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Newly hatched Dong Tao chicken breeding technique

Newly hatched Dong Tao chicken breeding technique
Newly hatched Dong Tao chicken breeding technique

The technique of raising Dong Tao chickens and breeding requires strict requirements on barns, temperature, food, water, disease prevention… To meet all requirements in technical care and rearing, new chickens can grow quickly, have few diseases, bring high economic value. However, how this farming is done properly. Let’s start with with the experience of raising rare chicken breeds Dong Tao.

Techniques for raising Dong Tao chicks

Frozen chicken with baby algae
Frozen chicken with baby algae

Dong Tao chickens just hatched until the first 3 months due to low fluff, so their cold tolerance is very poor. Therefore, at this stage, chicks need special care. Depending on the stage for chicks to be developed evenly and healthy.

The basic requirements in the technique of raising Dong Tao chicks come from cages, food, and drinking water. Next, the growth stages will be different.

How to raise newly hatched Dong Tao chickens

Newly hatched Dong Tao chicks are resistant to cold, so they need to be electrically incubated day and night. Note that the incubator, the brooding house must be closed, to avoid drafts or strong rain that will make the chickens cold, and the humid rearing area will cause diseases for the chickens.

Newly hatched Dong Tao chicken
Newly hatched Dong Tao chicken

Drinking and feeding troughs for newly hatched chickens: Use a round trough about 15cm in size. People using feeding and drinking troughs should be placed close to each other, about 5-10 cm from the ground. The average density of feeders is 30-40 fish/tray

Feed: This stage uses industrial bran to add enough nutrients to help chickens grow faster. Chicken feeding time is from about 4 times / day at the time of 7:30, 10:30, 13:30, 16:30. Feed a little so that the food is not scattered but also retain the aroma, stimulating the chickens to eat more

Drinking water: Water regularly to make sure the chickens always have enough water to drink. Prevent water from getting dirty, chickens will get sick when drinking. Add some vitamins and electrolytes to increase the resistance of chicks

Technique of raising Dong Tao chickens 1 month old

Chicken Dong Tao baby 1 month
Chicken Dong Tao baby 1 month

When Dong Tao chicks are 1 month old, the fluff has been growing a lot, weighing about 300-350g. The face and muscles also start to redden. At this time, chickens often bite each other, so it is necessary to reduce the density in the coop. The amount of lighting time will also be reduced, during the day, natural light should be used.

At night, use electric light. If the weather is winter and rainy season, you should incubate the electricity all day to prevent the chickens from getting cold.

As for food and water, it is still as good as in the new hatching stage with a larger amount. Because they are in the molting stage, they need more nutrients. It is necessary to add vitamins, minerals and tonics to increase the resistance of chickens.

The technique of raising Dong Tao chickens is 2 months old

Dong Tao chicken 2 months old
Dong Tao chicken 2 months old

Dong Tao chickens are 2 months old, they have completely lost all their fluff and do not need to be incubated regularly unless the winter weather is too cold. At this stage, Dong Tao chicks will weigh from 500 to 600g.

People redistribute the density of the cages to give the chickens space to move around to avoid biting and kicking each other. As for the diet and vitamin intake, it is still maintained according to the previous month. People need to combine with cleaning the barn and spray disinfectant every 2-3 days.

Note that during this period, the chickens should be released into the garden to go freely at the time the sun is high. Note that the time of grazing will be gradually increased so that the chicks can adapt to the outside environment.

Technique of raising Dong Tao chickens 3 months old

3 months old Dong Tao chicken is the period when chickens develop fast body weight, eat well, and develop muscles. The feathers of the chickens begin to grow, croaking, and crests of cartilage appear. Also at this time, Dong Tao chicken feet also develop, the red outer layer is closer and stronger.

Therefore, in addition to the amount of industrial bran, add some weaning foods such as broken, rice, bran or mix more chopped green vegetables into the feed. For extra nutrients. At that time, the grazing area must also be expanded to help chickens work better. The amount of time spent in the garden will also be more.

In the future, the chicken’s diet can have some bait such as worms, crickets … additives such as garlic, ginger … to help chickens digest better, less prone to respiratory diseases. Food and drinking water are always clean and sufficient to provide nutrients for chickens.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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