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Method of Choosing Soil Type for Rose Plantation


Type of soil for growing roses What is the most suitable? Are you wondering about choosing the type of soil to grow roses? In today’s article, we will share with you how to choose the right type of rose soil. Please join Agri to follow the article below!

  1. Choose the land to plant roses

While choosing a soil for growing roses, choose a soil that has good aeration, which contains a lot of nutrients roses need. Humus is one of the best soil options for roses. In humus soil there are many important components that affect the growth of roses. Humus contains up to 46% composition consisting of sand, clay and silt, and a total of 4 to 6% organic ingredients. Therefore, this type of soil can absorb enough water quickly.

The choice of soil to plant roses determines a lot to the growth of the plant
The choice of soil to plant roses determines a lot to the growth of the plant

Humus is a product formed in the soil due to the process of accumulation and incomplete decomposition under anaerobic conditions, plant remains and other biological residues in the soil by soil microorganisms. The composition of humus is characterized by the main compounds: humic acid, fulvic acid, ulmic acid and their salts, commonly called humin, fulvin or ulvin. In the broadest sense, soil humus includes both fine humus (humus in the narrow sense) and coarse humus (organic matter in the soil). – from the encyclopedia wikipedia.

  1. Maintain pH

“Soil pH is considered a key variable in soil because it affects many chemical processes. It specifically affects phytonutrient intake by controlling the chemical forms of different nutrients and influencing the chemical reactions they undergo. The optimal pH range for most plants is between 5.5 and 7.5”.

The optimal pH for growing roses is 6.5. If the soil pH is too alkaline or acidic (i.e. out of range) it can affect the growth of rose plants. Any color of that foliage could be due to the soil’s pH level. Maintain pH at an optimal level by adding agricultural limestone. This helps to make the soil less acidic. If your rose soil contains a lot of clay, you will need to add a sufficient amount of agricultural limestone to maintain the pH level. To lower the pH of alkaline soil.

Note to maintain the necessary pH for the soil to grow roses
Note to maintain the necessary pH for the soil to grow roses
  1. Enrich the land

Mix compost, peat moss, dry mold and manure to improve the soil. If you are using pots and do not have the above types, you can choose organic fertilizers to add to the soil.

  1. Keep the soil healthy

The role of soil microbiota is very important. They keep the soil healthy by releasing nitrogen and breaking down organic matter for better uptake by plants. To keep soil microorganisms active, add alfalfa meal, compost, and kelp meal. These ingredients will provide nitrogen, phosphorus, amino acids, potassium and essential vitamins for the microflora in the soil. In addition, these media will also improve the condition and quality of the soil.

For example, worms living in the soil will increase the porosity of the soil, make the soil more aerated, in addition, their excretions and carcasses also provide many nutrients for plant growth.

The microbiome in the soil plays a role in keeping the soil healthy
The microbiome in the soil plays a role in keeping the soil healthy
  1. Moisten the soil

It is recommended to cover with a layer of humus on top. The purpose is to retain moisture for roses when watering.

With the content of this article, we hope that you will understand more about the type of soil for growing roses and know how to choose the right soil. Thank you for your interest in following the article!

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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