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Interesting things about the tiny fold-eared rabbit breed

The minilop rabbit, also known as the tiny fold-eared rabbit, is one of the world’s top favorite high-end ornamental rabbit breeds. This breed of rabbit has a small, lovely appearance with prominent characteristic folded ears. When introduced to Vietnam, this ornamental rabbit was quickly accepted by many pet lovers. If you are a rabbit lover, you cannot ignore the lovely minilop rabbits. This rabbit breed has something special that makes them always in the top of the most sought-after high-end ornamental rabbit breeds. Let’s learn together the origin and characteristics of their personality and shape!

1. The origin of the minilop rabbit

Minilop rabbit – a line of tiny, cute-looking rabbits originating from the United States. They are bred in America. This rabbit breed is one of the smallest in appearance of the folds. There are also many documents that this high-class ornamental rabbit breed originated in England. The British miniature bob-eared rabbit has a smaller body weight than the American and Dutch minilop rabbits.

rabbit -minilop-1

Minilop rabbit has a small, lovely appearance (Photo: Collectibles)

It is thought that the early Dutch fold-eared rabbits are the ancestors of the English minilop rabbit. The small fold-eared rabbit breed was created through crossbreeding between numerous fold-eared rabbit kinds. According to popular belief, the minilop rabbit’s breeding parents were the French Fold, Dutch Dwarf, and Adriann de Cock. The former Dutch dwarf rabbits were between 2 and 2.5 kg in weight. Later, England received this breed. They are bred in this place to progressively get smaller. The smallest fold-eared rabbits have been selected and crossed to create a new breed that has been given the name minilop.

Currently, the minilop rabbit is a high-class fold-eared rabbit that is popularly raised in the world. In Vietnam, this breed of rabbit is also favored by many people.

2. Characteristics of the minilop rabbit breed

2.1. Appearance characteristics

Miniature Lop is an ornamental rabbit with a small and beautiful appearance with a maximum body weight of 1.6 kg. This breed of rabbit can live from 5 to 10 years. Although it has a small body, it is quite toned. This gives them a quick, agile appearance. Adult minilop rabbits usually range in size from 1.2-1.5 kg. Females are usually heavier than males

Minilop has a compact, muscular body. Their necks are extremely short and barely visible. Their distinguishing feature is their drooping ears that hang on either side of their face. Their eyes are small and black.

rabbit -minilop-2

Minilop rabbits have drooping ears on both sides (Photo: Collectibles)

Minilop rabbits have extremely soft, thick and long fur. Although their coat is thick, they do not need much grooming. Their fur comes in different colors. Some common coat colors of this rabbit breed include black, white, yellow veins, orange, red, tortoise, pearl, …

2.2. Personality traits of minilop rabbits

Minilop rabbits are ornamental rabbits with a lovely personality. They are affectionate pets. Likes to receive the care and affection of the owner. In particular, this breed of rabbit has an active and playful personality. They love to be active and like to play with toys with humans. Minilop rabbits have a friendly personality, they get along well with everyone in the family. This breed of rabbit also has a lively personality and is extremely intelligent.

Minilop rabbits love attention. So when they are not cared for, loved enough, locked in a cage all day, They will tend to bite you. When raising this breed of rabbit, you need to spend time playing with them.

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3. Growth and development conditions of tiny fold-eared rabbits

The minilop rabbit is a fairly small breed of domestic rabbit. Today, the minilop is a high-class ornamental rabbit. For raising this breed of rabbit, you need to give them full attention and care. Minilop rabbits are born until 15 hours after they start to suckle. For the first 18 days after birth, they live completely in their mother’s milk. At this stage, mother’s milk is very important for them. If not fully fed, the baby rabbits will be hungry, flat stomach, wrinkled. When hungry, the cubs lying in the nest will move constantly. Fully fed, they will sleep peacefully in the nest. Hunger for milk will cause the baby rabbits to become malnourished and die when they open their eyes.

rabbit -minilop-3

Minilop rabbit is a high-class ornamental rabbit that is loved by many people (Photo: Collectibles)

Although carrots are a rabbit’s favorite food, overeating them can lead to tooth decay and eye health problems. Their favorite foods are grass, cabbage, kale, broccoli, and dark green leafy vegetables. In addition, you can feed them more starch in small amounts. The rabbit should drink more water. Many people believe that rabbits die from drinking water and eating wet grass. This is completely incorrect. When rabbits die from drinking water, it may be because they drink dirty water or eat contaminated vegetables and grass.

Minilop rabbit is a high-class ornamental rabbit with a tiny size and lovely folded ears. This breed of rabbit is currently being kept as a popular pet all over the world. With a small and beautiful appearance and a lively and lovely personality, the tiny fold-eared rabbits always make their owners happy, excited, wanting to be petted and loved. If you also like pet rabbits and want to find a rabbit with a cute and small appearance, then raise a minilop rabbit!

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