. Types office tree Not only has the effect of increasing the aesthetics of the workspace or home, but it also helps bring fortune and luck to the owner.

Then here agrisearch.net would like to introduce to you the 7 most popular office plants.

Many red buds

The eye-catching colors of Da Bup Do bonsai bring a lively and joyful working space. This ornamental plant has a very strong growth ability, can live well in almost any environment.

Uses: Smoke and remove cigarette smoke, toxic gases (formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, hydrogen fluoride) and some carcinogens in gaseous form.

The feng shui meaning of the Red Banyan tree: is a symbol of longevity, supple vitality, a place of divine power and spirituality of man.

Wealth tree

This ornamental plant is distinguished by its pinkish-white stem, which is straight and branched with many branches. When meeting favorable conditions for care, the plant will flower in yellow clusters wrapped in white flowers. A Phu Quy flower tree placed in your office will help you feel relaxed after stressful working hours.

Uses: Phu Quy flowers have a very good air purification effect, removing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, besides this ornamental plant also helps to reduce smoke and dust in the working environment.

Feng Shui meaning of Phu Quy tree: Red symbolizes good luck, so Phu Quy tree in feng shui is a tree that symbolizes good things. Phu Quy trees are also among the top types of office ornamental plants that are interested and trusted by many people.

Japanese palm tree

Japanese palm looks fancy, can grow well in many different environments, tolerates well in low light or low temperature, suitable for office furniture, beautiful decoration for home. , office, company…

Uses: This ornamental plant absorbs substances harmful to the body, creating an airy, clean, inspiring and comfortable atmosphere.

The feng shui meaning of the Japanese Palm tree: helps growers bring wealth, wealth, birth, and possessions.

Like bonsai
The Tree of Youth

Van Nien Thanh tree, although living for a long time, is still green, so it is very popular and widely used by office workers. The good news for office workers is that Van Nien Thanh likes shade and cool weather, so it is very suitable for planting in office areas.

Uses: The ability to purify the air, often placed in the living room, in the office, helps growers create a pleasant, comfortable, fresh, easy-breathing feeling.

The feng shui meaning of the Van Nien Thanh tree: Symbolizes auspiciousness, longevity, and sustainability

Tiger tongue tree

The Tiger Tree is known for its rare intense vitality. That bonsai variety is also an office plant with many great uses, when planted, it is extremely simple and easy to care for them.

Uses: Absorbs carcinogenic toxins such as formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide… and is often grown by people in polluted areas such as manufacturing plants, or high-rise office buildings.

Feng shui meaning of the Tongue tree: This plant symbolizes the power of the tiger to help ward off evil as its name implies, can exorcise evil spirits. The tiger tongue leaf growing upright from the base looks strong, symbolizing personal strength.

planting bonsai
Money Tree

As one of the popular feng shui bonsai varieties these days, Kim Tien tree is very popular as an office bonsai. The plant has a very good vitality and is easy to care for. In particular, the plant lives well in both light and airless environments.

Uses: Has the ability to purify the air, remove dust and harmful gases, … remove harmful substances such as benzene, tolene, xylene and ethylbenzene.

The feng shui meaning of the Golden Money tree: A symbol of strength, resilience, adding strength to the owner in the face of difficult events in life.

Orchid plant

This ornamental plant has the scientific name Spathiphyllum Wallisii, also known as the Italian Orchid by Vietnamese. This ornamental plant is often placed in the hallway, placed in the commuting connection, and placed at the desk. It represents good will.

Uses: Planting this plant in the office, they can purify the atmosphere. At the same time, it is possible to dissolve toxins from electromagnetic waves, ultraviolet rays emitted from electronic devices.

To fully promote the feng shui effects of ornamental plants, we need to pay attention to the following:

-Choose the plant pots The size is neither too small nor too big, suitable for covering sharp corners of walls, glass, tables and chairs and furniture, etc.

-Select ornamental plants with glossy leaves, straight stems, and place them in locations with enough light.

– Only use potted plants that are still lush, suitable for the conditions and temperature in the office.

– The color of the potted plants and leaves should match the tone of the interior in the office.

-Should plant trees in pairs in proportion, create a harmonious space for the family or workplace, or can plant a number of odd trees to create good feng shui because according to the ancient concept, odd numbers often symbolizes positivity, excess, so people often prefer to plant according to these numbers.

-Do not plant ornamental plants with large, dense foliage in front of the office or home door, which will make the front space dark and prevent natural light from entering.

-Choose feng shui bonsai varieties suitable for each person’s destiny

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