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Let’s Learn the Technique of Growing Strawberries in the North

Techniques for growing strawberries in the North is considered the most difficult method of growing strawberries. Basically, the northern climate is not suitable for strawberry cultivation. It is this that requires growers to understand and apply a lot of modern techniques to ensure that plants can grow well in the environment and climate of the North. Coming to today’s article, will answer all those questions for you on this topic.

What does it take to grow strawberries in the North?

To be able to own your own green, fruit-laden mulberry trees, you must prepare the necessary tools and knowledge such as:

  • The right time to plant strawberries

To answer the question “What month to plant strawberries”, the most suitable time for you to plant strawberries is around April and May.

The best time to plant strawberries is from April to May
The best time to plant strawberries is from April to May of the solar calendar

This is the period when the climate is about to turn to summer, so the cold stops and becomes warmer, suitable for strawberries to grow and develop. If you start planting at this time, only 2 months after the strawberry season, you can already harvest the first strawberries.

Currently, growing strawberries by seeds or seedlings are the two most popular ways to choose to grow strawberries. If you grow strawberries with seeds, you must be careful and careful in caring as well as the time for the tree to bear fruit will be longer.

However, if you choose to plant with seedlings, strawberries will grow well and develop better. Besides, to choose good varieties, you should choose trees with a height of 10 to 15cm and not infected with pests.

Choose strawberry seedlings that will grow strongly and give higher yields
Choose strawberry seedlings that will grow strongly and give higher yields

Soil is one of the important factors affecting the growth of plants, so you need to choose the soil carefully. You should choose fertile and nutrient-rich soils to create good conditions for plants to grow.


The time to water is usually in the afternoon after the sun has turned off, water the soil thoroughly, if your soil does not retain moisture well, you should water 1 more time in the morning.

You should take advantage of the water to water the plants, because the rice water brings a lot of benefits to the plants, the rice water will ferment in the soil to help the plants grow comprehensively. However, only watering the rice when the plants have been planted for 1 week. When the plant is not rooted, it is not watered. If the weather is humid, water only when the soil is dry.

Planting and taking care

Newly planted: The tree will wilt due to new separation or broken roots when planting, so you should use cardboard or foam, … to shade the tree for the first 1 to 2 days, still need light. Regular watering is required to help keep the plant moist.

If strawberries are grown in pellets, there is no need to remove the bulb, just plant the whole pot to keep the roots safe.

After planting strawberries, cared for in the right conditions, they will flower quickly
After planting strawberries, cared for in the right conditions, they will flower quickly

You should regularly observe the tree, the ants often attack the tree very strongly, so you must pay attention to destroy them, if not destroyed in time, the ants will eat all the fruit even when the fruit is still green.

If planted in a long pot, the fruit should be directed towards the wall of the pot, the fruit will develop evenly and be easier to monitor, preventing insects. If a branch has too many fruit and flowers, you should cut it off so that the tree can focus on raising it to have good fruit quality.

If you let the tree have a lot of fruit, the fruit will die by itself, black will lose nutrients for the tree but also affect other fruits, they will not be fully developed.

After the plant has grown stably and has enough nutrients, it will come out, when it grows well, grows to the required length and enough, it will automatically root to create new seedlings. It is advisable to cut off the buds right from the start, so that the tree can focus on growing fruit and flowering.

If you want to keep the seedling to propagate, when the sprout grows white roots about 0.5cm, you should find soil for the seedling to take root, after a while it will become an independent tree.

Note absolutely should not be separated from the mother plant immediately, but should wait until it can grow independently before proceeding to separate because at first it still has to depend on the mother plant because it has not been able to support its own body.

When the seedling has become a seedling that can be beaten to create a new pot, breed … now you proceed to cut the wire connecting the seedling and the mother plant depending on your purpose.


Use fertilizers that are available at stores of agricultural supplies in the form of npk during the growth and flowering period, when the plants bear fruit, it is recommended to use dynamic organic fertilizers or Australian organic fertilizers to help produce good quality fruit. , trees are more durable.

Use composted cow and chicken manure mixed with the soil in a moderate dose, do not over-fertilize because it will cause heat and the plant will die.

Do not fertilize when the manure has not been composted because they contain many bacteria, which will cause the plant to be sore and gradually die.

You should use specialized fertilizers for strawberries
You should use specialized fertilizers for strawberries

Prevention and treatment of diseases

Prevention and treatment of diseases for strawberry plants with specialized drugs are available at agricultural supply stores or can be caught manually if worms are seen.

Spray biological insecticide Ridomil gold once a month.

Spray insecticide but do not eat fruit immediately after spraying, do not spray when the fruit is ripe.

Yellow leaves: lack of sunlight, lack of substance, lack of water.

Plants grow too thick: trim old leaves, separate seedlings to plant in new pots.

So we have learned how to grow strawberries in the North as well as how to take care of this precious plant. Through this article, we hope you can grow yourself a clump or a strawberry garden with ripe fruits in this northern climate. Good luck!

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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