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Methods of growing clean vegetables at home are simple, for high efficiency

The agricultural model of growing clean vegetables at home is now widely developed everywhere. Instead of buying vegetables from outside of unknown origin, which is not safe, many people have created small beautiful vegetable gardens for their families. Clean vegetable gardens at home not only contribute to creating clean vegetables, providing daily meals, ensuring health, but also helping to make the house more green.

Growing clean vegetables at home can be done in many different ways. The following article will introduce to you the two simplest methods of growing clean vegetables at home, but with very high efficiency.

1. Methods of growing clean vegetables in styrofoam

Growing vegetables in Styrofoam containers is a simple and cost-effective method of growing clean vegetables at home. This way of growing can be applied everywhere, from rural families with large gardens to households living in cities with limited area. People can take advantage of the terrace, balcony, porch, … to create a small vegetable garden.

With this method, people can use foam boxes and other items in the house to grow vegetables. After putting the soil and growing medium into the box, people spread the seeds and wait for the plants to germinate. Plants germinate from 3-4 leaves depending on the type of vegetable that people prune the tree to suit or put the plant in a new pot. Implement measures to water and fertilize plants to grow. Planting land, seeds, and fertilizers are easy to choose and buy at clean vegetable stores.

Depending on the space available, people can choose to grow many different types of plants such as vegetables, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, … according to the method of growing clean vegetables at home with Styrofoam boxes. Currently, this model is especially widely applied in the city, in families with spacious terraces and balconies. In general, the area of ​​​​styrofoam containers is quite large, they can hold a lot of soil to provide enough necessary nutrients, as well as space for plants to grow, helping vegetables to reach the maximum yield, green.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method of growing clean vegetables at home with foam boxes:


  • Cost savings

  • Create a clean, safe vegetable source

  • Simple and easy to do

  • Fold each box beautifully, bringing green space


  • Planting with soil is easy to cause unsanitary for apartment townhouses

  • Time consuming care

  • Vegetables are susceptible to diseases caused by harmful microorganisms in the soil


Growing vegetables in Styrofoam containers on the terrace (Source: Internet)

2. Hydroponic vegetable growing method

Compared with the method of growing vegetables in styrofoam, hydroponic vegetable growing is a relatively new method of growing clean vegetables, which has not been widely applied. Growing vegetables by this method is very suitable for families living in the city because it is very space-saving and highly effective. Vegetables grown hydroponically are still provided with enough nutrients, and at the same time isolated from pests and diseases from contaminated soil and water, avoiding toxins. The hydroponic vegetable growing area does not need to be too large, does not have to take too much care, but vegetables can still grow healthy, providing a source of clean vegetables for delicious meals, helping users feel more secure. health.

Most of the leafy vegetables can be grown in a hydroponic environment such as vegetables, lettuce, water spinach, amaranth, basil, etc. The most difficult stage of the hydroponic method of growing clean vegetables is the preparation of the solution. grow vegetable. There are many different recipes suitable for each type of plant that growers need to study and learn. Seeds when purchased will be sown on plastic pipes or large troughs containing hydroponic solution. Vegetable plants will grow and develop by absorbing nutrients from below.


Model of growing clean hydroponic vegetables at home (Source: Internet)

In the process of taking care of hydroponic vegetables, people must regularly check pots and troughs to avoid leaks. Besides, it is necessary to add clean water, put the plant in a place with enough light, cut off damaged yellow leaves and clean the box after each harvest.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hydroponic method of growing clean vegetables:


  • No land use

  • Save space

  • Less effort to take care of

  • Save water

  • For high productivity

  • No pests, no weeds like growing vegetables in soil

  • Good quality vegetables


  • Limit vegetables grown

  • Depends on nutrient solution

  • Investment costs are higher than growing vegetables in foam boxes

  • Requires specialized knowledge

Growing clean vegetables in styrofoam and growing hydroponic vegetables are the two most commonly applied methods of growing clean vegetables at home today. In particular, growing vegetables in styrofoam containers is the most applied because this method is easy to implement and low cost. Depending on the conditions and family space, people choose the right method to grow vegetables.

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