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Necessary home vegetable growing tools

Agricultural models of growing clean vegetables at home are increasingly widespread in many places. To grow vegetables at home, it is essential to equip clean vegetable growing tools. Each vegetable growing tool has different functions and uses to assist growers in planting and taking care of clean vegetable gardens. updated below.

1. Styrofoam containers, vegetable pots

For models of growing clean vegetables at home on terraces, balconies, and places with limited land area, pots and styrofoam containers are indispensable tools for growing vegetables. Depending on the conditions and implementation, you can choose to buy foam boxes or plastic pots for plants.

If there are styrofoam boxes available at home, people can fully utilize them to plant trees. This is a cheap vegetable growing tool, easy to buy, easy to find and extremely convenient. When planting, people need holes below to help water escape. Then put the soil in and start planting.

In addition to styrofoam boxes, people can also buy plastic containers and pots for growing vegetables. Currently, smart planters are being loved by gardeners the most. This is a specialized home vegetable growing tool, designed to be suitable for growing clean vegetables. The product has a clear bottom, easy to drain. This type of pot can be placed anywhere or hung up, easy to move from place to place, so it is very convenient.

Styrofoam containers and planters help growers of clean vegetables easily divide the planting area, convenient vegetable growing area. People can use this tool to grow clean vegetables at home to grow spices, short-term leafy vegetables, climbing plants, etc. Currently, plastic pots sold on the market have many types, with different sizes. Wide range of sizes to meet every grower’s needs.


Styrofoam box is a convenient and cheap home vegetable growing tool (Source: Internet)

2. Basic vegetable growing kit including shovel, rake, trowel, watering can

Whether it’s growing vegetables on the ground in the garden or growing vegetables in styrofoam containers, smart pots, people also need to equip themselves with basic earthwork tools such as shovels, rakes, trowels and watering cans. Depending on the area of ​​the garden, the scale of the model of growing clean vegetables at home, people are equipped with appropriate sized shovels, rakes, and trowels. For households that grow clean vegetables on terraces and balconies on a small scale, it is possible to equip a mini garden tool kit, with sizes ranging from 8 to 12cm.

Tools for growing vegetables, shovels and flying rakes are usually made of plastic, metal or rubber coated wood. Most users often choose to buy tools made of metal because they are durable and sturdy. This set of tools works to help vegetable growers to till the soil, till the soil, to fertilize, to weed the garden, …

Watering can is also one of the indispensable home vegetable growing tools. Depending on the needs and size of the vegetable garden, people choose the right size and material for the vase. Most bottles today are made of plastic and metal. In particular, a medium-sized plastic pot with a shower is the most suitable type for both small and medium-sized clean vegetable gardens grown at home. This type of pot allows growers to easily carry and move to water vegetables.


Vegetable watering can (Source: Internet)

3. Smart vegetable shelf

For the agricultural model of growing clean vegetables in a small, narrow space, vegetable racks are an extremely necessary tool. Shelves for growing vegetables not only help people increase the area to place vegetable pots but also help to increase the aesthetics, sophistication and elegance of the vegetable garden. Smart truss design also makes it easy for people to care for plants, convenient for cleaning, watering plants, and anti-humidity.

The smart vegetable shelf is designed according to the model of assembling mobile trolleys in the form of cascades. Above is the frame, the shelf is used to store the vegetable containers. The bottom has movable wheels to help people move easily. Depending on the needs of use, the area of ​​​​the vegetable garden of each family, people choose the appropriate shelf size. This home vegetable growing tool is especially suitable for houses with a terrace area, a modest vegetable garden but still want to grow enough clean vegetables for the family to use.

Above are the top tools for growing vegetables necessary for home vegetable growing models. Depending on the needs, purposes of use, and the size of the vegetable garden, people can choose for themselves the appropriate tools. When buying, you should go directly to the stores to choose the right materials and prices.

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– Reference information compiled by agricultural doctors –

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