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Learn about high yielding cucumber growing techniques

Cucumber is one of the most popular fruits today. Widely grown in tropical climates. There are many different varieties of cucumbers on the market today. Usually, the most popular way to grow cucumbers is still the trellis cucumber. However, few people know Technology of growing cucumbers so that it can give high yield. Surely the article below will give you more information to understand and apply the best practices for plants.

Technology of growing cucumbers

  1. Weather condition

Cucumbers can be grown all year round, but due to their moisture-loving nature, they often give higher yields in the rainy season than in the dry season.

  1. Land conditions

Soil for growing cucumbers must be done very carefully. So that cucumbers can grow in the best way. Farmers should choose a soil with high nutrient density such as mixing the soil with organic fertilizers, green manure or also sandy soil.

Good green cucumber thanks to natural conditions
Good green cucumber thanks to natural conditions
  1. The art of growing cucumbers

Cucumbers are quite “easygoing”, can be grown at any time of the year. Fruit quality and quantity will depend on the growing season. Cucumber plants need a lot of water but do not tolerate waterlogging. Farmers need to till the soil thoroughly to ensure stable drainage.

If you want to be effective, you should not always plant on new soil. You should compost manure or compost into the soil 7 to 10 days before planting. Doing so will help raise the pH of the soil while helping to promote better early plant growth.

Effective cucumber cultivation technique
Effective cucumber cultivation technique
  1. Choose cucumber varieties

Depending on the purpose of use, you can buy different varieties to grow accordingly and easy to care for.

If you use cucumbers for the simple purpose of food safety for your family, then you don’t need to choose a variety that is too good, fussy and difficult to care for. You can go to agricultural stores and markets to buy ready-made seeds.

If you plant on a large scale, for economic purposes, you need to buy good, guaranteed varieties. And it is better to buy at reputable places, it is better to be advised by knowledgeable people.

  1. Prepare pots for cucumber planting

Because cucumbers have fast and strong roots, choosing a pot is also very necessary, although we think it is simple. Therefore, we need to choose pots with large enough space to ensure the growth of the whole truss.

Because cucumbers do not tolerate waterlogging, you need to punch many holes in the bottom of the pot to ensure the drainage work to avoid the situation of melons dying from waterlogging. This also makes the process of oxygen exchange good, creating ventilation to help plants thrive.

Tell you how to grow cucumbers

  1. How to grow cucumbers from seeds

Effectively growing cucumbers, the most important stage is seed incubation and sowing techniques.

Soak the seeds in warm water from 30-35 degrees Celsius for 2 to 3 hours. Then take out the seeds and wash them with clean water, then continue to incubate the seeds in a warm towel from 27-30 degrees Celsius for 3 to 5 days. You must always monitor and ensure that the towel is always kept warm and when the seeds have sprouted, sow them.

  • The art of sowing seeds

When you first plant seeds, you can use a medium-sized pot or styrofoam container to store the soil for growing melons, but you still need to make sure the soil is moist, porous and rich in nutrients so that the seeds can grow as best as possible.

Dig a hole about 1cm deep into the soil and then put one or two seeds into the newly dug hole in the pot, cover the top surface with a thin layer of soil after planting the seeds and spray a layer of water to keep the soil moist. Finally, you wrap the seed pot in a plastic bag and put it in the sun, which will stimulate the growth of the seeds.

About a week later, the seeds will germinate and the seedlings grow from 10cm to 15cm, you can pull them out and put them in a pot.

  1. How to grow cucumbers from seedlings

This is also the next step of how to grow cucumbers from seeds. But when growing cucumbers from seedlings, the soil needs to be very porous.

Before planting, we make a deep hole and then gently put the pot in it. After we have used the soil for the surface, we water the soil to make sure the soil is moist enough. Then cover the plant with straw or hay.

In order for the seedling process to be effective, we should choose a cool time. After the planting is complete, we put the tree in a place with shade or cover for the tree. About 1 to 2 days later, the seedlings will recover and gradually grow.

  1. Cucumber care techniques

When completing the above steps, what we need to do is to keep the soil moist and ensure that the plant is not deprived of water, especially during the flowering period, otherwise it will affect the development of the plant later. And at this stage, the tree is quite hard so don’t worry about waterlogging.

The information we have given in a detailed and easy to understand way helps you to some extent about technique Growing cucumber applied in daily life. Wishing you a bountiful harvest.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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