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Modern agriculture – the abolition of man from manual labor?

agricultural robots
Agricultural robots replace farmers in production

Agriculture developed by modern industry. Buffaloes and cows are replaced by industrial machines and equipment. The story of plowing, farming with just one button, one mouse click. Farmers are gradually being replaced by robots. Is this a great development or the first steps to remove people from manual labor? Where will be the place to cling, where to find food for the poor, uneducated?

Modern technology affects the process of agricultural development

Opportunities for the development of agribusiness.

Large economic groups in the country, abroad and internationally are tending to develop agriculture in association with highly modern industry. They organize the development of large-scale agricultural farming with various commodities. There is a certain investment and know how to take advantage of technology to reduce manpower, improve quality and reduce errors and production costs.

Agricultural enterprises growing vegetables
Agricultural enterprises growing vegetables

Forms of production such as cooperatives have also gradually transformed into large-scale industrial-applied agricultural zones owned by a corporation or individual. Business owners pay attention to focusing investment capital, opening opportunities for young people who are passionate about science and technology creation, capable of promoting agricultural development.

At the same time, these businesses also take advantage of attracting more customers and other investors to join the same field. Besides, it also created a strong wave of competition among agricultural enterprises. A new market is opened.

The new face of agriculture around the world

Buffaloes and cows are replaced by modern agricultural equipment. Fields are replaced by greenhouses. People can also replace farming and animal husbandry with cloning. Farmers can also create their own brands or combine with agribusinesses.

Commercial agricultural processing zones sprang up like mushrooms. They fully meet the facilities and physical conditions for large-scale, modern production, taking advantage of inherent resources and developing available potentials. The amount of agricultural products consumed is higher, stimulating production more, creating more opportunities for farmers.

Application of science and technology for agricultural development
Application of science and technology for agricultural development

The remote, poor rural areas became the source of human resources for the new agriculture. Farmers suddenly became agricultural workers with high and stable income.

Smoothly combining traditional agriculture with modern science and technology to minimize the use of ecological resources; strengthen the development of green agriculture; Limit chemicals that pollute the environment.

For agriculture, nothing new is always the best

The immediate benefit is the unsustainable benefit.

The farmer cried
Farmers cry because of unemployment

“Life-changing opportunity has come! Farmers are invested in production, are paid high wages, reduced effort but surprisingly effective.” It sounds beautiful, successful, leisurely, but that is only when highly industrial agriculture has not reached the peak of development but is on the rise.

The negative side of developing modern agriculture

The surplus of labor in rural areas, poor rural areas has become alarming. Many traditional craft villages have now been destroyed, the beauty of the national culture is increasingly overshadowed.

Poor farmers with little education, no ability to access new agriculture, new advances and applications all become unemployed when they have passed the slope of life. Many young people in rural villages, because they do not have a proper education, are unemployed, and fall into social evils, clinging to their parents and family.

Agriculture is only for agricultural engineers, artificial intelligences.

The development of agriculture 4.0 has raised danger for farmers.

Agriculture for Agricultural Engineers
Agriculture for Agricultural Engineers

Initially, it will bring unexpected conveniences, but then it will be a great development to the point of eliminating manual laborers and replacing them with automatic machines that work non-stop 24/7 – agricultural robots. Farmers are now defined as people standing from afar with keyboards and buttons and numbers.

Between a farmer working 8 hours a day and a machine working 24/7, which will be the best choice for the business?

The product the farmer makes will take a lot of sweat and effort, depending on many different factors while the robot works tirelessly and the product quality is not only high but also produces a large quantity. This leads to a price difference and, of course, farmers’ agricultural products will have a higher price. Consumers will choose products based on cost and quality, farmers lose one step.

agricultural robots
Robots replace farmers in production

Currently, Japan has researched a robot that can pick up seedlings from the conveyor system and then plug them into the soil tray and start planting and taking care of them. After the plants are large enough, they will automatically be harvested and packed. The human position now is to sit behind the control panel and sell the product to the market.

So where will farmers go if not only Japan but the whole world uses this agricultural robot?

This is the wake-up call that wants to bring to the farmers. People need to equip themselves with certain knowledge so as not to be left behind.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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