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Mixing rosemary soil is very simple and effective

Mixing rosemary soil is very simple and effective
Mixing rosemary soil is very simple and effective

Mixing rosemary soil is it difficult or not? This is a big problem that many gardeners, especially flower and plant lovers, are extremely interested in. Rosemary is both an herbal plant and an interior plant with many great feng shui meanings, trendy and trendy. Displaying a pot in the house not only helps the space become airy and comfortable, but also helps your work and life become better. And to mix rosemary land It’s really not difficult. So how to do? With many years of gardening experience, agrisearch.net we will share with everyone in this article!

Revealing the feng shui meaning of rosemary

Mixing soil for growing rosemary is very simple and effective 1
Revealing the feng shui meaning of rosemary

Before exploring the recipe for mixing rosemary soil, we will reveal to everyone the special feng shui meaning of this interior plant. In fact, in the concept of feng shui, rosemary is extremely sacred. Trees have the ability to connect life and death. There are wonderful properties in rosemary that few indoor plants can match.

In addition, rosemary is also a symbol of loyalty and precious gratitude. Somewhere, you’ve probably heard: If you wear a necklace made of rosemary, it will have a very effective effect on warding off evil spirits. More importantly, it brings you good luck and beauty. You will live a very peaceful and happy life in this life.

What’s more, some people have other opinions. It is said that when you go to sleep, putting rosemary leaves on your pillow will help you avoid bad dreams. Thanks to that, you can go to sleep peacefully, sleep peacefully and deeply. From here, your every new day will be more positive energy, promote the motivation to live, work enthusiastically and be useful to the community and society.

The recipe for mixing rosemary soil is very simple and effective

The soil is alive, the tree is healthy. Soil plays a very important role in the growth and development of plants. Especially for the fastidious and difficult to take care of interior plants, namely rosemary. A good source of soil and rich in nutrients will be a solid foundation for healthy, green plants. So how effective is the simple way to mix rosemary soil? Don’t let people wait long, agri will reveal it right away.

Recipe for mixing rosemary soil 1

Mixing soil for growing rosemary is very simple and effective
Recipe for mixing rosemary soil 1

With this first recipe, the main ingredient for mixing rosemary soil will be clean soil. Besides, you need to prepare some other growing substances such as: coir, Trichoderma compost, rice husk ash, organic fertilizer or vermicompost. Specifically, the ratio will be divided as follows:

  • Clean soil: 50%
  • Coconut coir: 15%
  • Trichoderma incubation: 5%
  • Rice husk ash: 20%
  • Compost or vermicompost: 10%

Your job now is simply to mix all the above ingredients together. The result will be an ideal rosemary soil mix. Here, we want to better explain the main components of clean soil. Clean soil is a type of natural growing soil, but carefully treated, rich in nutrients to grow large plants. Ensure that the soil does not contain harmful pathogens or bacteria that affect plant health. You know, with interior plants, if their health is in trouble, it will be very dangerous.

What about vermicompost? This fertilizer is of high quality, the price is a bit more expensive than the others, but it is extremely good. It is true to the saying: What money, there’s money.

The recipe for mixing rosemary soil 2

With this second formula, the commitment is as effective as formula 1, and much simpler. The main materials that you need to prepare are clean soil and Perlite rock. The ratio we recommend using is 1/3 Perlite and 2/3 clean soil.

The reason for this mixing formula is that the clean soil possesses good porosity and excellent drainage. However, with rosemary alone, this is an interior plant that needs to be drained many times more than that. So the presence of perlite will help you do this well. The speed and drainage capacity will increase significantly. In addition, perlite helps to retain water for plants and drains the excess water that is not in use.

Everyone please refer and try to apply this wonderful recipe.


Rosemary is a prized interior plant and is ideal for any home. Don’t be afraid to start for fear of failure. Try our simple yet highly effective recipes now. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

Above is the entire share of agri about the land for growing rosemary. Hope this article is useful and meaningful. Wish success.

Emilia Chaney
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