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Is it difficult or easy to diagnose and treat cats with kidney failure?

Is it difficult or easy to diagnose and treat cats with kidney failure?

You suspect your cat has kidney failure because you see that they drink a lot of water and are lazy to eat. You want to be consulted as well as accurately diagnose the disease that your cat is suffering from but you do not know what to check for them? No problem, agrisearch will answer your questions right now.

  1. How to diagnose a cat with kidney failure?

Your veterinarian will need to do some blood tests on your cat and a urinalysis will also be done during this time.

In addition, X-ray, ultrasound (picture of the inside of the cat) may also be taken to rule out other causes and can determine the extent of kidney failure,

In some cases, a biopsy of kidney tissue may also be considered.

  1. Treatment and care of cats with kidney failure

If you observe and discover your cat has kidney failure, treatment can range from surgery to remove the blockage along with intravenous fluids to a special diet and medication. You can also give your cat a subcutaneous injection at home. However, you should talk to your veterinarian to make the best choices for your pet.

The kidney diet is low in phosphorus and protein, and the diet is fortified with vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Remember that it is important to train your cat with new foods gradually. Your veterinarian can give you some helpful advice on how to make this transition easy without hurting your cat.

With a carefully managed diet; plenty of fresh clean water; a quiet environment; and regular checkups you can help your cat live the best life possible.

Please contact agrisearch for expert advice dedicatedly and accurately if your animal has a medical condition that you do not know!

Wish your pet and you always healthy!!



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