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Make a list of easy-to-grow fruit trees that should be present in your garden

Make a list of easy-to-grow fruit trees that should be present in your garden

Hearing about fruit trees, many people will think that it will have to be very elaborate and laborious. But not all trees are like that. The following is easy-to-grow fruit trees and easy to care for in the home garden, both have fruit and create beauty for the house. Delicious fruits bought in the market are often too much, the fruits that are cultivated and grown by their own hands and love are rich in meaning. The following easy-to-grow fruit trees are easy to care for and have high nutritional value that you need to know.

Make a list of easy-to-grow fruit trees that should be present in your garden
Here are some easy-to-grow fruit trees

Longan tree

Easy-to-grow fruit trees
Easy-to-grow fruit trees: Longan

Longan is a fruit that is too familiar to each of us. Easy to grow and easy to care for are the points that make longan trees a good candidate when it comes to easy-to-grow fruit trees.

Not only produces delicious longan, but longan tree also helps your home space be less monotonous, summer can shade the yard to create shade for the yard because longan tree has a height of up to 10-15m, longan leaves grow. and green all year round.

Longan fruit is usually harvested in the fall of July-August, and in spring, longan flowers have a very beautiful light yellow color, which can compete with other flowers on Tet. Plants need a lot of water, should be watered 3 times a day. Growing longan is not too difficult and doesn’t take much care, but it always grows well and produces regular fruit, so it’s no wonder that many people choose this plant to plant in their garden, is one of the the number 1 easy-to-grow fruit tree of the gardener.

Starfruit tree

Fruit trees that are easy to grow: star fruit tree
Fruit trees that are easy to grow: star fruit tree

Sour star fruit soup cooked with anchovies is a favorite dish of many families, if you own a star fruit tree at home, you don’t need to rush to the market to buy star fruit. Fortunately, star fruit is also very easy to grow and care for is not too fussy.

Starfruit produces fruit all year round, but the trunk is not too big, so it is one of the easy-to-grow fruit trees suitable for home gardens. It looks like that, but an old star fruit tree can live for hundreds of years. Not only produces delicious and nutritious fruit, but also has strong vitality but is easy to grow.

Star fruit can be grown in many ways, the most common is growing by seeds and extracting ways. You can choose the right growing method according to your preferences and conditions. The best time to plant is in spring or autumn, spring is flowering and autumn is full of fruit. Although it is one of the easy-to-grow fruit trees that are easy to care for, star fruit trees need a large amount of water when producing fruit or in the dry summer. It is necessary to provide enough water if you do not want the fruit to drop a lot, and the yield is poor.

Banana tree

Easy-to-grow fruit trees: Banana tree
Easy-to-grow fruit trees: Banana tree

The soft and sweet bananas are widely and popularly eaten. Perhaps no one is unaware of this delicious and nutritious fruit that can be processed into many different foods. But bananas are not too difficult to grow, can even be grown in pots, so banana trees are one of the easy-to-grow fruit trees that family members love.

The types of banana plants that we can easily grow in the house are: pepper bananas, bananas, red bananas… Of course, banana trees are easy to care for, so they should be placed in places with direct sunlight because banana plants like it. sun and must be protected from the wind. In the summer, you should water a lot, in the winter, limit the water supply to avoid waterlogging.

If planted from seed, it will take 3-5 years for the tree to bear fruit, a time neither short nor long, but it is necessary to pay attention to technique as well as how to care for the best fruit. The nutritious bananas are surprisingly easy to care for, so why not add banana trees to the list of easy-to-grow fruit trees that deserve to be in your garden.

Papaya tree

Papaya is a familiar plant, present in many home gardens
Easy-to-grow fruit trees: Papaya tree

The ripe sweet papaya fruit, in the summer, pick one, cut it into pieces and put it in the fridge or splinter with a little sugar, there’s nothing like it. Papaya is a familiar plant, present in many home gardens because it is one of the surprisingly easy-to-grow fruit trees. The right time to plant papaya is spring or autumn.

As one of the easy-to-grow fruit trees, papaya care is not too picky, ensuring the correct planting technique, watering 1-2 times a day and keeping the tree moist by using straw to cover the face. pot. When the tree bears fruit, it is necessary to fix the tree with a stake to avoid the tree leaning and falling. If you want to eat ripe papaya, you must pick it when the fruit appears yellow, let it take about 1-2 days for the ripe fruit to eat very cool and sweet.


Mulberry is also considered a valuable medicine to cure diseases
Easy-to-grow fruit trees: Mulberry tree

In the last days of spring, when mulberry is ripe, it is harvested for food and water, not only that, mulberry is also considered a precious medicine to cure diseases. There are many health benefits, but this is one of the number 1 easy-to-grow fruit trees for women. Mulberry fruit can be used to eat, make syrup, make jam, tea … In the mulberry fruit has many nutrients good for the body, typically antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, iron …

Not only that, mulberry also has the effect of tonic eyes, kidneys, yang, blood, anti gray hair … Mulberry trees are also very easy to grow and take care of without much effort. Light-loving plants, should provide light 10-12 hours/day. The tree is drought tolerant but do not let the plant lack water, water it 2-3 times a week for the tree. Plants like high humidity, from 70-80% should keep enough moisture for the tree.

Mulberry can grow very tall, if you don’t want the tree to be too tall, you can bend and shape bonsai to create more beauty for your home space.

Although these plants are easy to grow and also easy to take care of, they still have to take care of them. If they are planted and left alone, they will not bear fruit or produce fruit, but it will not be delicious and beautiful. Regularly monitor the condition of the tree for any disease, provide enough water and light as well as fertilizer and other conditions. And above are the top fruit trees that are easy to grow, you can refer to to beautify your home space, and have nutritious food to enjoy.

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