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Land rental service for growing clean vegetables

vegetable land rental service

Land rental service for growing clean vegetables

Dirty products are more and more and food safety issues are increasingly concerned. This leads to an increasing demand for high quality food items, organic products and especially the need to grow clean vegetables at home of every Vietnamese. This survey aims to understand the status and consumption of organic products of Vietnamese people. Grasping the needs of consumers, S-farm has launched a service for renting land for growing vegetables.

At S-farm, customers can “own” a clean vegetable garden with an area of ​​~50m2 (or many families own a vegetable garden or more – depending on their needs). Customers will realize their dream of having a clean vegetable garden by subleasing the farm of S-Farm at Binh Minh Vien, Bac Son, Soc Son, Hanoi. The farm is located in the ecological zone of Soc Son mountain with a fresh and temperate climate all year round which is favorable for fresh agricultural production.

Advantages of leasing land for vegetables

When renting land to grow vegetables, customers are not only assured of the service here but also have fresh and clean products to use. Agri will point out the advantages of land rental service at S-Farm:

An important thing when you rent land to grow vegetables at S-farm is that you don’t have to worry about taking care of it, S-Farm will be responsible for planting, caring, harvesting the entire vegetable production and delivering it to your home. Not only that, but you can also observe and check your vegetable garden through the remote monitoring system if you do not have time to take care of it directly.

The customer’s vegetable garden is numbered and clearly marked with customer information. Customers can visit the vegetable garden or come take care of and harvest vegetables themselves at any time. And this will also be an interesting learning environment for the little ones.

Vegetables and fruits at S-Farm are made according to VietGAP standards from preparation, planting, care to harvest. The vegetable garden will be granted a Certificate of eligibility for production and quality of safe vegetables.

Raw materials used by S-Farm all meet QCVN

S-Farm uses alluvial soil from the Red River meeting the National Technical Regulation on the allowable limit of heavy metals in soil according to QCVN 03:2008/BTNMT to plant trees for customers.

Irrigation water is a clean water source that meets the National Technical Regulation on water quality for irrigation according to QCVN39: 2011/BTNMT.

Vegetables are grown completely organically, without the use of pesticides, priority is given to organic fertilizer (100% organic) imported from abroad.

The reason you should use the service of renting land to grow clean vegetables

Reduce worries about clean vegetables, take care of the garden to focus on other work, and still have a source of fresh and safe food for loved ones.

You will own a organic vegetable garden, freshest, cleanest, most reasonable and carefully cared for by the most professional staff. Finished products will be delivered to the customer’s place according to the specific time that the customer wants.

You can choose to grow your own vegetables according to your liking or according to the season. The farm will support you to the fullest so that you have the best garden, and at the same time you always know the information about the situation of your vegetable garden in the clearest and most specific way.

For many people in Hanoi as well as in Ho Chi Minh City, owning a vegetable garden is difficult to do. However, in the past few years, the service of growing vegetables for households or renting land to grow clean vegetables has attracted many urbanites who want to have their own source of clean and safe vegetables. And this service is now available in Hanoi, has brought many successes beyond expectations, and hopefully in the near future this service will appear in Ho Chi Minh City to meet everyone’s needs. about fresh vegetables.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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