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Lose weight quickly to welcome Tet confidently showing off your figure, wearing great clothes in the year of the Rabbit

Tet is approaching, but the fat on the body has not decreased at all, the clothes are also tight and can’t “under” fit. Don’t worry, Japana will reveal to you a quick weight loss tip for Tet that is very simple but extremely effective! Guaranteed to help you become more and more confident, especially this spring.

Another Tet season is coming, in addition to preparing a beautiful soul, you must not forget to have a perfect body to wear beautiful clothes! Japana will give you a tip Lose weight fast to welcome Tet This is very simple but extremely effective!

Ways to lose weight quickly to welcome Tet

Eat a lot of protein

Eating a lot of protein will help you feel full for a long time, reducing cravings

Eating a lot of protein will help you feel full for a long time, reducing cravings

Implementing a diet with lots of protein in the menu every day is an effective way to burn fat. According to many studies, eating a lot of protein-containing foods will promote metabolism, maintain body mass and burn calories to help lose weight effectively.

Besides, protein also helps to keep you full for a long time, reducing cravings. So you can add eggs, seafood, meat and legumes, milk in your meals to get in shape.

Limit fast food, carbonated drinks

Fast food makes weight gain dizzy, bad cholesterol appears in the body. Not only causes obesity, but also has a lot of effects on heart, blood pressure, brain and dental disease. So, you should limit fast foods, carbonated drinks to ensure not to interrupt the weight loss process.

Loads of fiber

Fiber helps provide many vitamins and minerals to support effective weight loss

Fiber helps provide many vitamins and minerals to support effective weight loss

According to a study that was done on more than 1000 adults, fiber supplements helped reduce belly fat by 3.7% over 5 years. It even reduces many bad diseases, prevents the risk of cancer. So, focus on including fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts in your menu.

Increase exercise

In addition to eating, exercising is also a way to help you have a slim and well-adjusted body. There are many areas that are difficult to lose weight because the body contains a lot of hard-to-dissolve fat. visceral fat formation. This is the term for the fat that surrounds the abdominal organs. So you need exercises with strong intensity and endurance to be able to reduce in this part.

According to research, you can lose 1.8kg after 10 weeks of consistent exercise. You can refer to exercises about weights, aerobics, jogging…

Intermittent fasting

This weight loss method is very popular with many people because of its simple implementation, it does not take too much time to study the menu every day. Besides, you can also choose the time frame and method of implementation that suits your schedule.

Full Day Intermittent Fasting: A complete fast for 1-2 days or 25% extra calories. Then, for the rest of the week, you can eat comfortably but still limit certain calories. For example: Method 5:2, ie 5 days of eating without food restriction, the remaining 2 days add about 400-500 calories.

Limited Time Intermittent Fasting: This mode usually follows the 16/8 rule, eating for 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours to maintain a stable body mass or lose weight.

Drink green tea or coffee

In green tea or coffee contains many antioxidants, supporting effective fat burning. But it also promotes metabolism to help the body stay healthy, eliminating some toxic substances that have accumulated for a long time.

Eat spicy food

Spicy foods contain the compound capsaicin, which supports metabolism in the body and increases the feeling of fullness for a long time, reducing appetite. However, people with diseases of the stomach and stomach should not use this method lest the disease get worse.

Do not cut down on carbs completely

Do not completely cut down on starch because it will cause hair loss and affect health

Do not completely cut down on starch because it will cause hair loss and affect health

This method is often applied by many people, because cutting carbs is easy to lose weight. However, this makes the body lack substances leading to fatigue, lack of energy to work ineffectively. You should have a balanced diet with starches, green vegetables, reasonable protein. Or you can replace white rice with brown rice to reduce calorie intake.

In addition to exercise, scientific eating, intermittent fasting … you can refer to some weight loss drugs that are being used by many people today. The most prominent of which is Japanese weight loss pills with safe and benign natural ingredients.

Top favorite Japanese weight loss pills today

DHC Diet Topawa weight loss pills 60 tablets

DHC is the most popular functional food brand in Japan extracted from white beans, 3 types of amino acids to support fat burning, destroy excess fat, and long-term fat accumulated in the body. With an exclusive formula, the pill helps to reduce fat in hard-to-lose body areas such as biceps, abdomen, calves, etc. The oral drug is evaluated not to cause fatigue, on the contrary, it also provides adequate energy to help you stay healthy. , brighter.

Nano Japan Diet Antioxidant weight loss smoothie powder 210g

The smoothie powder is made from concentrated grape juice containing high levels of vitamins to help provide adequate energy and nutrients to support the weight loss process. Besides, the product also adds vitamin C to beautiful skin, improves uneven skin tone, brown spots on the skin effectively.

User manual

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of powder with water and use it twice a day.

Rhoto belly fat loss weight loss pill 5000mg 264 tablets

The oral tablet is extracted 100% from nature to help burn excess fat, burn calories and effectively purify the body. The product helps to create a feeling of fullness for a long time, without cravings but without causing fatigue and dizziness. Especially when used regularly after a period of time, the pill also helps to improve the inflamed acne-prone skin, giving it a rosy, natural skin.

User manual

Take 4 tablets / time before meals, you can divide it into several times a day.

Notes when using weight loss pills

Do not abuse weight loss pills because it will affect your health

Do not abuse weight loss pills because it will affect your health

– Use the drug along with a reasonable diet and exercise.

– Do not fast, do not cut many nutrient-rich foods because it will affect health.

– Depending on the body, each person will have a different time to lose weight.

– Do not use weight loss pills for a long time.

– Those who are taking medication should consult their doctor before use.

– Do not misunderstand the use of “miracle” according to the advertisement, you should combine a suitable diet to lose weight as you like.

Subjects assigned to take the drug

Not everyone can use weight loss pills, you should consult your doctor to understand your body’s condition!

– Subjects with BMI> 30

– Subjects with BMI>25

However, weight loss drugs are not used for children, pregnant and lactating women. Some subjects who are using therapeutic drugs should consult a doctor so as not to harm their health.

Hopefully the above information about weight loss will help you get many methods to get back in shape after giving birth or get tips. lose weight for Tet 2023 coming. However, Japana has an advice for you to adjust your diet, activities, rest and change bad habits to keep your body healthy and improve your physique.

Do not forget to visit the Japana website every day to get many health and skin care tips and especially to receive many attractive promotions!

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