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Learn about the process of making sticky rice wine with yellow flowers

Learn the process of making sticky rice wine with yellow flowers on the ground 1

Glutinous rice wine with yellow flowers landed is a prominent name, noticed for those who love wine or enjoy soaking in alcohol in recent years. People are increasingly interested in health, improving taste, so delicious and nutritious “medicinal” wine products like this are of more and more attention. Let’s learn with Agri about the process of making sticky rice wine with yellow flowers in the land through the article below!

Introduction of sticky rice wine with yellow flowers in the land

Learn the process of making sticky rice wine with yellow flowers on the ground 2

Lower earth is a common brewing method used by some well-known manufacturers to produce excellent bottles of wine. However, now the trend of making wine at home for many people and households is increasing. This way not only helps to create the desired wine product according to their own preferences and needs, but also helps wine lovers satisfy their poetic and elegant pleasures.

In European countries, we are often familiar with the image of oak and cherry wood barrels for wine. People use this method to create the best taste of wine. In Vietnam today, yellow flower sticky rice is brewed thanks to a unique method of lowering the earth to produce a quality product with excellent taste.

On the other hand, the application of the method of lowering the wine ground with earthenware jars or earthenware pots will help to minimize, save production costs and help the wine ferment better, not affected by the oxidation process. That way, the wine will have a stable, smooth taste, less harsh than normal wines. Therefore, sticky rice wine with yellow flowers in the land is not only loved by men but also a “medicine” that makes women fall in love.

A special and unique wine making method

Learn the process of making sticky rice wine with yellow flowers on the ground 3

Lower earth is the method chosen by many famous wine brands. Ha means to bury, earth is soil, so it can be understood simply that lowering the land is the process of people burying wine in the ground for a while, to create a different delicious wine.

Lowering the earth is also a method that brings many benefits to both wine makers and drinkers. Low earth wine will ensure the taste, safety for the health of the user but the price is not too expensive. Currently, many establishments choose this method to produce wine because:

  • Wine is sealed in jars, jars and then buried underground, which will absorb heat to help the wine become more mellow. Besides, the temperature stability also helps the organic substances in the wine to be less decomposed.
  • This method usually uses earthen pots or jars, which are very suitable for brewing wine underground. If buried in the ground for a long time, the alcohol will remove more toxic substances, bringing positive effects to human health. This method will significantly reduce the concentration of aldehydes – a stun and headache substance in alcohol.

Learn about the process of making sticky rice wine with yellow flowers

Learn the process of making sticky rice wine with yellow flowers on the ground 4

How to choose sticky rice

In order to create a good wine product, it is necessary to choose the right type of sticky rice with yellow flowers with the outer layer of silk and bran intact. Because nutrients including proteins, lipids, trace elements and especially vitamins are abundant in this outer shell. When choosing the right type of rice, the yeast will be best fermented while helping the finished wine to retain the full amount of nutrients needed to create health benefits.

The selected rice must have a characteristic aroma, neither too old nor too new, that is, the best kind that has been harvested for about 3 months.

In addition to rice, the source of water used to cook rice wine also needs to be carefully selected. It is usually deep well water, do not use tap water because the chlorine in tap water will affect the taste and quality of the finished wine.

Cooking rice – brewing wine

First, the rice needs to be cooked into rice as usual. When the rice is cooked, we pour it out onto a tray or object with a wide flat surface, spread it evenly into a thin layer to let the rice cool, evaporate less, and make the sprinkling process easier.

Learn the process of making sticky rice wine with yellow flowers on the ground 5

Sprinkle with yeast

Wine yeast when purchased will be pounded or pureed. When mixing yeast, it is important to note that the usual ratio is 1 ounce of yeast / 10 kg of rice.

The best time to sprinkle yeast is when the rice is still warm, don’t sprinkle yeast when the rice is too hot, it will kill the yeast, and if the rice is too cold, the female wine will be difficult to ferment. Yeast is divided equally into 2 parts, sprinkled evenly on both sides to cover the whole rice. Finally, put the rice-yeast mixture into the brewing jar, wait 1-2 weeks for fermentation.

Distilled alcohol

After the step of brewing rice to get female wine, people will enter the stage of distilling alcohol. When the rice in the jar has begun to ferment and release the water, both the water and the water are put into a dedicated distillation device, if you brew it yourself at home, you should prepare a jar or earthen pot to make sure. taste of wine.

The distillation process is quite simple, does not require too much elaborate, technical but needs in the winemaker meticulous, careful and patient. During distillation, you should always watch for a moderate fire temperature so that the alcohol flows out slowly, do not let the fire grow because the high fire will cause the wine to have an unpleasant burnt smell.

Lower earth wine

This is the last and also the most important step in the process of making sticky rice wine. With this method, people will usually bury the body of the jar, the wine bottle in the ground, leaving the upper mouth. Alcohol when distilling needs to reach a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius. The time to land is usually 6 – 2 years depending on the needs of each person. However, the longer the wine is distilled, the more delicious it will be.

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