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Learn about the efficiency of high-tech agriculture

Learn about the efficiency of high-tech agriculture

Previously, we only heard about the application of 4.0 technology in food processing. However, in recent times, 4.0 technology has appeared more on farms and fields to increase work efficiency. Industrial application in agriculture is considered a perfect solution and a turning point for the new era of agriculture. In your opinion, the effectiveness of the application High-tech agriculture What is that? We invite you to follow the article below to learn more about this issue.

The advantages of high-tech agriculture

Currently, high-tech agriculture is not only a trend of the new era but also a perfect option for the agricultural industry.

High-tech agriculture is considered to bring many benefits
High-tech agriculture is considered to bring many benefits

Due to many factors that cause the environment and climate to change in a negative direction, agricultural land is shrinking and soil quality is no longer as good as before. Therefore, the researchers were determined to research and apply high-tech agriculture to solve these difficulties.

The most outstanding advantages of high-tech agriculture:

  • Limit the spread of pests to plants.
  • Contributing to saving arable land but not reducing the yield.
  • Make sure plants can grow in the best way.
  • Isolate plants from the environment and extreme weather conditions outside.
  • The light can be adjusted appropriately depending on the time.
  • Monitor and provide the amount of nutrients and water needed for plants.
  • Reduce operating costs and limit the use of a large number of workers.
  • Can automatically control many items.
  • Prevent water loss.
  • It is possible to arbitrarily adjust the environment according to the growth period of the plant.

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High-tech agriculture is effective when applied in which fields?

Currently, the effectiveness of high-tech agriculture is assessed to be relatively complete in areas such as:

  • Breeding technology

This is one of the most popular high-tech agricultural applications today. Seedlings are bred in this form for higher quality and yield. As a result, the development of agriculture was promoted.

  • Technology of growing plants in greenhouses

This is a new technology with the aim of isolating plants completely from the outside environment. The growing medium is created with a full range of elements at a stable and standard level. The factors of light, humidity, amount of water, temperature are all adjusted to suit each type of plant.

  • In vitro plant tissue culture technology

This is a fairly new technology created with the aim of propagating plants in a short time while retaining almost all the characteristics of the mother plant.

High-tech agriculture applied in plant tissue culture In Vitro
High-tech agriculture applied in plant tissue culture In Vitro
  • Technology for growing hydroponic plants (growing plants in solution) – On substrates – Aeroponics

High-tech agricultural application in this field helps crops grow smoothly, prevent pests and diseases and save land area.

  • Drip irrigation technology

High-tech agriculture is also applied in the field of drip irrigation to increase water retention for plants while still saving water.

Notes when applying high-tech agriculture

  • Need to come up with a reasonable development strategy

To transform from traditional agriculture to high-tech agriculture, what businesses need to pay attention to is development strategy. You need to build a reasonable strategy to limit resource and cost barriers, maintain and develop your direction.

  • Learn more from the experience of those who have gone before

If you are still not confident in your knowledge and experience in high-tech agricultural production, you can learn more from those who have gone before.

  • Actively updating modern farming technologies and techniques

High-tech agriculture application is an effective way to increase production efficiency and improve product quality.

Therefore, when you master the techniques, modern technology will help you to develop your model wider and stronger. However, to do so, you need to actively update new techniques and experiences.

Businesses need to actively update new technologies for farming strategies
Businesses need to actively update new technologies for farming strategies
  • Maintain a strong connection

If you want to maintain your strength in high-tech agriculture and comprehensive development. The best way is to build relationships and close links with other units.

  • Always ready to innovate and improve

High-tech agriculture is still a new field at the moment, so many businesses will still have confidence, apprehension and fear of change when implementing it.

However, in order to be a leader and reap a lot of success, when you have started participating in the field, you need to be mentally prepared. Try to express yourself, willing to accept innovation and improvement to achieve the best results.

Recently, some information is shared about hi-tech agriculture. Hopefully, through this information, you will have a clearer view of the new era of agriculture.



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