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Instructions on how to plant and care for pomegranate trees effectively

Pomegranate tree care

Pomegranate is a nutritious fruit that can be processed into many different dishes. Therefore, this fruit is very popular in our country in particular and in the world in general. In Vietnam, pomegranate trees are present in all provinces and cities. In addition to the nutritional value, pomegranate also has many meanings in terms of feng shui. Therefore, most bonsai-loving families really want to grow a tree in their home garden. Understanding that, today’s article we would like to guide you how to grow and care for pomegranate trees at home. Let’s find out together!

Growth characteristics of pomegranate tree

Pomegranate is a small tree with scientific name Puni-cagranatum L. Mature pomegranate tree can be 3-4m high. Pomegranate flowers are white or red, symbolizing luck and fortune. Pomegranate trees are grown mainly for their fruit. Because pomegranates are very delicious, they are rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

Pomegranate plants prefer temperatures from 25-35 degrees Celsius
Pomegranate plants prefer temperatures from 25-35 degrees Celsius

In addition, with many meanings in terms of feng shui, pomegranates are also grown for ornamental purposes. To grow pomegranates, you should note the factors that affect the growth and development of the tree. As follows:

  • Temperature: The suitable temperature for growing pomegranates is from 25-35 degrees Celsius. According to gardeners, pomegranate trees are not cold-loving plants. They can only withstand cold for short periods of time. If planted in places with temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius, the plant will die or grow slowly.
  • Pomegranate planting soil is suitable for all types of soil, alluvial soil, sandy soil, red soil …
  • Pomegranate plants love the sun, so avoid growing pomegranates in the shade. Plants will grow slowly, giving low yield.

Pomegranate cultivation technique

Currently, there are two popular ways to grow pomegranates: planting by seeds and planting by cuttings. Specifically, how to do this:

How to grow pomegranate with seeds

Growing pomegranate from seeds is not usually applied as much as by cuttings. Because of the long harvest time. However, if you want, you can follow these steps:

Techniques for growing pomegranates by seeds
Techniques for growing pomegranates by seeds
  • Pomegranate you choose the old fruit, remove the succulent part, keep the seed inside. Then wash and dry.
  • Place the pomegranate seeds that have just been obtained on a towel, damp paper and roll. Place damp towels containing pomegranate seeds in a plastic bag and place in a place with high humidity, moderate light. Note that the plastic bag should not be sealed tightly so that the air is always exchanged, creating conditions for the seeds to germinate.
  • About 10 days later, check the germination of the seeds.
  • Prepare the soil for planting and proceed to sow the seeds. Water regularly so that the plant can grow and develop well. Note that pomegranate seeds should be planted and sown in places with enough light, avoiding the shade.
  • After about 6 weeks, the plant begins to grow well and gives a height of 8 to 10cm. At this point you can prune the branches to shape the pomegranate to your liking. Regularly water the plant twice a day in the morning and evening. In order for the tree to grow quickly, it is possible to apply a little organic fertilizer.

Growing pomegranate tree by cutting method

For high efficiency, the harvest time is shortened, people grow pomegranate trees by the method of cuttings. This is the most common and widely used method. Proceed as follows:

Growing pomegranates by cuttings
Growing pomegranates by cuttings
  • You choose mature pomegranate trees, giving large, delicious, sweet fruits to extract branches. Or else you can buy the branches at the garden and places that sell seeds. Note: It is better to plant branches in the rainy season than in the dry season. Because cuttings take root faster.
  • Prepare potted plants or dig holes in the garden. Then take the pomegranate branches to remove the outer layer of plastic and plant them in the prepared pit. The hole needs to be wide and deep enough for the plant to grow easily.
  • Water regularly to keep the soil moist enough for the new plants to grow and develop. After a few weeks the tree has grown tall and green. To quickly produce fruit, you can add organic fertilizers.

Pomegranate care techniques

Pomegranate trees are the type that does not need much care. However, in order for the tree to grow healthy and high yielding, it also requires the meticulous hands of the “artisans”.

Prune small branches that contain many pests
Prune small branches that contain many pests
  • Provide adequate water for plants. Especially in the dry season, and when the pomegranate is developing and about to ripen.
  • Weed control: Weed regularly and keep the soil aerated by tilling. The soil should be plowed 2-3 times a year. Weeding spring crop around January-February, autumn crop from August-September.
  • Pruning and shaping: Prune thick and weak branches and branches containing pests to focus on raising healthy branches. In addition, if you are a bonsai lover, you can shape the pomegranate tree as you like.
  • Fertilizing plants: Pomegranate is a plant that loves water and fertilizer. However, if you grow pomegranate in a pot, you should not apply too much nitrogen fertilizer. The plant will grow so fast that you will have to repot it regularly. In the growing stage, the plants should be fertilized with organic fertilizers, bat droppings, etc., once every 15-20 days. When the tree is about to bud, apply NPK fertilizer to the tree to produce large fruit.

Above is a guide on how to grow and care for pomegranate trees. If you love this plant, you should put it in your garden. Hope you are succesful.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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