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Learn how to grow organic vegetables to ensure food hygiene and safety

organic vegetables
Discover the technique of growing organic vegetables

Grow organic vegetables is becoming a current trend, many people choose to invest in startups. Because, everyone understands that the market wants to eat clean vegetables and that’s why organic vegetables are always sold out at a higher price. So, how to grow organic vegetables? Let’s find out with through today’s article!

organic vegetables
Organic vegetables are extremely popular these days

Prepare what to grow organic vegetables?


The land selected to grow organic vegetables must be separated from other lands by fences, grass buffers, or in other words, create a buffer zone from conventional production areas. Why so separate? The reason is, in order to avoid chemical drugs, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or antibiotics from conventional production areas from being contaminated through causing organic vegetable farming to lose its original meaning.

Irrigation water source

organic vegetables
Clean water for irrigation is an important condition for growing organic vegetables

Water source for organic vegetables is very important. The water source must not be contaminated with chemicals, waste from agriculture, industry or radioactive substances, etc. People can dig wells to provide clean water for the vegetable growing model.

Fertilizer for growing organic vegetables

The type of fertilizer recommended to use

organic vegetables
Vermicompost in the form of tablets recommended

Growing organic vegetables, of course, will not use chemical fertilizers to stimulate plant growth. One advice for people is to use VUTA worm solution because this fertilizer provides a full range of nutrients as well as essential minerals, multi-micronutrients such as Ca, Cu, Fe, etc. Vermicompost is used. combined with cow dung, chicken manure, buffalo manure, all kinds of straw and hot composted vegetable by-products, creating favorable conditions for the plants to grow well, achieving a quality score of 10.

Hot composting method of organic vegetable fertilizer

Materials needed:

Cow dung, chicken manure, pig manure… to provide protein.

Green materials such as by-products of vegetables, tubers, fresh herbs, etc. are a source of minerals.

Materials such as straw, dried leaves… help provide potassium.

Trichoderma Bima probiotics will help incubate the manure, thereby making it rotten. When we fertilize, this probiotic will cause beneficial microbial standards for organic vegetables. Because it helps inhibit root rot diseases, premature death, wilting or nematode diseases, etc., creating conditions for nitrogen-fixing microorganisms to develop, creating conditions for plant roots to grow.


Step 1: Use 3 to 4 kg of Trichoderma Bima for 1 ton of manure, mix green materials, straw, and dry leaves to incubate in humid conditions of 50 to 55%

Step 2: After 25 to 30 days, people stir well and spray water to create moisture. If it is not rotten, continue to incubate for 30 days, the manure will be completely decomposed and can be used overnight.

Because when annealing like this, the initial temperature can be up to 60oC should be able to kill the source of pests.

Note that fresh manure is not allowed to fertilize, but must be treated and composted to be applied.

Production plan

For those who do not have much experience, it is advisable to combine with agricultural engineers to get a specific plan. In addition, if you want to develop your brand, you must associate with projects, farmers and vegetable groups. The method of crop rotation, continuous crop rotation is still the most correct. To limit plant pests, first of all, balance soil nutrients.

Pest control

Pesticides are absolutely prohibited in organic vegetable growing techniques. People can only use methods such as intercropping. It is possible to control pests for organic vegetables by using folk remedies such as extracting ginger garlic juice and spraying it on the leaves.

In addition, planting brightly colored flowers around the vegetable garden to attract and repel insects also helps your vegetable garden a lot. When the soil is stable, the plants grow well, often organic vegetables will be stronger than normal plants, so the disease resistance of organic vegetables will be much higher.

organic vegetables
Clean vegetable garden is carefully taken care of

We have just provided all the techniques of growing and caring for organic vegetables. Hopefully, people can apply it successfully and bring results beyond expectations. Agri believes that, with diligence and hard work, people can completely create their own brand of organic vegetables.

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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