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Learn the origin, appearance, personality, and classification of Akita dogs

Akita Inu dog breed is a dog breed from Japan with beautiful appearance and strong, loyal personality. Akita is very respected by the Japanese. Akita has now been introduced to Vietnam and quickly became one of the most popular pet dog breeds. This breed has something special in personality and appearance. Let’s find us!

1. Learn the origin and history of the Akita Inu . dog breed

The Akita dog breed originates from the Akita region of the Japanese island of Honshu. This breed is considered one of the oldest dog breeds in Japan and in the world. They were present on earth 2000 years ago. The nomadic tribes living in the northernmost part of Honshu island were the first to find this dog. The Akita Inu was originally used by nomadic tribes to hunt animals such as bears, deer and wild boar, etc. At this time, this breed is called the Akitas Matagi hunting dog.

From 1603, under the Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan. The Akita breed is used for fighting purposes. they were bred with larger breeds such as the native Mastiff or Tosa inu to have a large, powerful appearance. By 1910, Japan was breeding to keep the original Akita breed. By 1970 the breeding process was completed.

There was a point in Japanese history when the Akita breed was incredibly uncommon and solely possessed by royal households. They have a dedicated space, and they receive particular attention. After World War 2, the Americans brought the first Akita back. The breed was combined with the Molossus in this instance to produce a fighting dog. Japan designated the Akita dog breed as a National Heritage in 1931. Exports are prohibited, and Japan is well-protected. The first revision to this rule was not made until 1950.

Today, the Akita dog is a precious breed of Japan. The Akita – Hachiko dog is carved in bronze and placed at Shibuya station. The Akita dog statue is donated to sick people, young mothers who have just given birth to wish the sick person a quick recovery and good health.


Akia is a “national treasure” dog breed of Japan (Photo: Collectibles)

2. External characteristics of the Akita dog breed

The Akita Inu is one of the major Japanese dog breeds. This breed has a large, muscular body with a strong body. Its appearance and demeanor exudes the elegance and majesty of the aristocracy. The Akita has a thick double coat with a warm, soft inner coat and a hard, waterproof outer coat. Akita’s fur usually has colors such as pure white, brown, fawn or spotted red, etc.

Akita is a medium sized dog. Male dogs usually have a height ranging from 64 to 70cm, weight 32 to 39kg. The female Akita is usually 58 to 64 cm tall and weighs 23 to 29 kg. Akita’s body is very strong with a straight back, wide chest, and a tight belly. The dog’s 4 legs are quite long, even, toned in harmony with the body. The tail is curled into the back.

The Akita dog breed has a rather round and large head with a wide forehead. Akita’s face looks quite like a wolf with a pointed face towards the snout, a long nose bridge, and a black tip. The ears of this breed are triangular in shape, and the small black eyes look very alert and agile.

3. Personality traits of Akita dogs

It is no coincidence that the Akita Inu is considered the National Dog of Japan. This breed has many characteristics of a Samurai fighter. It is a calm, courageous, fearless spirit, ready to face difficulties and dangers. Akita is also an affectionate, friendly dog ​​that is always ready to fight to protect its owner. Akita loves to be cared for by their owners, they always want to participate in fun activities with humans. This is a quiet, quiet, obedient dog. However, they are also naughty and whine from time to time.

The Akita Inu is a strong-willed dog with a high alertness to strangers. If you are a shy person and do not have the ability to train a dog, you should not keep this dog. Because if not properly trained and raised, this dog will be aggressive and difficult to control. This is a difficult dog to live with other dogs, they tend to be aggressive towards dogs, especially dogs of the same sex. Raising Akita Inu dogs, you need to know how to both love and train them closely.

The downside in the personality of this breed is that it has a tendency to be aggressive if not raised properly. Breeding this breed, you especially have to train them from a young age. Teaching them needs perseverance and patience because they are quite stubborn. When they are not active, bored, they often create vandalism, bad bites.


Akita dog has a strong body

3. Akita breed classification

Currently, there are two types of Akita dogs: the Japanese Akita and the American Akita.

Japanese Akita Dog: This is the original Japanese Akita breed derived from sled dogs and hunting dogs. This breed is classified as a Spitz dog. with more than 50 different species. The common characteristics of this breed are the wide face, pointed muzzle and tail curled on the back. Akita is tall and very active. Japanese Akita usually have white, yellow or brown spots. They usually live in the mountainous areas of Japan.

American Akita Dog: It is a breed of dog that was bred from the Japanese Akita dog. The Americans brought Japanese Akita dogs back after World War 2 and bred them with many different breeds of dogs. Through many times of crossbreeding, the current American Akita dog has a strong, muscular body, thick fur, and a large round face. The coat color of the American Akita is more diverse than that of the Japanese Akita.

The Akita is a beautiful, loyal, brave, intelligent, and easy to train dog. If raised properly, this dog breed will become a close, close friend, an extremely lovely and wonderful pet.

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