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Is it good to eat bamboo shoots? – Notes when using bamboo shoots

 Is it good to eat bamboo shoots?  - Notes when using bamboo shoots

According to Oriental medicine, bamboo shoots are a healthy food because of their nutritional diversity and attractive taste. But bamboo shoots are good for one person but toxic to another, and can even be dangerous. So is eating bamboo shoots really good? And how should we eat bamboo shoots? Let’s learn with HAPI the answers to these questions through the article below:

1. Is it good to eat bamboo shoots?

According to the concept of Eastern medicine, bamboo shoots are not only a food with high nutritional value but also a dish with medicinal value. Based on the nutritional value of bamboo shoots will help you know whether you should eat bamboo shoots or not.

The nutritional components in bamboo shoots are considered to be extremely rich, thanks to the richness of protein and amino acids, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and trace elements and cellulose, so this is considered a capable food. Powerful in promoting bowel movements, helping digestion, can prevent constipation and colon cancer.


Not only that, many people in the treatment phase of many diseases will need bamboo shoots as a medicine to support treatment.

Help lose weight

Bamboo shoots are the best food if you are looking to lose weight. Bamboo shoots are rich in fiber, which helps satisfy hunger. Bamboo shoots also contain negligible amounts of sugar and calories. With a lower percentage of carbohydrates than other high-fiber foods, bamboo shoots are an ideal weight loss food.

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Control cholesterol

Bamboo shoots reduce bad cholesterol by containing negligible amounts of fat and calories, and high in fiber. Fiber helps reduce bad cholesterol.

Good for the heart

Bamboo shoots are rich in essential nutrients and minerals such as selenium and potassium, which are beneficial for the heart. In addition, with low carbohydrate and sugar content, bamboo shoots become an ideal food to help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Bamboo shoots are rich in fiber, which helps eliminate bad cholesterol from the body. The elimination of excess cholesterol helps to purify the arteries and reduce the risk of heart disease.


Prevent cancer

Bamboo shoots are rich in antioxidants, help eliminate free radicals and natural phytosterols, contribute to anti-cancer. Antioxidants can eliminate cancer-causing free radicals, while natural phytosterols in bamboo shoots help inhibit the growth and mutation of tumors.

Immune booster

Bamboo shoots contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for the smooth functioning of the body. Bamboo shoots help improve immunity. The presence of essential vitamins such as vitamins A, C, E, and B enhances immune function.


Bamboo shoots also exhibit effective anti-inflammatory properties. Bamboo shoots relieve pain and inflammation as well as heal ulcers. Bamboo shoots can be boiled and eaten or juiced and applied directly to the wound to reduce inflammation.

Good for dieters

Bamboo shoots contain a large amount of fiber, which not only lowers cholesterol and improves heart health, but also maintains intestinal activity. In fact, bamboo shoots are an ideal dish if you are on a diet to lose weight. In this age of sedentary lifestyle, high fiber foods with low calories like bamboo shoots are the perfect choice.


Cure respiratory problems

Bamboo shoots are very effective in treating respiratory problems and disorders such as shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, bamboo shoots also help with respiratory infections. You can boil bamboo shoots and add a little honey to effectively loosen phlegm.

Cure stomach problems

Bamboo shoots are rich in fiber, which helps soften stools and treat constipation. Bamboo shoots also contain other substances that help with intestinal problems and stomach problems.


Finally, bamboo shoots have antibacterial and antiviral properties. This property makes bamboo shoots an excellent remedy for bacterial and viral diseases.


2. Notes when using bamboo shoots

Do not use bamboo shoots that have not been soaked in vinegar for enough time

Is sour bamboo shoots poisonous? Sour bamboo shoots are poisonous when you soak them not enough time. According to research, each kilogram of bamboo shoots has 230mg of cyanide, which can be fatal for two children. Inadequate soaking of bamboo shoots will not eliminate all toxins in bamboo shoots. At this time, if you eat bamboo shoots, the possibility of poisoning is extremely high.

In addition, if you use dried or dried bamboo shoots, you also need to soak the bamboo shoots with salt water and you can also boil the bamboo shoots thoroughly to detoxify. Using dried bamboo shoots for stir-fried dishes, you also need to blanch with boiling water or re-boil several times to be sure.

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Thoroughly cook bamboo shoots

To reduce and eliminate toxins, you should soak and boil bamboo shoots several times, change the water each time, and open the lid during the boiling process. If you suspect that bamboo shoots are poisonous, do not eat them.

People with stomach pain should not use bamboo shoots

If people with stomach pain use bamboo shoots, the cyanhydric acid contained in this material will damage the stomach, making the disease worse.

In addition, people who are malnourished, rickets, debilitated should not use a lot of bamboo shoots and need to carefully process this material before enjoying.

Do not use bamboo shoots for pregnant women

If you ask if eating bamboo shoots is good for pregnant women, the answer is no. You must not let pregnant women eat anything containing bamboo shoots. Because bamboo shoots can cause poisoning, dangerous for both mother and baby. Despite the high nutritional content, we should be wary of toxins in bamboo shoots, especially for pregnant women who need to pay much attention to their diet.

Detoxify bamboo shoots before processing

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There are many ways to detoxify bamboo shoots before processing such as:

  • Should cut bamboo shoots into thin slices or tear them and soak them in water overnight to reduce toxins. You wash it when you prepare food.
  • Boil bamboo shoots and change the boiling water about 2-3 times. Soak bamboo shoots in rice water for about 2 days. You can also boil bamboo shoots several times with boiling water, rinsing for the last time with clean water. Bamboo shoots are soft and not bitter and can be cooked.
  • You can also cut bamboo shoots into small slices, put in a bowl a handful of spinach leaves and boil once. When bamboo shoots are ripe, pour out the hot water, add cold water and rinse again. In the process of draining, remember to take out the vegetables and bring them to processing.
  • Another way to detox is to put bamboo shoots in the pot. Add chili, rice water to boil, bamboo shoots are soft, then turn off the heat.
  • When the bamboo shoots cool, take them out, peel them, and drain the water.
  • Some types of bamboo shoots carry high toxins, you should soak in lime water. When soaking, you should skim off a few turns of lime juice.
  • If you take bamboo shoots to dry or dry, soak them in salt water to clean them completely.

If you love dishes from bamboo shoots, then through this article, we hope to have provided you with useful information about whether it is good to eat a lot of bamboo shoots? From there, you should consider the amount and pay more attention to how to detoxify bamboo shoots so that the meal is both delicious and healthy!

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