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Israel’s high-tech pinnacle and lessons applied in our country’s agriculture

What is hi-tech agriculture?
High-tech agriculture

In the process of integration, high technology and high technology application are essential for development. Here, let’s learn about high technology and how Israel applies them in agriculture, from which lessons can be drawn in our country.

What is high technology?

According to the Law on High Technology 2008: “High technology is a technology with a high content of scientific research and technological development, which is integrated from modern scientific and technological achievements to create high quality products. , outstanding features, added value, and environmental friendliness, playing an important role in the formation of a new production or service industry or the modernization of an existing production or service industry.

High-tech agriculture is the application of advanced and new technologies in production to increase productivity and economic development.

Israel applies high technology in agriculture

The country of Israel

Israel is known as a “start-up country”, “a green oasis”, and is recognized as the world’s silicon valley for water treatment. However, this country has a total area of ​​more than 22,000 square kilometers, of which half of the area is desert, half of it is mountainous, with a population of only about 8.6 million people. With poor resources, there is no “golden forest, silver sea”, and it faces countless challenges in terms of pollution, land, forests, etc.

good luck
Miracle in the desert

The only resource they have is creativity, and with hard work, constant learning and application of advanced technologies, Israel has risen to become a high-tech superpower like a miracle. Avara is the driest land in the world but it was the Israelis who revived that land and became the pride and pride of Israel.

High-tech Israeli agriculture and outstanding achievements

All fields of agricultural production in Israel apply modern technologies such as biology, information/computing, automation. Thanks to this, Israeli agriculture has many outstanding achievements, they invented drip irrigation systems, clean vegetable growing machines and even fish farming, growing vegetables in the desert!


Drip irrigation technology

drip irrigation
Drip irrigation technology

An invention of Simcha Blass, he discovered that slow and steady drips lead to significant growth stimulation in plants. He then created a type of water pipe with sprinklers that slowly drip water at the optimal ratio for each plant.

This is considered a remarkable invention of Israel, applied in many places around the world.

Farming fish in the desert

With a large area of ​​​​arid desert, it can be said that catching and raising livestock is unthinkable in this country. With harsh conditions and climate, it is difficult for humans to live let alone animal husbandry. But with its creativity and constant application of advanced technologies, Israel has invented a system that allows fish to be farmed almost anywhere, even in the desert!

Farming fish in the desert
GFA (Grow Fish Anywhere) System

It’s the GFA (Grow Fish Anywhere) system. This fish farming system is a closed fish farming area and can be placed anywhere you want, independent of electricity, regardless of available water, allowing to eliminate environmental problems. environment during normal fish culture.

In particular, the system uses special biological and bacterial filtration equipment to treat wastewater generated during fish farming, so it can avoid fish pathogens without affecting the environment.

Environmentally friendly plant protection technology

Instead of using chemicals that are harmful to the environment and health, Israel produces bags of herbicides with physical properties like clay, which carry a negative charge to allow very slow release into the soil and controlled, reducing infiltration into deeper soil layers while maintaining a herbicide effect on the topsoil. Besides, Israel also invented pesticides that do not harm crops.

The above are just some small achievements in this miraculous country, with poor resources, they develop their economy with the goal of saving – clean – applying technology and indeed have brought success that makes All countries in the world admire.

Vietnam applies Israel’s hi-tech agriculture

Growing cantaloupe with Israeli technology

High-tech agriculture
Growing cantaloupe with Israeli technology

In recent years, Binh Thuan province has developed agriculture in a sustainable way when embarking on implementing high-tech agriculture on an area of ​​over 2,000 hectares. Cantaloupe is a high-tech crop that is well received by the market. Apply high technology in drip irrigation, programmed and automatic cooling systems, etc. and achieve high efficiency and increase productivity.

Use water-based organic fertilizers with the main components being worms, fish juices, fermentation and direct application to plants. The whole garden is invested and designed according to Israeli technology, each greenhouse was built at a cost of nearly 2 billion VND planted in the form of semi-hydroponics, so 3 crops per year can be obtained.

Growing hydroponic vegetables according to Israeli technology

In 2016, Vingroup Group launched the first greenhouse-grown product manufactured using modern Israeli technology. Vineco’s greenhouse products have more than 20 types of sprouts and more than 12 types of hydroponic vegetables with yields of 200kg and 500 to 700kg/day, respectively. From sowing to harvesting is fully automated and self-contained. Vineco’s hydroponic vegetable sprout greenhouse system ensures high nutritional value and stable yield.

High-tech agriculture
Growing hydroponic vegetables with high technology – great effect

The benefits of applying high technology in agriculture cannot be denied. Agricultural development with high technology application is the right and inevitable direction, which has been creating a new driving force for Vietnam’s agricultural industry in the context of international integration.

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