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Need to replicate the model of raising snails grafted with sea cucumber with high efficiency

Raising snails is an easy job to earn billions

Snails are delicious and nutritious sea foods that are popular in restaurants and eateries. Snails farming is a suitable profession in coastal areas with suitable conditions for snails to develop and reproduce well. Many farmers in white sand land have developed and stabilized their economy by selling snails.

Currently, the seafood industry in particular and Vietnam’s economy in general are struggling because of the raging epidemic. But with the model raising snails With sea cucumbers, farmers still maintain the economy and earn more income from this model.

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Farming snails brings super profit

Known as a high-class seafood, the price of snails in the market ranges from 300,000 VND/kg, while raising snails in the lake can be sold for 200,000 – 250,000 VND/kg. In Vietnam, depending on the time of the snail, the price fluctuates from 120,000 to 220,000 VND/kg, with high export value.

Snails are processed into many delicious dishes such as stuffed snails, boiled snails, etc. The taste of incense snails is very good, so this is a popular item for many people.

Currently, there are different types of snail farming as follows: Raising snails in cages and cages; raising snails in ponds; raising snails in cement tanks. Each type is suitable for different natural and economic conditions, bringing different profits.

Farming snails brings super profit
Snail farming is more profitable than conventional farming methods

Farming snails brings super profits, but the investment costs are also quite high, if the business is not favorable, not only will you not get rich, but you will also lose a lot, in the process of raising, you will also face many risks. But those with great will can’t give up easily, they look for new paths, new directions. And since then, the model of grafting snails with sea cucumbers was born, bringing higher profits than conventional farming methods.

Breeding snails with sea cucumbers

Why raise snails with sea cucumbers?

Why raise snails with sea cucumbers?
Why raise snails with sea cucumbers?

Farming snails at first was favorable, but after only a few years, farmers lost more than 60% because snails got sick and died in mass. Snails’ food is fish, shrimp, crab… fresh, so it’s easy to leave dirt in the water environment, easy to get sick.

Snails and sea cucumbers are likened to the perfect couple, the natural couple of farmers. Sea cucumbers have the ability to filter water, filter bottom algae, plankton, and humus in the water, thereby creating a cleaner water environment to help snails grow well. Raising snails needs a clean water source, and sea cucumbers are likened to “water purifiers”, raising 2 children together, you can only raise them somewhere, without worrying about the risk of snails getting sick during the rearing process. loss again. And sea cucumbers also grow better, grow faster thanks to grafting with snails.

Perfume snails can be sold in the market for 200,000 – 300,000 VND/kg, while sea cucumbers are priced at 130,000 VND/head. It can be said that this is a “dual” benefit-matching model.

If not raising sea cucumbers, farmers have to use chemicals to clean organic humus and impurities in the pond, which is both costly and affects the quality of snail meat.

Technique of raising snails with sea cucumbers

Preparing ponds for raising snails and sea cucumbers

Snails and sea cucumber ponds

Conditions: near the sea, the pond must be clean, the water is clear. The salinity of the pond is stable from 25-30 parts per thousand, the clean water source is not affected by fresh water, rain and flood.

Prepare a net around the pond to avoid the snails crawling up. Pond depth is from 0.8 – 1.5m. pH: ranges from 7 to 8. The temperature of water ranges from 28 to 29 degrees Celsius.

Before raising, you should clean the pond, do not clean it with chemicals because this will affect the snails. The drain must be covered to prevent other animals from crawling in and eating the baby snails.

Breeding snails and sea cucumbers

Snails: select varieties at reputable and guaranteed establishments. Standard: bright outer shell, uniform color, no scratches on shell, intact faucet without swelling. Size: 0.05/head.

Sea cucumber: choose sea cucumber in nature, not scratched, weight greater than 250g. Must wash sea cucumber before raising.

Care work in raising snails and sea cucumbers

raising snails and sea cucumbers
Cultivation of snails and sea cucumbers

Feed snails: feed trash fish, shrimp, crustaceans. Depending on the age, preliminarily prepare food in snail farming: chop the food, chop it, and wash it. Feed 2 times/day. Regularly monitor the eating process of snails to adjust the amount of food accordingly. Combined with minerals, vitamins, microelements for faster development of snails.

Sea cucumbers do not need to be fed, their food is impurities and plankton in the pond.

In the process of raising snails and sea cucumbers to limit disease, it is necessary to regularly change the water to clean. It is necessary to use biological products to treat the pond bottom to prevent pollution.


The model of raising snails and sea cucumbers shows high efficiency.
The model of raising snails and sea cucumbers

Many provinces have implemented the model of raising snails and sea cucumbers with high efficiency. Quang Ngai has implemented this model on a large scale of 1,700m2, stocking 51 kg of snails and 510 sea cucumbers.

After 5 months of farming, the expected results were obtained, the water environment was less polluted, the snails were less susceptible to diseases, but the sea cucumbers also developed well, reaching a high weight, after deducting all investment costs, they still profit 210 million dong.

Breeding snails in combination with sea cucumbers and seaweed

Breeding snails in combination with sea cucumbers and seaweed
Breeding snails in combination with sea cucumbers and seaweed

Realizing that this polyculture model is highly profitable, farmers are constantly experimenting with other models to increase productivity and efficiency, including the model of raising snails with sea cucumbers and seaweed.

Apply the right techniques, the right density. As a result, snails, sea cucumbers and seaweeds have high yields.


It can be said that the model of polyculture, especially raising snails with sea cucumbers, is very unique and brings positive effects. Therefore, this model needs to be replicated, invested and developed so that the fishery industry in general and the snail farming industry in particular develop day by day.

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