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Learn the technique of raising carp seed to get rich

Breeding carp
Breeding carp

Carp seed selected as the leading fish in the TOP 10 freshwater fish with high economic value and the most raised. So, to get rich by raising carp seed, everyone should learn carefully their characteristics and most importantly, the basic technical methods to conduct farming.

Conditionsn carp breeding ponds

Breeding carp
The stage of preparing to raise carp seed

The pond area suitable and easy for care and management is from 300 to 1000 square meters

The appropriate pond water depth is from 1.2 to 1.5 m with a mud layer thickness of 15 to 20 cm.

Linked with unpolluted water source and pond construction location convenient for water supply and change.

No leaks at the pond bank as the fish will concentrate more on the flowing water as the leak prevents them from finding bait. This will reduce the yield and quality of the fish, and the fingerlings will be thin and weak.

Breeding carp
Developing a model of carp breeding to bring economic efficiency

The pond needs ventilation to have adequate light to provide for carp seed. This is also a favorable condition for organisms to develop, creating a good food source for carp seed.

Prepare the pond Breeding carp

Thoroughly dredge the mud and leave only a layer of mud 15 to 20cm thick.

Lime for carp breeding ponds with 7 to 10 kg of powdered lime for 100 square meters of pond area. For ponds that do not drain all the water or have too high acidity, it is necessary to increase the amount of lime applied to 10 to 15 kg of powdered lime per 100 square meters of pond area.

Breeding carp
Carp breeding pond

Doing limescale work on sunny days will have a very good effect, that is: Killing evil fish, frog eggs or tadpoles as well as some harmful insects and disease-causing parasites. In addition, the effect of liming also includes the release of some minerals trapped in the sludge; reduce the acidity of the pond; keep the pH in the pond stable.

Fertilization for carp breeding ponds

Fertilizing helps to enhance nutrients for the pond bottom, helping the growth of small-sized floating organisms to grow as food for fish so that after stocking, the carp seeds have food available. right.

After 3 days of liming, apply fertilizer as follows: Compost manure with 10 to 15% lime powder for 1 month.

Chop the green leaves and spread them all over the pond bottom, then bury them in the mud or bundle them into small bundles of 5 to 7 kg in the corner of the pond.

The most suitable time for priming is 6 to 7 days before stocking fish. Fertilize too early for pests that have time to reproduce.

Sanitize the pond before releasing fish

Taking water into the pond flooded from 0.3 to 0.4 meters to help the fertilizer decomposition process faster. Soak for 2 to 3 days, pick up all the green manure, take water and add it to the pond until it reaches a depth of 1.2 to 1.5 meters.

Then, treat with some types of probiotics such as EMC, BioDW or Bio Bac.

Note: Filter the inlet water with a small mesh filter to remove trash fish, especially juvenile tilapia or other harmful predators.

Take care of carp seed

Carp seed at this stage have switched to eating benthic animals, but the biomass of animals in the pond is very low. Therefore, it is very necessary to provide refined food at this stage, so it should be provided from the first week to the last week.

Breeding carp
How to feed carp seed?

From week 1 and 2: The amount of refined food is from 4-5kg/10,000 fish

Week 3, 4: Feed 9kg/10,000 fish

Weeks 5, 6: Feed 15kg/10,000 fish.

Concentrated food is mixed with water in the form of a paste and dropped around the pond, fixed at 4-8 points during incubation.

Today’s article has provided the breeding techniques of carp that if you want to try it, you should remember it right away. We hope that the information we provide here will be a useful handbook for you. Happy successful people!

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