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Millions of vegetables and fruits Made in Vietnam

Millions of vegetables and fruits Made in Vietnam

Millions of vegetables and fruits Made in Vietnam

Those who love termite mushrooms – which previously only grew naturally in tree-lined areas – can now enjoy this expensive food all year round. According to the Ho Chi Minh City Farmers’ Association, the city currently has about 10 establishments that can grow termite mushrooms, selling millions of dong/kg but still selling out.

Termites mushrooms are no longer a “gift from heaven”

Termite mushrooms are delicious, rich in nutritional value, but only appear in the first month of the rainy season, so farmers consider them a “gift from heaven”. Mr. Le Thanh Liem, Owner of Que Huong Mushroom Farm (Thanh Duc Commune, Go Dau District, Tay Ninh Province), is considered a pioneer in applying science and technology to research into an artificial termite mushroom growing model. Currently, the farm supplies mushroom embryos to all provinces in the Mekong Delta up to Quang Ngai province and is aiming to develop the model to the northern provinces. Each month, the farm sells from 20,000-25,000 bags of mushroom embryos.

Mr. Liem said: “Growing 50 m2, the investment capital is about 150 million VND, each month harvesting brings about 20 million VND in profit. In order to grow termite mushrooms, first of all, there must be a sample house, production area, embryo production, aseptic room, the construction of a termite mushroom growing house must ensure the correct techniques, must have a net against insect penetration, must ensure the degree of safety. moist, clean water…”.

The sample growing area of ​​Que Huong Farm currently has more than 8,000 embryos and distributes mushroom embryos to growers, provides technical guidance and product sales for them. On average, each bag of embryos after 20-25 days of cultivation will produce 300 grams of mushrooms, harvested continuously after 3 months, then replace with new embryos. Every day, the farm supplies more than 50 kg of mushrooms to the system of clean food stores and restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.

Despite owning 4 organic mushroom farms, Thao Nguyen Xanh Organic Mushroom Agriculture Cooperative (District 9, HCMC) only dared to invest in a trial of 50 m2 producer of termite mushrooms due to the high production cost. Instead of using a chiller like growing other mushrooms, the cooperative uses insulation panels, temperature, humidity, light sensors and a central control system to grow termites, costing 50 m2.2 The factory costs about 100 million VND.

In Nhon Duc commune (Nha Be district), Mr. Tran Van Tan also invested in a termite mushroom farm of 200 m2 at a cost of 750 million VND. Mr. Tan collects nearly 20 kg of termite mushrooms every day. “Termites are quite difficult to grow. To meet the requirements for quality and output, serious investment is required. For farmers, this is a pretty big investment, not a small risk, although the daily revenue from the termite farm is quite high, the output is not enough to supply the market,” he said.

In Nhon Duc commune, there are 3 facilities producing termite mushrooms with an output of nearly 100 kg/day. Thao Nguyen Xanh Cooperative collects about 10 kg of termite mushrooms per day. Every day, the cooperative has to buy more termites from satellite farms to supply enough for the market. Termite mushrooms are sold by the Cooperative at a price of 400,000-450,000 VND/kg.

Rare foreign fruits are “localized”

Snow White StrawberryWhite skin dotted with red, special sweet aroma, this white strawberry is called Snow White strawberry, originating from Japan. This is the rarest and most delicious strawberry in the world that has been successfully grown in Da Lat. Currently, this strawberry variety has a selling price of up to a million VND per kilogram in the garden.

More than a year ago, Hoa Thang Thinh Farm in Ward 7, Da Lat worked with partners from Japan to transfer seedlings of Bach Tuyet berries, also known as purebred cherry berries, from Japan to hand-carry to Vietnam. South planting test. Up to now, this strawberry variety has given fruit and the quality is equivalent to imported goods from Japan. Snow White strawberries are grown in greenhouses, applying high technology, meeting all biosafety standards.

According to a representative of Hoa Thang Thinh Farm, compared with other strawberry varieties, the cost to grow and care for this type of strawberry is 20 times higher, while the strawberry output is only 10-15%. Depending on the size, the retail price per kg of White Snow strawberries ranges from 800,000-1,000,000 VND/kg at the garden. Customers who want to enjoy this strawberry must order 1-2 days in advance. Since the tree began to bear fruit, on average, the farm has only exported about 5 kg of Snow White strawberries to the market each day.

grow termite mushrooms

Also at this farm, American black grapes and Korean seedless milk grapes have been imported for production since the end of 2018. Since the beginning of May 2020, American grapes have been planted on an area of ​​2,000 m2.2 has entered the harvest every day from 50-60 kg, the selling price per kg is from 300,000 VND or more. 1,000 m left2 The area of ​​Korean milk grapes has been officially harvested since the end of June 2020, with an output of about 20 kg per day. It is expected that from the 2nd year harvest onwards, American black grapes and Korean milk grapes will increase yield by 20% or more.

Also in Da Lat, Bio Fresh, with its flower and fruit farm at Than Tho lake, currently owns varieties of strawberries, raspberries and dozens of precious flower and fruit varieties. rare. All is for investment and replication in the tourist area of ​​farming under the forest canopy in Thai Phien, Da Lat, with a scale of more than 20 hectares.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy, the owner of the farm, said that the crops of high economic value here were imported from Europe and the US and brought to the trial over 10 years in ecological regions of Lac Duong and Da Lat districts. , then choose to create each plant variety corresponding to the most effective production technique, especially completely using organic fertilizers and biological pesticides in the cultivation process. The farm also breeds about 10,000 American fig trees, thousands of kiwi trees bought from Australia and hundreds of other high-value seedlings imported from Europe, all of which are in the process of “domesticating” to adapt to the environment. new ecology.

(According to Investment Demand)

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