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Instructions on how to make and use vermicompost for 100% efficiency

Compost is good for plants and soil
Compost is good for plants and soil

Worm manure Not too hard to find in the market. However, the cost of vermicompost is extremely expensive, making many people afraid. Not to mention the fake, poor quality vermicompost is being sold that no one can distinguish.

So why not try making vermicompost at home? Both saving and safe, don’t worry about buying fake goods and don’t feel sorry for money.

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Materials to prepare to make vermicompost

  • Containers with lids (styrofoam containers, plastic containers, buckets, pots, …). Depending on your needs, you can choose the size of the foam box according to your liking.
  • Clean and moist soil
  • Organic waste: is garbage from fruits, vegetables, vegetables, leftovers after living such as rice water, bean pods or bean residues, discarded vegetable stalks, fruit skins, etc. except cooking oil, excess fat
Table of common types of organic waste
Common types of organic waste
  • Media: Rice, porridge, newspaper. Dried leaves,…
  • Cow dung (with or without it): is an extremely good food for worms
  • Most important materials: EARTHWORM – You can dig from the ground or buy it at fishing shops, online stores or at wormwood gardens, etc.

Steps to make vermicompost process

Put organic waste in prepared containers

Put 1 layer of moist soil and 1 layer of organic waste on top of each other consecutively. It is possible to add a little vermicompost to increase efficiency (in vermicompost contains many worm eggs).

Add the growing medium and spread evenly.

Put the worms you bought in the bin. The number of worms is proportional to the size of the container. Should spread them evenly, not to concentrate.

Close the container lid. There are measures to prevent rats from harming earthworms.

Fresh cow dung
Fresh cow dung

For those who use cow manure should use fresh cow dung water in the container. No watering of all kinds Treated cow dung otherwise, it will directly affect the composting vermicompost.

Cover the container with a thin layer of dark or dark cloth or cover any holes if your container has a tight-fitting lid. This will give the worms a suitable environment for them to thrive.

How to take care of earthworms for good cinnamon worms

Water the earthworms:

Water the worm farming mixture
Water the worm farming mixture

Every 3 to 4 days, you should water a sufficient amount of water into a small corner of the container to keep the mixture moist. If this mixture dries out, the worms will die. Therefore, if you want the worms to develop well, always pay attention to check and keep the mixture moist.

Feed for earthworms: Worm food is organic waste prepared in advance, finely chopped and especially worm food must not contain grease. Must be soft, smooth, as much as half a pot and be fertilized daily.

How to identify the quality of cinnamon worm manure to harvest

High quality vermicompost
High quality vermicompost

High quality vermicompost is brown, porous, odorless and has many baby worms. Now you can harvest the cinnamon worms and bring them to use.

However, if the manure is not of good quality, you will have to go back to making it from scratch. You should not be sorry to bring that poor quality fertilizer to your garden.

Instructions for using vermicompost

The ratio of mixing cinnamon compost for plants is reasonable

For bonsai, you should mix in a ratio of 3:5 ie every 3 parts of vermicompost and 5 parts of potting medium. You can also ask experienced people to mix with the right stir ratio for your bonsai

For your home vegetable garden, you should mix 1:1 and do not want to add other fertilizers.

For those who like to grow sprouts, every 30g of seeds will be 1kg of vermicompost.

Use vermicompost for other purposes

Using vermicompost as a liquid fertilizer for plants: Dissolve 1kg of vermicompost with 10 liters of clean water, swish for 1 to 2 days in the aquarium and use that water to spray the plants in your garden. This is not only an extremely good fertilizer for leaves but also has the ability to fight pathogens harmful to plants.

Using vermicompost to stimulate the germination of plants: Applying cinnamon worms about 20-30% to the soil regularly for 3 months has the ability to stimulate seed germination, fast seedlings and increase the rate of growth. tree life.

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Emilia Chaney
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