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Measures to improve infertile soil are highly effective

Value of arable land to life (foreign documentary film)

arid land that is difficult to produce needs improvement
Measures to improve land, improve production

Renovating infertile soil This is probably one of the things that people need to pay attention to most today, when the habit of abusing chemical fertilizers, not using manure, organic fertilizers, monoculture practices in agriculture are making the land worse. The land is increasingly degraded, degraded, poor in nutrients, waterlogged, acidic, salinized, etc. Therefore, to achieve high efficiency when farming on such lands, farmers need to improve the infertile soil. by many measures.

The following are measures to improve the degraded soil that we bring to you.

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Cover the ground with grass

The farmer improves the infertile soil by planting trees
Planting wild peanuts to cover and improve infertile soil
  • Covering the soil with grass helps to limit water evaporation, keep the soil moist, and prevent cold winds.
  • Helps distribute water evenly, does not cause waterlogging for plants.
  • Creating conditions for microorganisms in the soil to work well, making the soil more and more porous and aerated.
  • Helps the root system of plants to develop well.

Measures of soil preparation

Infertile soils are often dry and hard, so tilling should be limited to avoid water loss due to evaporation, especially in dry periods. When renovating, it is only advisable to combine plowing when fertilizing and watering.

improve infertile soil
improve infertile soil

Should not be stacked when growing rice on infertile soil because it easily makes the soil lose more water, the remaining microorganisms in the soil are at risk of dying, the soil becomes more and more hard.

Planting crops on high beds combined with trench watering is the most optimal method of improving soil fertility.

Irrigation measures

The system of canals helps to improve the infertile soil
The irrigation system helps to improve the soil

This is one of the most important technical measures in improving degraded soil. Irrigate water in an active and scientific manner with a complete system of canals to:

– Improve soil fertility, increase moisture, and improve physical and chemical properties in soil.

– Make the soil more porous, increase the ability to stick in the soil, better water retention.

– Helps the microflora in the soil work better, Creates conditions to help plants grow and develop better.

Organic measure

– Return the land with organic residues, change the crop structure reasonably, diversify crops to increase productivity

– Enhance layering with organic fertilizers such as manure, green manure, etc. to improve and increase soil fertility. Organic fertilizers must be composted with TRICODEMA mushrooms so as not to pollute the environment and not harm plants. In addition, agricultural by-products such as rice straw, rice husk humus, domestic waste, peat, etc. can be used to produce microbial organic fertilizers used as a very good soil amendment.

Plowing after each crop

plowing machine
Soil cultivator – a useful tool in soil improvement

Plowing the soil helps the degraded soil to be supplemented with air, allowing the roots to breathe and grow healthy. Strong roots are a solid foundation for good crops.

Improving infertile soil is an urgent matter. Because it is not possible to renovate in a day or two, people need to pay special attention to cultivation, tillage, irrigation, and ground cover according to the correct process. Especially to add enough organic fertilizer to the soil. Happy successful people !

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