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New zealand imported orchids

New Zealand orchid growing fern

New zealand imported orchids

Professional Lan players must have known the brand Orchiata pine bark; nice Spagmoss marsh white moss. These are two globally renowned New Zealand brands that serve as important substrate suppliers in the Orchid industry.

But do you know, in a beautiful and large country, blessed with many incentives, New Zealand also has a very famous product, which also plays an important role in the orchid growing medium industry, which is Grow orchids brand Fernwood New Zealand.

Fernwood Products (New Zealand) Limited is a manufacturer of products High quality orchid growing for the orchid industry. Using native tree ferns found only in New Zealand, our team has developed unique manufacturing processes that produce only the finest quality products and with 25 years of experience. New Zealand conifer is harvested sustainably under supervision and subject to strict harvesting standards and regulations set by the New Zealand Government.

New Zealand Fernwood, the #1 substrate for orchids

New zealand imported orchids

Fernwood Molluscs Fern media are excellent growers for orchids, epiphytes, ferns and more. This natural, soft, durable, fibrous material provides excellent drainage and ventilation.

It can hold moisture for a long time without compaction.

Used for potting will help your plants grow faster and healthier.

Fernwood The fern is a natural product, sustainably harvested and an excellent long-lasting potting medium.

Use a single seed as a substrate or can be mixed with other types of media to form a Ready-mixed media for growing orchids.

New Zealand’s quality and durability are higher than that of South America or Southeast Asia

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