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Instructions on how to raise Vinh catfish “as fast as blowing”

Instructions on how to raise Vinh catfish
Instructions on how to raise Vinh catfish “as fast as blowing”

Vinh sesame fish is a type of fish with juicy meat, considered a special specialty of the western river region. Although they have many bones, but fish is still considered one of the common foods on the table of every family. Let’s consult with Agri on how to raise Vinh catfish as fast as blowing!


Renovating the catfish pond

Renovating fish pond
Renovating fish pond

After the process of draining the pond and dredging the bottom mud layer, filling all the caves, holes and repairing the bladder tubes, people apply lime to kill pathogens and improve the alum level of the pond. Then dry the pond bottom for 2-3 days. Remember to supply water to the pond to a depth of about 0.8 – 1.2 m.

Release the fish and feed the catfish

People should release fish in the cool afternoon, with an average density of 150-250 fish/m2. When the fish is released into the pond, it should be nursed immediately and nursed 4-6 times/day. The food portion for 100,000 fry in the first week is as follows: cooked egg yolk 20% and soybean meal or soy milk 80%.

Release and feed the catfish
Release and feed the catfish

Then, people mix these two foods into the water and spread them evenly in the pond. This portion of food is for 1 meal, about 0.5 kg each time. The next week from II – III (still counting for 100,000 fry) with the amount of food from 0.7 – 0.8 kg for 1 meal. People feed them 3-4 times a day.

Use only 20% egg yolks

– Use soy milk or soybean meal 60%

– Use 10% puree

– Weeks IV-VI use 10% catfish meal.

*Note: People feed 2-3 times and 1-1.2kg, times with the following foods:

– Can use soy milk or soy powder 50 %.

– Use 20% bran puree.

– Use 30% catfish meal.

Technical direction of management and care of Vinh catfish

Management of catfish ponds
Management of catfish ponds

It is recommended to visit the pond in the morning before sunrise to detect unusual fish activity. Maintain the banana green water color of the pond. Timely detection of fish diseases and enemies. We kill rice beetles with white kerosene with about 2 liters per 100m2, kill when it is sunny, there is wind pouring oil directly into the pond and for about 30 minutes.


Farming models

Nowadays, Vinh catfish are often raised in garden ditches or rice fields or grafted in cages and even in the model of husbandry combined with fish farming. It is necessary to improve rice fields or garden ditches before stocking fish similar to raising fish in ponds. In the process of raising Vinh catfish in the field, people need to pay attention to the time of rice cultivation and the time of spraying agricultural drugs on the rice, along with the use of Chet rice to contribute to improving the productivity of Vinh catfish raised in the rice field. .


If you want to raise fish with high productivity, you should stockpile between species, you can stock up according to the ratio of grafting.

Vinh catfish care regimen

Illustration: Vinh catfish
Illustration: Vinh catfish

The raising of catfish in garden ditches or rice fields with low density and using natural food sources is the main thing. However, to achieve high productivity, fish need to eat more other foods. People can take advantage of locally available foods such as tapioca leaves, sweet potatoes, grass or duckweed to feed the Vinh catfish.

Besides, it is also necessary to feed the fish with cooked beans, bran, and fishmeal with an amount equal to 5% of the amount of fish stocked in the pond, the mixing ratio is as follows: 50% pureed bran + 30% cooked beans + 20% fish meal. People need to feed fish at fixed points about 15-20m apart in field ditches or garden ditches or can be arranged near 4 corners of the pond. Note with the water mode, it is best to change the water according to the tidal regime so that the water in the ponds and ditches is always clean and cool.

We need to clear the grass around the shore to limit the harmful effects of catfish: frogs, snakes, and frogs. We should pile small piles of scrub under ponds and ditches so that fish can take shelter and live on during prolonged hot weather.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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