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Learn about automatic irrigation systems

automatic watering

The development of science and technology has brought a lot of changes in many fields. Whether it is agriculture, industry or services, the application of modern equipment and methods brings practical effects. For the agricultural sector, it is impossible not to mention the automatic irrigation system. To know more about this system, please refer to the detailed article below.

What is an automatic irrigation system?

What is automatic irrigation? Even the name says the basic and core point of this method. To put it simply, it is the automatic supply of water to plants. This method is very diverse in form. It can be sprayed, drip irrigation or rain spray.

The automatic irrigation system is automated through a timer electronic controller. This unit is programmed with a preset program. Built-in function to link with sensor equipment to increase efficiency.

This system is widely used in agriculture as well as many landscape construction projects. Currently, it is not difficult to see villas and households installing this system in bonsai gardens, vegetable gardens, etc.

Understanding automatic irrigation system
Understanding automatic irrigation system

Automatic watering system and outstanding advantages

Since its appearance, this smart, modern irrigation system has attracted great attention. This system receives the attention of users because it brings a lot of practical benefits.

For life

  • Efficiently save water, protect water resources.
  • Reduce labor costs by this system watering plants in a fully automatic way.
  • Reduce care time, take advantage of time to water plants to complete other tasks.
  • Water evenly, helping plants get enough water to grow healthy. Thereby improving crop yields, avoiding compaction and soil erosion.
  • High applicability, can use automatic irrigation system for many landscapes.
  • High durability, long service life if you know how to operate, design and install it properly.

For the environment

  • Irrigate with a reasonable amount of water, avoid excess water, reduce runoff carrying pollutants into groundwater.
  • Save water resources, avoid wasting precious resources.
Automatic watering with many practical benefits
Automatic watering with many practical benefits

Popular types of automatic plant watering systems

Automatic watering systems are very diverse in form. Depending on the needs that users choose the type of irrigation system to suit. Here are the commonly used types that you should know about:

Automatic sprinkler irrigation system

The sprinkler irrigation system, once started, will produce sprays of water like spray rain. The nozzle is designed with small holes, the spray sprays rain on the surface of the leaves directly. This system stands out for its high applicability, which can be applied to many different farming models.

Drip irrigation system

Unlike rain spray, an automatic drip irrigation system will supply water to the ground. Specifically on the base of the plant instead of on the surface of the leaves. With this feature, drip irrigation will limit water evaporation. This helps the plant to absorb nutrients in the best way.

Mist system

The spray of this automatic watering system is like mist. The small amount of water makes it easy to evaporate, creating a suitable environment, creating the necessary humidity and coolness for moisture-loving flowers.

There are different types of automatic watering systems
There are different types of automatic watering systems

Lawn irrigation system

For green lawns, this irrigation system is the most suitable. The highlight of the lawn irrigation system is the large irrigation radius, the ability to water evenly. The lawn sprinkler head is designed to ensure aesthetics. However, the limitation of this irrigation system is that the water saving is not high. Need to calculate carefully when installing, can only be applied in watering the lawn.

Above is some general information about automatic irrigation system. As you can see, this system brings a lot of benefits. To learn more about automatic watering systems, please follow our column regularly.

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